Spy School 8 title and cover reveal!

No point in beating around the bush.  Here’s the cover:

Another Lucy Cummins masterpiece!

As for the synopsis, here you go:

Ben Ripley has barely returned to America after defeating SPYDER when someone makes an attempt on his life — at CIA headquarters.  Even worse, the attacker appears to be none other than Erica Hale.

But while the CIA has branded Erica a traitor, Ben believes there must be another explanation for her actions — even if he has to go rogue to find out what it is.  Now, he’ll find himself up against an evil organization that has been working in secret for a very long time — so long, in fact, that Ben will have to track down the files of America’s original spymaster, George Washington himself.

It’s an adventure that will test Ben in ways he’s never been tested before.  An adventure that will jeopardize the lives of the people Ben cares for — and test the loyalties of his friends as well.

As of right now, the publication date is October 6, 2020.  (If you read this post earlier, you will note that the date has moved up a week.  That’s because I care about you, the reader, and didn’t want you to have to wait another seven days.)

All further details are classified.

I am sure that many of you want to know more about the book.  But that’s all I am going to share.  The more you know about a book before you read it, the less fun it is to read.

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522 thoughts on “Spy School 8 title and cover reveal!

  1. -Stu
    I have written a lot’s of stuff in your email my name is Joshua do u remember me?
    You just answered my email 3 hours ago!

  2. Aidan –

    Do you think Cyrus would really trust Alexander to pilot a helicopter that he was dangling from while he was defusing a nuclear bomb?

  3. It’s kind of funny, because I just finished my unit on the American Revoultion for my Civics class.

  4. Is it crazy for me to see a liiiiiitle tiny bit of a parallel here between this book and secret service? Or is that just me haha

  5. James –

    Spy School? The book came out eight years ago. If you mean something else, it would help if you were more specific.

  6. Hey Stu-
    Is there a chance the book will release a little earlier? (Or later)
    Have you finished writing the whole thing? (Like a first draft)

  7. I NEED to know what this book is and what the organization is…??? I just finished SS7 and am starting Charlie Thorne tonight!
    Ben Ripley6

  8. In an online article about fox buying the book rights for the movie, it said that Ben gats into Spy School because of a case of mistaken identity. Where did they get this information? I could not find any wiki page or anything like that with the false information that I read. Just wondering and hoping that the movie doesn’t have Ben only be in there because of mistaken identity.

    Thank you,

  9. GoldenLamps –

    The release date might change slightly, but not by much. I have written several drafts already.

  10. Noah –

    Yes, that article is wrong. The New York Times also makes the same mistake whenever the series hits the bestseller list. Bad journalism.

  11. In this book will you include any other of the founding fathers, also how much longer do you plan on carrying the Spy School series? (Sorry if you get this question a lot)

  12. Luke –

    Please read the blog post again in reference to questions about this book.

    I do not know how long this series will go.

  13. Stu, will Cyrus be in SS Revolution? I was a bit sad that he wasn’t available for British Invasion.

  14. This is such an awesome idea, I can’t believe I never thought of it! There’s so many ways to move the story on. But for me, the most interesting part will be the main cast’s reaction to the assassination attempt.
    We know that Ben will believe she’s innocent. Probably immediately, I don’t think he’ll need convincing.
    Cyrus will probably have learned his lesson from secret service and proclaim his granddaughter’s innocence. As will Alexander.
    Catherine will probably help from the sidelines, if she’s in this one at all.
    Mike will blindly follow because of a combination of trusting Erica and Ben, and not wanting to miss out on the fun.
    I can’t predict what Jawa’s reaction will be, but I think he’ll help together with Chip.
    I don’t think Zoe will think that Erica is guilty, however she might think it’s one of her tricks that she always pulls, which is probably true.

    This is all just speculation for fun. I can’t wait to see how Stu tells the story, and how Ben will outwit the bad guys (ITGA?) this time.

  15. Alex & Logan –

    Please go back and read this post very carefully for what I said about all further details about the book.

  16. Ace fist…-
    The International Tulip Growers Association is what the acronym “ITGA” stands for.

  17. Read the text in all capital letters first.


    Honestly, I’m kind of disappointed that SPYDER is no longer in existence. No other organization will ever be as great, in my opinion.

    I find it kind of ridiculous that such a powerful and clever consortium could be destroyed by a thirteen-year-old. Might I add that this thirteen-year-old is an extremely incompetent person?

    If I had ever encountered Benjamin Ripley, I would have just killed him right away, rather than revel in his “failure” that later on turns out to not be such a failure. Mr. E should have ended Ripley’s life while he had the chance. I would have done a much better job in his situation. I’m not trying to sound psychotic here. I’m just saying that even the incredibly intelligent leader of SPYDER has many obvious things that he needs to work on.

    Despite my disgust in the stupidity of Mr. E, I do realize that if he had been smart and shot Ben, the Spy School series would have to end, seeing as all the books are told from Benjamin’s perspective.

  18. Joshua –

    By that logic, every James Bond movie would have been over in the first five minutes.

    The things about fiction is… it’s not real. It’s supposed to be fun. Having your hero get shot and killed isn’t fun. So I do my best to justify why Ben is kept alive by the bad guys.

  19. Stuart-
    And you do a good job at coming up with reasons that the antagonists might have for keeping Benjamin alive. I was just saying that, after being shot at all these times, he’s bound to be dead by now.

  20. Do you have a favorite character to write about/develop? Obviously, you enjoy writing about all your characters or else you wouldn’t include them in your books but is there one you find especially interesting? I personally like all the main characters but my favorite to read about is Erica. She’s a really well developed character with lots of layers to her. I also like how in each book we get to know a little more about her. The fact that she’s been a main character for seven books now and still has this sense of mystery to her proves how well written she is.

  21. Joshua-
    You gotta acknowledge that over the course of these missions Ben has demonstrated to be far from incompetent, despite the constant reminders. Plus it’s not just one thirteen year old (it’s several thirteen year olds, lol)

  22. S

    I really don’t have a favorite character to write about. I like writing them all, and letting them grow in each book, and getting to create new characters or bring old ones back. In fact, the hardest thing about writing sometimes is that I don’t have a use for all my characters in every book and often, I have to sideline a character I like.

  23. 7-
    Well, in all honesty, Benjamin Ripley is my least favorite character. I wouldn’t be too upset if he was dead. The series could either end or continue in someone else’s point of view.

  24. Joshua,
    All I can say to you is ,if you have so many problems with these great books stop reading them. Sorry.

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