Super Puzzletastic Mystery Book coming June 23, 2020

Hello readers!  Have you ever wanted to read a great mystery, but you only had a few minutes to do it?  Well the perfect book for you is coming to stores this June.

My good friend, the wonderful (and incredibly prolific) author Chris Grabenstein asked me – along with many other great mystery writers, to create short mystery stories for a new book: Super Puzzletastic Mysteries.  It is being published in conjunction with the Mystery Writers of America, which is the coolest organization ever (and one that I am very proud to be a part of).

My fellow contributors include Chris himself (of course) along with Kate Milford, Peter Lerangis, Bruce Hale, James Ponti and many other greats.  Each of the stories is like the kind you would find in Encyclopedia Brown (one of my favorite series of all time): the kind where the story breaks so that you get the chance to figure out who did it — and then you have to turn to the end of the book to see if you were right.

My own contribution will be a short story featuring characters from one of my other series.  But I’m not going to say which one.  (So don’t bother asking.)  Suffice it to say that this was the first time I have written a short story and it was great fun.  I hope you’ll enjoy it — and all the other great stories in this book.

It won’t be in stores until June 23 — but you can preorder it by clicking here.


37 thoughts on “Super Puzzletastic Mystery Book coming June 23, 2020

  1. Wow that sounds great!! Did Chris grabsnstein write Mr. Lemoncello’s library? If so I’m totally down! I love puzzle books (mr. lemoncellos library, the westing game, the gollywhoper games etc…) so count me in!

  2. Stu,
    This book looks amazing! It looks really interesting, and I can’t wait to read it. Who designed the cover? Congratulations on the book!

  3. Stuart-
    That is very good news. Rest assured I will read the book as soon as it is published.

    Very imaginative person-
    What are you talking about in your last comment? Oh, and if you are from the future, would you mind telling me what SS8 will be about?

  4. Me again –

    Please be more clear about what you mean. Do you mean, will the other books in the series reflect the fact that the short story has taken place? If so, I wrote the short story so that it doesn’t really affect the other storylines.

  5. Joshua hallal

    What I mean is that I think that stu’s short story is gonna be about funjungle cause. Ben stops crimes he doesn’t solve mysteries and dasheil (somebody correct me on spelling ) doesn’t have enough space for a mystery

  6. VIP and Me again –

    Um… no. Try Dashiell.

    For the record, Dashiell Hammett was an incredibly famous and talented mystery writer in the 1940s. Read his stuff when you get older.

  7. Hey Stu, quick question. Are Gordon Korman or Anthony Horowitz weighting mysteries for this? I know they’ve done stuff like this before. Thanks!

  8. Classified

    I looked it up, and the authors are Chris Grabenstein, Stuart Gibbs, Lamar Giles, Bruce Hale, Peter Larangis, Kate Milford, and Tyler Whitesides.

  9. -Stu
    Is that you skiing in the picture at the top of your website? Because if yes, you look like a good skiier. Although I am in a ski team, I would probably wipe out in the jump that your doing in the photo

  10. Cyrus Hale 6 –

    That is Charlie Thorne skiing in the photo.

    I am a good skier, but I don’t risk my life skiing any more.

  11. I just read that on the blog that you would be using characters from you series, so please ignore my question above. sorry for the inconvenience.

  12. Stu, are the characters you are writing into this book are in the same universe as whatever book their from, is it more like a spinoff?

  13. Speaking of universes, do ALL your books take place in the same universe?
    Cause it would be kind of cool for Dash Gibson to be researching FunJungle and learning about Teddy FitzRoy, or learning about Greg and the Musketeers in history class.
    That also sets up some groundwork for a crossover, and if not, some ideas about Easter Eggs in your books.

  14. Ace of Spades –

    I don’t think that all of my series take place in the same universe.

    For example, the time travel and other fantasy of The Last Musketeer doesn’t really seem to be of the same universe as the FunJungle series, which is much more realistic.

  15. It is disappointing that you are unwilling to address my concern from my earlier post but I take your silence as answer to my question.

  16. Isaacs –

    It s not very easy to keep up with every single request made on these comments. Could you please repeat what your concern was? (I don’t see any other comments from you on this post.)

  17. Stu –
    Is the short story canon to whatever series it is from? For example, if it’s a short story for Spy School, is it gonna be canon or just a random story that may have happened anytime?

  18. Stu,
    Are you gonna put the Super Puzzletastic Mystery Book in the “Upcoming Releases” box?
    If no, why not?

  19. I know the question is not directed to me, but this book is not his. Im sure he gets a share of the money it makes since he helped produced it, but chris was the one who got all the authors and asked them to do this, therefore Stu doesn’t own the copyright rights to it.
    P.S, I’m not an expert on this, but I’m pretty you can trust this message/

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