Spy School 8 title and cover reveal!

No point in beating around the bush.  Here’s the cover:

Another Lucy Cummins masterpiece!

As for the synopsis, here you go:

Ben Ripley has barely returned to America after defeating SPYDER when someone makes an attempt on his life — at CIA headquarters.  Even worse, the attacker appears to be none other than Erica Hale.

But while the CIA has branded Erica a traitor, Ben believes there must be another explanation for her actions — even if he has to go rogue to find out what it is.  Now, he’ll find himself up against an evil organization that has been working in secret for a very long time — so long, in fact, that Ben will have to track down the files of America’s original spymaster, George Washington himself.

It’s an adventure that will test Ben in ways he’s never been tested before.  An adventure that will jeopardize the lives of the people Ben cares for — and test the loyalties of his friends as well.

As of right now, the publication date is October 6, 2020.  (If you read this post earlier, you will note that the date has moved up a week.  That’s because I care about you, the reader, and didn’t want you to have to wait another seven days.)

All further details are classified.

I am sure that many of you want to know more about the book.  But that’s all I am going to share.  The more you know about a book before you read it, the less fun it is to read.

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770 thoughts on “Spy School 8 title and cover reveal!

  1. Wannabe Zoe –

    For the record, Kate was supposed to be shallow.

    I can’t say whether or not they will appear in future books or not. Only that it always a possibility for characters to resurface.

  2. Mr. Stuart Gibbs-

    I noticed an error. In spy school 1 it is reportedly said that Alexander has steel gray eyes but in spy camp Alexander h as ice blue eyes. Just something you should know about

  3. Mr. Stuart Gibbs-

    Also, why would you write all the semi-romantic moments in the series between Ben and Erica just to have Ben end up with Zoe?

  4. Dear Stu, how did you come up with the name Zoe Zibbell, and I was wondering what Zoe’s hair color is supposed to be, since you don’t really mention that. Thank you,
    -Cailyn Zibbell

  5. Random User –

    Generally in life, people have romantic moments with more than one other person. That’s just how life works.

  6. Cailyn –

    Is your last name really Zibbell? I had a good friend with that name and so I used it. It’s an unusual name, so maybe you are related.

    Zoe’s hair is whatever color you imagine it to be,

  7. Stu –
    Love your books. Will you ever have lgbt relationships in spy school? I know they’re young but there’s plenty of straight relationships in the books, so. If you do, don’t bait it – I’d rather you have no lgbt characters at all than tease around the subject. Thanks.

  8. Bleh –

    I am completely open to the idea of having lgbt relationships — if it makes sense within the story. If it doesn’t work, then I won’t do it. For the record, there has been an lgbt storyline in one of my other books.

  9. Dear Stu, my last name is not actually Zibbell, Zoe is just my favorite character. Thank you so much for creating the Spy School Series, and for responding to my comment, it made me really happy!
    -Cailyn Zibbell

  10. Mr. Stuart Gibbs-

    Not going to lie, but I was quite impressed when you gave me an answer like that. I thought you would say either that was classified or fall for my trick.

  11. I know this might make no sense but this is just stuck in my head

    In Spy school Secret Service, when Ben asks Erica if she likes him, Erica said its complicated. She said that because her father is a sham, and she has divorced parents
    (Spoiler For SSBI and exclusive Content)
    Now that Alexander isn’t so much a sham and Catherine and Alexander are back together, could Erica take back what she said?
    (I’m betting all my money this is classified)

  12. Dear Stu,

    the new spy school book cover looks amazing! I’m so excited for it to come out!

  13. Hey, I honestly love Spy School and I love the thought of Ben and Erica. Zoey is just a little too good for him, it’s too much a fantasy-like, Zoey liked him back so its too easy for him to get the girl. And Erica he’s got to fight for her so erica and ben forever!

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