Spy School 8 title and cover reveal!

No point in beating around the bush.  Here’s the cover:

Another Lucy Cummins masterpiece!

As for the synopsis, here you go:

Ben Ripley has barely returned to America after defeating SPYDER when someone makes an attempt on his life — at CIA headquarters.  Even worse, the attacker appears to be none other than Erica Hale.

But while the CIA has branded Erica a traitor, Ben believes there must be another explanation for her actions — even if he has to go rogue to find out what it is.  Now, he’ll find himself up against an evil organization that has been working in secret for a very long time — so long, in fact, that Ben will have to track down the files of America’s original spymaster, George Washington himself.

It’s an adventure that will test Ben in ways he’s never been tested before.  An adventure that will jeopardize the lives of the people Ben cares for — and test the loyalties of his friends as well.

As of right now, the publication date is October 6, 2020.  (If you read this post earlier, you will note that the date has moved up a week.  That’s because I care about you, the reader, and didn’t want you to have to wait another seven days.)

All further details are classified.

I am sure that many of you want to know more about the book.  But that’s all I am going to share.  The more you know about a book before you read it, the less fun it is to read.

210 thoughts on “Spy School 8 title and cover reveal!

  1. -Encrypted
    I agree. Erica does not have arachnophobia. But I must insist, Erica has nephophobia (fear of clouds. No not clowns, Clouds.)

  2. Stu,
    Another quick question. Have you seen any of the three Get Smart movies or either of the two shows, and would they be inspirations to you? If they are,you might be interested to hear one of the creators just died.

  3. P.s.,if anyone cares, the creator who died was not Mel Brooks. It was Nick Henry, one of my favorite comedic writers for show a and films. Sorry for the weird facts.

  4. Classified –

    Yes, I have seen Austin Powers, but I already had the idea for Spy School when I saw those movies, so they were not inspirations.

  5. SS Fan –

    I cannot make the release date any earlier. There are many things that have to be done before that date.

    If you are desperate for another book by me, might I suggest Tyrannosaurus Wrecks? It’s in stores March 23.

  6. Encrypted –

    Your previous message was really hard to understand. And it wasn’t even encrypted. I thought you were asking me to share what the fear was so that you could post it. You are free to guess at what it might be and post that. But be aware that you will probably be wrong.

  7. Classified –

    I was a big fan of the original Get Smart, and the Nude Bomb movie that was based on that show, although I think the remake with Steve Carell was awful.

    It was very sad to hear about Buck Henry, who I always admired.

  8. Anyone thinking about Erica’s fears –
    Erica definitely does not have nephophobia. During many of the books, she is outside while there are clouds in the sky. And I can recall at least one time where she was inside a ventilation system, so that rules out claustrophobia. And she has probably dealt with the number 13 sometime in her life.

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