Spy School 8 title and cover reveal!

No point in beating around the bush.  Here’s the cover:

Another Lucy Cummins masterpiece!

As for the synopsis, here you go:

Ben Ripley has barely returned to America after defeating SPYDER when someone makes an attempt on his life — at CIA headquarters.  Even worse, the attacker appears to be none other than Erica Hale.

But while the CIA has branded Erica a traitor, Ben believes there must be another explanation for her actions — even if he has to go rogue to find out what it is.  Now, he’ll find himself up against an evil organization that has been working in secret for a very long time — so long, in fact, that Ben will have to track down the files of America’s original spymaster, George Washington himself.

It’s an adventure that will test Ben in ways he’s never been tested before.  An adventure that will jeopardize the lives of the people Ben cares for — and test the loyalties of his friends as well.

As of right now, the publication date is October 6, 2020.  (If you read this post earlier, you will note that the date has moved up a week.  That’s because I care about you, the reader, and didn’t want you to have to wait another seven days.)

All further details are classified.

I am sure that many of you want to know more about the book.  But that’s all I am going to share.  The more you know about a book before you read it, the less fun it is to read.

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770 thoughts on “Spy School 8 title and cover reveal!

  1. Classified-
    I’m sorry if it sounded like I don’t like the series. It’s actually my favorite, and I wouldn’t ever stop reading the books. I was just pointing out the things that make it fictional. Even I have to admit that the books would be very different if Ben was dead, which will never be the case, seeing as he’s the protagonist.

  2. Joshua –

    The series wouldn’t be different is Ben was dead. It would be over. There is no series without Ben. If you like it, it’s because you like Ben’s voice, no matter what you think of him as a character. Trust me, it wouldn;t work as well if it suddenly shifted to the perspective of another character.

  3. I am so excited!!! I read all of your series and my favorite is spy school. I can’t wait to read SS 8. I wish spy school never ends even though it is no possible.

  4. – Erica!!!
    Technically, it is not impossible. If Stuart Gibbs’s children continued it and passed Spy School on as a family business. But It is highly unlikely.

  5. Stu
    does Erica like Ben?
    Q: Does Ben like Erica or Zoe?
    I know u got asked alot of these question though just asking

  6. Ace fist –

    Yes, you’re right. I do get asked this a lot. Like, at least three times a week. (If you look through the comments you will see this.) So, I will tell you what I have told every other person who has asked me:

    That is classified.

  7. -Mary
    Yes, for now SPYDER is destroyed. I am working on a new evil organization. All details are classified.

  8. To the best author-
    This is going to be awesome!! The most annoyed thing about series if you have to wait to what feels forever for the next books, and I’ve been waiting since I finished SSBI !!!
    Sounds super cool!!
    Thx for being the best writer on the PLANET!!!

  9. hey Stuart Gibbs I really love how you care about us and showed this to us first. When it comes out, will there be a Barnes and noble special edition

  10. Stu- Is spy school going to go on after ss8 and if it does I wanted to know your mindset on the the production of your books do you want to let spy school go on as long as possible or are you trying to finish it out

  11. Joshua-

    Waffles are sort of, the opposite of waffles. A weffle would be square shaped waffle with the little divots shaped like circles. With just a hint of memes. ????

  12. Nick –

    I do not think that having a character die would make things more interesting. Especially in a book for younger readers.

  13. Berica

    If hundreds of people are writing fan fiction based upon my ideas and characters, it is possible that one is going to hit on something that sounds vaguely similar to something tat I came up with on my own.

  14. This is so cool! I cannot wait to read it! (Not mentioning the fact I haven’t read S.S. 7…)

  15. Stu-
    I hope this isn’t classified but, how long is SSR? Cause it be really cool if it was as long as Charlie (page-wise not word-wise.)

    Did Mrs. Cummins do the book design or did that other lady do it?

    And what the heck is dork lord?

  16. Stu-
    This question is going to sound really, really dumb, but . . . Is SSR completely done or is it going through formatting right now?

  17. Stu

    I know the two plots are different, just in both they have friends who betray the good side and they both steal important papers. Did you like national treasure?

  18. Stu
    In your FAQ, you said that authors don’t get books free. But my dad is an author and he got three of his own books free.

  19. Berica , which Fan fiction sounds like this? I’m asking because I’ve read a lot of fanfics on Wattpad, but not this one.

  20. Stu,
    I was wondering because of Spy School,what is your favorite James Bond movie? Mine is Goldfinger.
    Thanks, Classified out.

  21. Teddy –

    SSR ought to be about as long as all my other books. I don’t know the exact page count because I don’t do the formatting and layout. (For the record, CT is about the same length as any SS novel, but appears longer because there are more chapters.)

    As I said in the post, Lucy Cummins did the design. I don’t know who you are referring to by ‘that other lady.’

    Confessions of a Dork Lord is a book by Mike Johnston, who will also be at the Grove event.

  22. Matteo –

    Yes, we get a few books for free. However, people write to me all the time asking me to send them free books, so its easier to say that I don’t get any free ones. (For the record, I give the free ones to my family and keep one for myself.)

  23. stu

    How do you have the time to check this blog post and all the other current blog posts?
    Also, a lot of people I know that live in San Antonio (I live in San Antonio) are bilingual. Since you lived here a lot of your life, are you bilingual?

  24. Erica –

    I have things set up so that I can check all the comments at once and don’t have to check each post separately.

    I am not as bilingual as I would like to be.

  25. Hello I am new I just started reading spy school series, and boy so far this is my most favorite seriesin the entire WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this series and I am already on book 7! I am only a fast reader when I am interested in the series, and this series, I ONLY STARTED LAST WEEK!!! I am glad to see that you (Stuart Gibbs) are a talking author, unlike some other authors that they post books, but never write to the readers. I hope you get to make more books and am happy to find my favorite series! Thanks for making the books! Good luck on the movie!!

  26. And I also think that Ben should like Zoe more because she more friendlier and is really good for Ben. Though I can see why Ben likes Erica, but still, I’m only starting on book 7, so I have no idea what is going to happen. Thanks!!

  27. ( I also have a few more ideas for more books, like how Ben is figured out and needs to fake his own death, and then works undercover for the CIA and goes over to Russia and spies on them but gets caught and then- Hmm, I think forgot the rest, but I will tell you later when it comes to my mind!

  28. People always ask if an upcoming book is the last in the series but since there an organization that is suppossedly better than SPYDER there will probably be a bare minum of 4-7 more books in SS

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