Need something to do during the virus outbreak? I have the solution!

Hey everyone –

These are strange times.  All over the world, kids are stuck at home, being kept apart from friends and schoolmates, while we cut down on socializing to try to minimize the effects of this pandemic.  Quite frankly, it stinks.

I am guessing that many of you are feeling cooped up, disconnected — and possibly bored. Sadly, things probably aren’t going to get any better for a while.

But there is one thing that’s easy to do that can make your boredom go away:  Read.

I’m not only talking about my own books here.  I would certainly love it if you read my books, but if there is one silver lining to this cloud we are all in, it’s that this is a golden age of middle grade and young adult writing.  There are hundreds of great books out there for you to read, and at the moment, there are still ways to stock up on them.

The easiest way for me to introduce you to a trove of incredible authors is to direct you to the Renegades of Middle Grade website, which features the work of eighteen fantastic authors with links to their websites.  Plus, there’s even some fun games devised by my fellow author James Ponti that can keep you busy for a while.  Just click here to visit it.

Or click here to see a great trailer for books by thirteen of us, each talking up our books.

That said, I’ll single out some other great authors that I have become friends with over the years.  Just click on their names to access their sites.

Since I’ve already mentioned him, James Ponti writes great, clever mysteries and just published City Spies, which is excellent.

Sarah Mlynowski has books for just about every age that are all funny and extremely creative (sometimes with a bit of romance thrown in).

Christina Soontornvat also has a book for just about every age, although her newest, A Wish In The Dark, comes out the same day that my new book does and it’s wonderful.

Gordon Korman has published 96 books!  So it’s guaranteed that he’s written at least one that you will love.

Karina Yan Glaser writes the endearing Vanderbeekers series.

Ally Carter writes exceptionally good spy stories and has a brand new middle grade book out this month: Winterborne Home for Vengeance and Valor.

Max Brallier writes hilarious illustrated books like The Last Kids on Earth and Galactic Hot Dogs.

Varian Johnson wrote the award-winning Parker Inheritance and the very fun Great Greene Heist.

Liesl Shurtliff has her new Time Castaway series — and many other great books.

Elizabeth Eulberg has the Great Shelby Holmes mysteries — plus lots of YA too.

Leslie Margolis writes the Maggie Brooklyn mystery series.  (She’s also my neighbor!)


If you’re looking for something a little more YA, check out the books of Julie Buxbaum.

And… this one is for all the adults out there.  My father just published his first book!  It’s an alternative history of the Revolutionary War that wonders what might have happened if George Washington was wounded in battle.  It follows the race to save his life and keep the British from taking advantage of the lack of leadership.  You can get it by clicking here.

And there are so many more that I could list!  Maybe I will get around to adding a few more names to this list when I have more time.  (I’m actually staying very busy right now wrangling my kids and writing more books for you to read.)  But for now, that ought to get you started.


Amazon says that it is so overwhelmed by filling other orders that it may deprioritize book sales.  Meanwhile, companies that only sell books are not.  If you order online from Barnes & Noble, they will not make shipment of your books a low priority.  And if you order from a local bookstore, they might even deliver the books to you themselves.  So now, more than ever, maybe support booksellers besides Amazon.

77 thoughts on “Need something to do during the virus outbreak? I have the solution!

  1. Hi Stuart Gibbs!

    It’s me Cooper. I own every single one of your books and I was wondering if you are making another FunJungle book after this one. Because I dont see one on your calendar but I do see another Spy School, so are you ending the FunJungle series?

  2. Mr. Gibbs,

    Thank you so much for giving us this list. I bet most of us would love to read all your books over and over again during this pandemic, but let me be quite frank, we need to read other books too! I love most of these authors you recommended, they are all so talented, just like you.

    Stay healthy, Mr. Gibbs!


  3. You’re right! Gordon Korman is another of my favorite authors, you’re the first.
    Is Gordon Korman one of the writers in Super Puzzletastic Mysteries? And what would happen if the world shuts down and I d pre-ordered your new book?
    Thanks, Classified 001.

  4. Classified –

    Gordon did not write a story for Puzzletastic Mysteries.

    From what I understand, all the supply chais are still up and running. If you preordered the book, you ought to get it.

  5. Thank you so much for this list! I’ve been look for something to read besides The Hungry Catapillar for the 34 time. I am very exited to read them. Do you go to some sort of author convention and meet other authors there?

  6. Ben Coolman –

    There are many festivals that I get to meet other authors at. (Although sadly, many have been forced to cancel this spring.)

  7. stu were your kids named after the kids in the incredibles, dash and violet? if not, that is a pretty crazy coincidence!!

  8. I have already read the great greene heist, and it was pretty hilarious. it was a book that i would definitely recommend to anyone who likes middle grade fiction. Also, gordon korman is in my top five favorite authors. his books are the BEST!

    my top five are
    2. TIM GREEN (they are both really good and my favorite middle grade sports fiction authors)
    3. STUART GIBBS (no explanation needed)
    4. JAMES PONTI (the florian bates books are SO GOOD, he must put a mind blowing amount of thought into Florian’s thoughts)
    5. JAMES PATTERSON (check out ” I funny” and “middle school: the worst years of my life” <– very relatable!)

    My other favorite sports fiction authors are CARL DEUKER and JOHN FEINSTEIN. That is my favorite genre.

  9. question stu –

    are you a sports fan?

    i just thought of asking you that because i live right near boston ma, and i am the BIGGEST FAN OF THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (team in the nfl, national football league), and TOM BRADY JUST SIGNED WITH THE TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS!!! probably a weird thing to talk about in the comments section of a website about books, but i was just wondering. thanks!

  10. Tabitha –

    Libraries will let you read books for free. I do not know of any website that does that.

  11. jon –

    I do like sports but I generally keep the teams I root for to myself. (No matter what team I say I like — or don’t like — will upset someone.)

  12. dear Stuart Gibbs

    why in moon base alpha #1 they brought raw eggs but couldn’t have open flame?

  13. Hello Mr. Gibbs:

    Any chance you would do a fb live reading of your new book FJ book when it comes out? Maybe a teaser chapter/first chapter read? Or one of your older books? Or one of your favorite books not written by you? My son would love this and there are a lot of other kids in WI with cabin fever who would also love it.

  14. Hugh –

    You can cook eggs without an open flame. For example, to this day lots of people have electric stoves in their home, rather than gas stoves. It works exactly the same.

  15. Jackie –

    Funny you should ask that. I just logged on to add a new post about how I am going to do a Facebook Live event for the book launch. Next Tuesday: 3/24. 6PM EST. 3PM PST.

  16. Dear mr. gibbs

    I love the MBA series but i heard that from someone at my school that you are shutting it down! I that true.(say no plz)

  17. another random person –

    If you search my blog, you will find a post explaining why the MBA series is ending.

  18. BadAtNames –

    I am not planning to postpone my books. I am lucky to have a job where i can continue to work during the outbreak.

  19. Dear Stu,
    Will there be another moon base alpha book? They were my favorites and it was how I discovered you. Maybe one from a different perspective?
    -anonymous fan

  20. For those that don’t know where to go to find free (and legal) books, here’s a two places:
    Overdrive can be both found as a website and an app. Finding the right place for the website is as simple as typing in the city you have a library card for and overdrive into the search bar (e.g. columbus overdrive). It should be one of the first websites to show up. Libby is just available in app form, and is basically just an updated version of overdrive that looks nicer.
    Libby and Overdrive both have the ability to open the ebooks in kindle, and include audio books as well. The apps have the ability to download the books to be read offline. They function just like regular libraries with loan times and holds and such, and require a library card and sometimes (depending on the city) the pin to go with it.

  21. Dear Stuart Gibbs
    I love your books I have read all of them except for the last musketeer series. A while ago in December I sent you a letter and I still Haven’t gotten a Response. Why is that?
    I hope you are well, and enjoying your time at home. I am reading a lot and spending a lot of time with my family. What is your favorite book? Do you like to play board games?

    I have to give you my moms email because I don’t have one yet.

    Your friend,

  22. Rhys –

    I listed a lot of authors I like on this post — although I should also recommend The Westing Game. I like board games too.

  23. Thank you for this list! If anyone reads the comments like me, here are some of my favorite authors.
    Stuart Gibbs
    Carl Hiassen
    Rick Riordan
    Jenn Bishop
    Kate Messener
    Jacqueline Kelly

  24. I love your books. I read a lot so I usually help kids find books in my school library. Any time someone is looking for a chapter book, I send them right over to the Stuart Gibbs section. I can’t wait for SS8! Keep making magic!

  25. weffles –

    It’s kind of weird to have a post about something that already happened. It confuses people.

  26. Mr. Gibbs…

    Maybe you could write a book, or another series, pertained to the coronavirus.
    Just saying, maybe you could write a SS 9 or 10 about Ben and Erica trying to solve the case of how COVID-19 started. Maybe they could go rogue to China after being told that they cant go out due to a stay at home order. Maybe Alexander or another CIA agent could get coronavirus. I dont know why but I have this all planed out.

  27. Landon –

    Theoretically, in the two years it takes me to write a book and get it published, we will have made plenty of progress in the fight against COVID and everyone will be sick of it (metaphorically).

    Ideally, we will defeat COVID even faster than that. And while it may irrevocably affect our world, I’m hoping that we will be able to return to our old lives as much as possible, which means that a book focusing on COVID will eventually start to seem dated.

  28. You are my favorite author and I had an idea for the Spy School book after Revolution. I think Ben and co. should solve a mystery and meet Teddy from FunJungle because some organization does something there.

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