BIG NEWS. I will now be releasing THREE books in 2021.

Here’s one side effect of the COVID-19 crisis: I have a lot more time to write.

Originally, I was going to be gone for several weeks between book tour for Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, spring book festivals and my kids’ spring break.  Instead, I have spent that time at home, writing.  Which means that I could make something happen that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Instead of releasing two books next year, I am going to release three.

The newcomer is the seventh FunJungle book, which is going to come out in May of 2021.  Charlie Thorne will now come out early in the year (I assume around February) while Spy School 9 will come out in the fall.

Obviously, I do not have titles for these books yet.  And I am not going to answer any questions about what the storylines are for a while.  That information — along with more accurate release dates, will be forthcoming.

In other exciting news, Spy School is finally coming out in Spanish!  If you’d like to preorder Escuela de Espias, click here.

Okay, that’s all I have time for.  I have lots of writing to do.

I hope that your isolation is going as well as can be.  Stay strong.  And keep reading.

492 thoughts on “BIG NEWS. I will now be releasing THREE books in 2021.

  1. Sports15 –

    I would not have put book 9 on the upcoming releases list if it wasn’t confirmed.

  2. I have been meaning to write you a note of gratitude since New Year’s Day. My resolution is to write a thank you letter to authors who really move me. I teach 7th grade ELA at a public school and I have all of your books in my classroom library. I appreciate your intelligent young characters and terrific sense of humor. Now that we have been in quarantine for 10 weeks, I have appreciated how your work has captured the imagination of my 13 year old daughter. You are marvelous.

    Thank you and best wishes,
    Maureen Thurman

  3. Maureen –

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I am very pleased to hear that you have been sharing my books with your students and your daughter.

  4. Stu,
    Thanks so much for keeping me entertained in this quarantine! Your books are truly amazing and hilarious, Spy School is one of my favorite series by far. In our school’s book club, I bring up your books over and over again because they’re so captivating and need to be shared with others.
    Can’t wait to read the next few books that are published!

    Thank you,

  5. I have not been able to read any books in quarantine but spy school has been my favorite series for as long as it has been out. I cant wait until the next one! By the way, when is the next one?

  6. john –

    How have you not been able to read any books in quarantine? What have you been doing??? This is the perfect time to read.

    If you look at my blog, or the New Releases box on the right hand column of my site, you will see that Spy School Revolution is the next book and be able to find more info about it.

  7. hey stu I finished all your books and then I read the outsiders and am now reading Fahrenheit 451. I was wondering if you read The Outsiders and/or Fahrenheit 451 ?

  8. Alex –

    I read both of those when I was in high school, so quite some time ago. I remember liking both of them.

  9. I honestly have been SUCH a fan of yours since…2 years ago. OK, that might seem short, but in reading time, that’s SO MUCH TIME. I cannot wait to read new and upcoming books. I’m actually RE-READING all FunJungle, Moon Base Alpha, and Spy School books in quarantine. I am (NO KIDDING) your BIGGEST FAN. Everyone else who says this is lying. I wish you the very best in all upcoming titles. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

  10. Finn –

    There are already so many main characters in SS that I can’t give all of them as much time in each book as my fans would like. So I am not planning on adding any new main characters.

  11. I have 2 ideas for future spy school books.

    1. An unknown villain captures Jason and Jemma Stern, tell President Stern if he runs again, he’ll kill them, and it’s up to Ben and gang to save them before then.

    2. An unknown villain places bombs near the underwater volcanoes in Hawaii, which could cause an eruption and tsunamis, causing mayhem, chaos, and destruction, and it’s up to Ben and gang to stop them.

  12. Dear stu!
    You are my best writer.
    I love Erica, Ben, Mike, Zoe and…
    Thanks for your excellent book!
    Is the spy school series made?

  13. Is it purposeful that all of the Funjungle books have a sort of pattern or basic layout or is that accidental?

    P.S. The layout is major crime (Henry, Kazoo, Rhonda, Li Ping, Rocket, and Minerva) and a minor crime (Tiger cub photos, shark encounter, Pancake, dolphins, giraffes, Julius Squeezer) all of which Teddy solves.

  14. Fan –

    That is not an accident. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but authors have entire control over our stories. Nothing is an accident.

  15. Lots of people on YouTube are making movies and trailers for spy School, does that bother you at all? Ps. For Stu

  16. stu-

    i devoured the FJ series in two weeks. yes the whole thing. all 6. by far some of my favorite books i have ever read (and i have read a whole lot). i read belly up a few years back and when covid19 started i discovered the rest. i know it probably wont happen but when all the coronavirus blows over i REALLY and i mean REALLY hope u can make the funjungle series into a movies. i can’t tell u how many times i’ve wished to be teddy and better yet see it on screen! hope your family’s safe!

    P.S. ur books can be heavily inspiring i hope u know that cause i myself a young writer is working on a draft, i know im too young to get things going but i have ideas 🙂 (and yes i know im not capitilizing letters, it’s a choice and i use proper grammer in writing my book)


  17. Brandon –

    I hope that FJ will be turned into a movie too. It’s a long shot though. Lots of animals. Big sets. Very expensive.

  18. Stu,

    Hi Mr. Gibbs! Thanks so much for keeping us busy with your incredible books during Covid! We have been listening to the audio books as a family! My questions are, did you choose Gibson Frazier as the reader for the audiobooks? He is an amazing reader! The second question is, were you ever a Boy Scout? You seem to mention them a lot in your books, and I am a Boy Scout right now!



  19. Hunter N –

    Gibson was chosen by my publisher without any discussion with me — which was a bizarre coincidence because I already knew him.

    And yes, I was a Boy Scout.

  20. Hi Stu! I was wondering if you could tell us if SS9 is the last book in the series. I am also a huge fan and love your sense of humor and writing tone!

  21. Hi Stu! I was wondering if you could tell us if the Charlie Thorn series will just have 2 books? I am a huge fan and have read all your series. I hope you keep writing!

    It’s been an honor.

  22. hi Stu, i was wondering if the new evil organization the Croatoan will be just one book or multiple like SPYDER?

  23. dear stu,

    I know you don’t take comments from readers but is it possible if FunJungle seven was about elephants and also please keep writing forever

  24. Hi Stu!

    I just wanted to tell you that you are such an amazing author and your books are so interesting, funny and entertaining! I also was wondering if FJ7 was going to be the last book in the series? I love the spy school series, funjungle, and moon base alpha series so much! Keep writing!


  25. Medha Rao –

    I do not know if FJ7 will be the last book in the series. Probably not, but I can’t guarantee anything.

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