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Hello everyone!  Here is a very small holiday present for you…  An update on the Spy School movie.

As you may recall, when I last updated you, back in March, Fox, the studio that had bought Spy School, had been acquired by Disney.  This created what we refer to in the movie business as a ‘mess.’  The merger of two enormous media companies takes a long time to sort out.

But that finally happened, more or less.  And from somewhere on high, Disney said we could proceed with developing Spy School.

So I am now at work on a rewrite of the first draft.  This does not mean that the movie is going to get made.  It only means that we are moving forward.  Which is better than Fox/Disney (or ‘Fisney’) deciding to dump the project.

I will post some answers to the questions I am getting asked the most.  Avid readers may notice that I may have answered some of these before.  But I keep getting asked them.  Over and over and over.  So here we go:

Which book is the movie based on?

The first one in the series.  Spy School.

Will there be sequels based on the other books?

Ideally, but that depends on how the first movie does.  There is a slight chance that, if Fisney loves the script, they will decide to move ahead with a sequel before the first movie comes out, but I wouldn’t count on that.

Is the movie going to be live action or animated?

Live action.

Can I be in it?

I really don’t know.  I will probably have no say in casting at all.  There are people who handle casting for a living.  They are called casting directors.  They don’t ask me if they can help write my movies — and therefore, they are not pleased if I show up and say that I want to help cast the movie.  I don’t know if they will have open auditions for the roles.  My bet is that they won’t.  But if they do, all I can do is write a blog post with details.  So please please please please please do not write to me and ask if you can be in the movie.

When will the movie come out?

I don’t know that either.  The absolute earliest would be in a year, and I highly doubt that would happen.  So don’t count on it any time soon.

Is it going to be released in theaters — or could it show up on Disney Plus?

Personally, I would love for it to be released theatrically — so that’s what we are shooting for.  But the fact is, Disney needs a lot of content for Disney Plus, so that remains an option.  (Also, if it was made for Disney Plus, there is a chance that sequels could be started earlier.)

What is your favorite color?

Why are you even asking that?  This is a blog about Spy School, the movie.

Because I’m just interested.  Is there something wrong with that?

I suppose not.  My favorite color is blue.

Thanks.  You’re amazing.

So are you.  Happy holidays!


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  1. I am really scared to get my test results back,tomorrow. I wonder how I did? I think for the actual questions part I did good but then when we were put in an actual situation and had to escape from an “enemy” I think I did horrible!!!
    Ben Ripley6

  2. Erica-
    How did you do on the exam? Let me guess A++++++ or you figured out a way to not take it and got an A++++++ anyway since you got a way out of it?
    Ben Ripley6

  3. What the heck is going on with the role playing? This is definitely the wrong place, you’re clogging the comments. I suggest you move to the Discord server or something.

  4. inSPYration-
    I’m sorry but no I’m not doing discord with randoms so like sorry but no
    -Ben Ripley6
    p.s. there are 700 to 800 comments on other blogs bye.

  5. inSPYration-
    I’m well aware of any disapproving thoughts you might have upon reading the comments involving acting like a character from the book. However, you cannot make anyone stop. Plus, there is the possibility that some of these “actors” might not be able to join the discord server. Like me.

    And as for us clogging the comments? It’s not like you have anything better to say. I’m not trying to offend anyone here. I’m merely pointing out that if Stuart Gibbs doesn’t have a problem with this (and it certainly seems as though he has no objection with the whole idea; at least, he has no reason to) then you shouldn’t, either. I apologize if I offended anyone in any way by commenting this. Please note that it was unintentionally done. I hope that this will be the end of the discussion.

  6. For my tests results, that’s classified. If your trying to flatter me Ben, it not going to work. By the way, your test was so bad, Crandall had to make a new category of test score: G. Try harder next time.
    Erica Hale 6

  7. Ben.Ripley.11-
    I guess more than one person wants to be Erica. Btw I’m starving you guys have any bacon??? PLEASE SAY YES

  8. Oh great….a hacker is pretending to be me. Aiden, whoever you are, I believe you did a perfect impersonation of me. But do not ever do it again unless you want your neck broken. Oh and by the way, I did get a perfect score if you were wondering. And Ben, a three-year-old could have done better then what you did on your test.

    Erica Hale

  9. Erica Hale_09-
    Aw come on you guys are so mean :’ (

    I really am going to starve to death because the last time I ate was FIVE MINUTES AGO!!!

  10. To all the role playing folks –

    To be honest, it is causing some problems for this site. It is not that easy for me to monitor all the comments and answer all the questions, and the role-playing is making things more difficult. Plus, the more comments there are on this site, the more it costs me for storage. I don’t mind the comments section being an area where people can ask me questions or even engage about my books, and I’m willing to cover the cost of that, but it does seem to me that, maybe, there is a better forum for the role-playing somewhere else.

    I hope you understand.

  11. “Oh great. . ..a hacker is pretending to be me. Aiden, whoever you are, I believe you did a perfect impersonation of me. But do not ever do it again unless you want your neck broken.”
    -Erica Hale_09

    This is the quote of a lifetime.

    And, Murray Hill? For once in your life, could you forget about bacon and any other type of junk food and just focus on what’s actually important?

  12. Stuart-
    Danke für das Erklären jeder. Ich verstehe Ihre Gründe und bin überrascht, dass Sie in ein solcher Patient Weise kommentiert.

    Jeder, der dies alles „Handeln“ beenden wollte? Nun, es scheint, dass Sie Ihren Wunsch nach nur ein paar Tagen bekommen haben.

    Auf Wiedersehen.

  13. Mr. Gibbs,
    Yes, we realized this and I’m sorry for causing you these problems. I completely understand what you are trying to say, so thank you for informing us about this problem. I just thought it could be kind of fun to role play, but I 100% agree and understand what you a trying to say. I hope we didn’t cause you too much trouble by doing this role-playing activity.

  14. Hey Stu, I used a different account last time.
    What I meant isn’t if Murray was still going to be the villain. I knew that. I meant that I thought it might be interesting if you get to see a bit of his villainy behind the scenes, like those twist bad guys who are only a twist for the characters but we get to see are really evil. That way, it’s not like the movie is trying to trick you, because warren and even Joshua were a better twist, meanwhile Murray would be an obvious candidate for the twist villain. Therefore the movie might as well tell us that Murray is the villain and let us see his diabolical scheming, and then keep the fact that he’s part of SPYDER as the twist. I’m not telling you how to right a script, I just thought this would be interesting.

  15. Hello Mr. Gibbs,

    I am late to learning of this website but a friend of mine told me about it and it is really cool you are interacting with your fans (including me). I was also delighted to hear you were making a movie!

    I am an amateur and aspiring screenwriter. I’ve written for my high school and some small projects. But it’s actually really funny because wrote a movie adaption script to Spy School two years ago! I would mean the absolute world to me if you took a look at it and maybe gave me some feedback. It would not only be a great learning opportunity for me as you are a screenwriter but also the author of the book.

    I totally get you are probably so busy with your (three) books and the screenplay but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. 🙂

    Thank you for your time,

  16. Sophie –

    A lot of people ask if they can send me writing samples for my input and sadly, I simply don’t have the time to read and respond to all of them. Or any of them, really. I hope you understand.

  17. inSPYration-
    Because I can’t.

    Erica Hale_09-
    “Maybe?” Why not definitely? If you succeed, you’re better off than I am. I won’t be able to join for a while.

  18. Mr. Gibbs~

    Of course, no worries at all. I knew it was a long shot anyway. I bet you are super busy and I’m sure a lot of people ask you. I completely understand. It was worth a shot.

    Thank you for your response though!

  19. I don’t know why, but it’s not letting me make a discord server. Anyways, as Mr. Gibbs said, let’s not make too many irrelevant comments so it doesn’t cause him any more problems, including comments about making that discord server and about the role-playing incident. I apologize to those who were bothered by the role-playing, but we shouldn’t continue to argue and make comments about this. I hope that the conversation about the roleplaying stops now. Let’s not give Mr. Gibbs any more problems because of the overload of comments.

    Erica Hale

    Erica Hale

  20. Erica Hale-
    Nun, Sie müssen nicht einen Zwietracht Server machen, Sie könnten nur einen verbinden.

    This is hopefully going to be the last comment concerning the role-playing incident.

  21. -Erica Hale_09

    That’s not how you spell my name. Spell my name wrong and I’ll break your neck (Seeing as I’,m a hacker …)

  22. Erica-
    Exactly like Joshua said, you only have to join, not create a brand new server. but yea let’s drop this or move the convo elsewhere.

  23. inSPYration-
    Sounds good to me. Do you speak Deutsch?

    How can you break someone’s neck electronically? WAS IST DAS???

  24. -Joshua Hallal
    Erica pointed out that I’m a hacker, so that means I can hack her device and find out where they live, and break their neck. (<that was a joke) Also, thanks for spelling my name right

  25. Aidan,
    In case you haven’t noticed, I’m no amateur spy. My device is “unhackable”, so it’s pretty much impossible for you to hack. And to address the threat of breaking my neck, ask some other spy friends of yours about my reputation, then you’ll regret threatening me.

  26. -Stu

    How will you distinguish the movie? There is already a spy school movie (not yours), that came out, so will you change the title or will it be the same?

  27. SaveTheAnimals –

    No, I’m not changing the name. The other movie that came out was a British movie that no one has apparently seen ever. Movies are allowed to have the same name.

  28. I really hope that there’s open casting. If there was I’d try out for Zoe. It’s perfect; I love acting, being a spy sounds amazing and super exciting, and I’m in love with this series. Do you know where this movie will be filmed? Just in case. I know it’s unlikely that there’ll be open casting. Still, I can’t wait to watch the movie once it comes out!

  29. Madeline –

    They won’t decide where to film the movie until they decide whether or not to make the movie in the first place. So sadly, no, I do not know where it will be filmed.

  30. Mr.Gibbs,

    Do you know where all the casting and filming will be done? Even if there isn’t open casting I’m still excited to see the movie!

  31. Agent X –

    I honestly answered your filming question in the comment directly above yours. As for casting… the answer is very similar. Nothing is decided until they decide to make the movie.

  32. Actually, I just saw the update, ignore my question about which production company.
    Next question: What is the oldest you will allow for an actor to play Ben Ripley?

  33. Koebe –

    I really have no idea what the maximum age for Ben’s actor will be. That is a question for the casting department, not me.

  34. Lilian –

    Can you please be more specific about which book you mean? These threads are very long and I’m not sure what you are referring to.

  35. WOW!! Congrats Mr.Gibbs!!!! Thank you for the update! And if you do make a movie me and all my friends are going to be first in line!!!! Good luck!!!!!

  36. Mr. Gibbs-

    I heard there is possibly going to be a chance of a Spy School movie coming out. So exciting! You said that you probably wouldn’t have an input as to who gets casted. You also said that they probably won’t be open auditions. What exactly do you mean by that? Like does it mean that not everyone can audition? Do you have to have some sort of credentials to try out for it, or can just anyone audition? Also, do you have any general idea when or where the auditions are going to be? And if I wanted to try, would I have to sign up somewhere, or could I just show up? If you don’t have an answer to any of these questions, I totally understand. But if you do, I’d love to hear! Thanks,


  37. EricaHaleSuperFan –

    And open audition is when pretty much anyone can audition. Those are pretty rare. Usually, potential actors need agents who submit them for consideration, and only those actors get auditions. I really have no idea how the auditions will be handled or when they might be. Sorry.

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