Spy School 8 title and cover reveal!

No point in beating around the bush.  Here’s the cover:

Another Lucy Cummins masterpiece!

As for the synopsis, here you go:

Ben Ripley has barely returned to America after defeating SPYDER when someone makes an attempt on his life — at CIA headquarters.  Even worse, the attacker appears to be none other than Erica Hale.

But while the CIA has branded Erica a traitor, Ben believes there must be another explanation for her actions — even if he has to go rogue to find out what it is.  Now, he’ll find himself up against an evil organization that has been working in secret for a very long time — so long, in fact, that Ben will have to track down the files of America’s original spymaster, George Washington himself.

It’s an adventure that will test Ben in ways he’s never been tested before.  An adventure that will jeopardize the lives of the people Ben cares for — and test the loyalties of his friends as well.

As of right now, the publication date is October 6, 2020.  (If you read this post earlier, you will note that the date has moved up a week.  That’s because I care about you, the reader, and didn’t want you to have to wait another seven days.)

All further details are classified.

I am sure that many of you want to know more about the book.  But that’s all I am going to share.  The more you know about a book before you read it, the less fun it is to read.

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522 thoughts on “Spy School 8 title and cover reveal!

  1. Hi,
    Quick quest, thinking of both Charlie Thorne and Spy School, could I fill in those “To: CIA Director [black rectangle]” at the end of the Spy School books with “Jamilia Carter?” Is it in the same world (I know you already answered that before) but also not?

  2. Mr. Gibbs

    I love your series!
    I was hoping this book would come out! I really want to know if Ben will pick Erica or Zoe
    I want it to be Zoe, For some reason. Pls in this book, let him make a decision!

  3. I think he will choose Zoe. I mean he wanted to kiss her and almost did. I’m wondering though if Erica would be okay with Ben choosing Zoe. She does have a crush on him.

    Can’t wait for SS8 and Tyrannosaurus Wrecks! Keep up the good work Stu!

  4. Dear Stuart Gibbs,
    As a research scientist and nature lover myself I am really enjoying sharing the book “big game” with my son. So exciting yet cleverly informative.
    Throughout the book we found it upsetting that the only real discription of character weight has to do with “large Marge”. Large Marge who blunders investigations, incapable of running, drives over plants and is just generally a terrible bully to the lead character. The body shaming seemed so unnecessary in what otherwise was an excellent read and I imagine many youths reading this book and feeling shame at their own body size or validating their dislike of larger people. Why embolden others to spread disdain for people of larger body shape when stimulating empathy and kindness would be so much better for this world. I guess I’m wondering if this thread is carried into your other books/series as we would love to keep reading but may choose to abstain if this is a common theme. Perhaps considering this note you may reconsider your portrait of the Fat Stupid Mean Woman in your upcoming books as it does not do your otherwise amazing writing justice. Thank you very much for your time.

  5. Hello guys, does anyone have the link to the Stuart Gibbs discord? All the links I’ve seen have expired or isn’t working, or has the server shut down?

  6. Stu-
    JB is cool.
    I thought there were three books though? Have you read the other two?

    We’re still talking about the ones by Ludlum right? Not the reboot?

  7. Agent Classified –

    The books are not in the same world as far as I’m concerned, but if you want to imagine it differently, feel free.

  8. Isaacs –

    If you continue with my series you will see that Marge’s depiction does change. And this holds true for the other books.

    So please don’t abstain.

  9. Stu-

    in ss8 will ben pick between erica or Zoe. or is erica out of the picture because she tried to kill ben

  10. what does Erica look like? I always imagined her with white-ish-blonde hair, but in ss3 she dyed it blonde when she was undercover at the beach, what color is her hair?


  11. Stu,
    I have a few questions for you, you do don’t have to answer them, since so many people post on here, but here they are:
    1. How long does it take for you to write a book?
    2. how do you come up with characters?
    3. can Ben pick Erica PLEASE?
    if you respond this means a lot to me,

  12. weffles –

    There will probably be a map, but that is something that gets designed late in the game. (For all of you who keep asking why it takes so long to put out a book, the design is a big part.)

  13. BookWorm27 –

    It takes two years from the time I start writing until the book comes out, and I have probably been playing with ideas for several years before that.

    I invent characters all sorts of different ways. Sometimes I’ve been thinking about a type of character for year. Sometimes I make up someone on the spot and like them. Sometimes I base a character on someone I know.

    I cannot respond to your final question.

  14. Tarzan –

    Honestly, I read JB when I was a kid, so it’s been a while. But… I guess it was ok for me to read.

  15. Anonymous –

    I have always wanted to write books. I have no idea why. It’s just what I always wanted to do.

  16. I can’t decide if Ben should pick Erica or Zoe. Ben should pick Zoe because Erica tried to kill him and Erica doesn’t want to be in a relationship. But I also think that he should be with Erica since the two of them are kind of close. I can’t choose!!

  17. Evil Spy –
    Plus, Zoe and Ben feel comfortable around each other. The two of them actually get along, whereas Erica is always jeopardizing Ben’s life, his future, and his reputation.

  18. Stu-
    Was there a book or movie that inspired parts of the idea in Charlie? I guess like, you know, James Bond was part of the inspiration behind Spy School. (I looked under FAQ but didn’t see anything.)

    Oh, and you know those awards some of your books won? Well, did your publisher have to send your book out to the people or do they pick it? (Believe or not, I’ve heard of that happening before so, I was just wondering.)

  19. Stu-
    Which do you find easier to write: short chapters (like in CT) or long chapters (like in pretty much all your other books)?

    In SPM, are the mysteries structured like a Sobol mystery where you turn to the back of the book or flip over for the answer, or do you just keep reading like a mystery novel?

  20. I don’t think George Washington every spied. Mabey he did I don’t know. If you want to learn about the Revolutionary War watch Liberty Kids on youtube.

  21. Teddy –

    Charlie was inspired by a type of book, not a specific book. I always liked the Robert Ludlum books (and books of that type) where a regular person got wrapped up in an adventure that spanned the globe.

    And yes, often publishers submit books for awards. But sometimes award committees pick the books themselves.

  22. Teddy –

    It’s not easier or harder to write chapters of any length. Chapters are just the length that they’re supposed to be. I don’t really think about it when I’m writing.

    SPM will be just like Encyclopedia Brown, where you have to turn to the back for the answers.

  23. You don’t know me.

    If you really want to learn about the Revolutionary War, read books. I never said George Washington was a spy. I said he was the spymaster. He had spies working for him.

  24. Jackson –

    Several drafts of the 8th book have been written, but it isn’t finished. And there is still lots of design and marketing to do.

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