The incredible Even More FunJungle boxed set is coming April 21.

What’s better than one FunJungle book?

Three FunJungle books!

And now, you can get the second three books in the New York Times bestselling FunJungle series all at once — along with a gorgeous decorative box!

I am well aware that the Star Wars movies have completely messed up everyone’s understanding of what the second three of anything in a series is.  So for clarity’s sake, the three book I am referring to are the fourth, fifth and sixth books in the series:


Lion Down

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

If you haven’t bought any of them yet, this is the perfect way to get all three!  (It’s also the perfect gift for anyone you know who has read the first three books in the series.)

Click here to order it!

32 thoughts on “The incredible Even More FunJungle boxed set is coming April 21.

  1. Stu –
    Will you make a graphic adaptation of Spy School?
    It would be fun to see.
    I would recommend Haus Studios to illustrate.
    P.S. Do you listen to EDM? If not, then which kind of music do you enjoy?

  2. i got to say… you’re books are fantastic and i am a kid so i really enjoy reading them a lot!!!!!! my favorite was moon base alpha i am reading waste of space right now.but why end it if you are making millions of of it?

  3. ted –

    There are many other considerations besides money when deciding whether or not to end a series. I detail the reasons I ended MBA in an older blog post that you can still find on my site.

  4. Hey Stu,
    Do you still check the comments from other posts? From the “Recent Blog Posts”?
    Or do you only check the comments in the newest post that u make like this one?

  5. I cannot wait for the Spy School movie to come out! Hopefully I won’t forget to pre-order the Tyrannosaurus Wrecks book, it looks so cool! Also, Mr.Gibbs, do you think you will incorporate the Wuhan coronavirus into any future books for both the Spy School series and Funjungle series?

  6. Hugothecatyt,
    That would be a pretty horrible thing to do, in my opinion.
    I’ve changed my name from Classified to Classified 001, if anyone cares.

  7. hugothecat –

    I would love to think that the coronoavirus would be old news by the time I could work it into a book and have that book published.

    However, the coronavirus’s sudden appearance might be tied to the bush meat trade in China, which is something that I could write about in a FunJungle book. (Bush meat is actually a worldwide problem, not just China.)

  8. hey stu, I feel like an fj book with elephants might be cool. WAIT, ooooooooOORRRRR
    what if you made a book were the evil organization from ss8 that’s blackmailing Erica(assuming the organization wasn’t stopped by ben), wanted to blow up part of FunJungle and get paid a TON of money to rebuild it,(that’s kinda SPYDERs thing, its not like evil people are willing to share there evil plan with another organization. So then ben and his friends would head there to investigate the bombing attempt, and then teddy and summer and ben and his friends paths would cross and stuff would go down. Im not a writer but I am pretty creative, and this is just a thought for a possible crossover book, later!

  9. What is your favorite animal? Will it ever be put in a future funjungle book or has it already been done? (If your favorite animal has a book already made, ignore my second question) My favorite animal is a caracal.

  10. weffles –

    It is not too hard to take a few minutes a day to respond to comments.

    That said, there have been elephants in an FJ book: Big Game.

    And I am not planning a crossover at this time.

  11. Stu –
    Where did you get the idea to locate the Teddy Fizroy series in FunJungle? (It’s an actual park)
    Also, can you have SS9 related to the Second Revolutionary war?

  12. BadAtNames –

    I didn’t want to pick a real zoo to have all these bad things happen at. So I made up a zoo.

    And… I don’t recall hearing about a second revolutionary war. As far as i know, there has only been one Revolution.

  13. Stu –
    Wait, I saw that wrong.
    Oh, actually, the second revolutionary war is less known. USA was trying to claim back some land.
    P.S. If any information is wrong, let me know. I saw it on Bing
    P.P.S. If the second revolutionary war isn’t gonna work, how about the Civil War?

  14. BadAtNames –

    I’m pretty sure that information is wrong. There was no Second Revolution.

    And in a way, I already dealt with the Civil War in Spy Camp.

  15. Stu-
    I just finished Tyrannosaurus Wrecks. It was sooooo good!!! You better continue the Funjungle series though. I am a student and just this year I’ve read your entire Funjungle, Moon Base Alpha, and Spy School series. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, I have finished your entire Funjungle series. Right now you are my favorite author besides Soman Chainani, author of The School for Good and Evil series. I am excited to read all of your other books and hope they are just as good if not better than the others.

  16. Hi,
    I find your works of fiction very interesting to read, and I like to find patterns in the way you have mysteries solved, and how each of the character’s personalities work similarly, and even think in that way

  17. BadAtNames –

    The book is not about the Revolutionary War. It just references with some of the founding fathers. And if you think about it, Revolution can mean something besides the war as well.

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