Another Spy School movie update

Hello everyone!  Here is a very small holiday present for you…  An update on the Spy School movie.

As you may recall, when I last updated you, back in March, Fox, the studio that had bought Spy School, had been acquired by Disney.  This created what we refer to in the movie business as a ‘mess.’  The merger of two enormous media companies takes a long time to sort out.

But that finally happened, more or less.  And from somewhere on high, Disney said we could proceed with developing Spy School.

So I am now at work on a rewrite of the first draft.  This does not mean that the movie is going to get made.  It only means that we are moving forward.  Which is better than Fox/Disney (or ‘Fisney’) deciding to dump the project.

I will post some answers to the questions I am getting asked the most.  Avid readers may notice that I may have answered some of these before.  But I keep getting asked them.  Over and over and over.  So here we go:

Which book is the movie based on?

The first one in the series.  Spy School.

Will there be sequels based on the other books?

Ideally, but that depends on how the first movie does.  There is a slight chance that, if Fisney loves the script, they will decide to move ahead with a sequel before the first movie comes out, but I wouldn’t count on that.

Is the movie going to be live action or animated?

Live action.

Can I be in it?

I really don’t know.  I will probably have no say in casting at all.  There are people who handle casting for a living.  They are called casting directors.  They don’t ask me if they can help write my movies — and therefore, they are not pleased if I show up and say that I want to help cast the movie.  I don’t know if they will have open auditions for the roles.  My bet is that they won’t.  But if they do, all I can do is write a blog post with details.  So please please please please please do not write to me and ask if you can be in the movie.

When will the movie come out?

I don’t know that either.  The absolute earliest would be in a year, and I highly doubt that would happen.  So don’t count on it any time soon.

Is it going to be released in theaters — or could it show up on Disney Plus?

Personally, I would love for it to be released theatrically — so that’s what we are shooting for.  But the fact is, Disney needs a lot of content for Disney Plus, so that remains an option.  (Also, if it was made for Disney Plus, there is a chance that sequels could be started earlier.)

What is your favorite color?

Why are you even asking that?  This is a blog about Spy School, the movie.

Because I’m just interested.  Is there something wrong with that?

I suppose not.  My favorite color is blue.

Thanks.  You’re amazing.

So are you.  Happy holidays!


348 thoughts on “Another Spy School movie update

  1. I am an actor can you ask Disney to put me in it. My name is Thomas Kapanowski. I have and IMDb page. Check me out.

  2. Can’t wait for the new book l have read all of them the movie sounds awesome.

    Wish it would come out sooner

    Hope movie sequels will be released

  3. Thomas K –

    Two things:

    1) The movie is not casting any time soon.

    2) As I have tried to make very clear on this site, I have no control over casting.


  4. Do you know when the Spy School movie is coming out? Or at least a vague idea?
    (Btw, loved all of the Spy School and Moon Base Alpha books).

  5. Oscar –

    As I have tried to make clear in my posts, I have no idea if the movie will even film. Therefore, I can’t possibly know when it is coming out. Not even a vague idea.

  6. Hi Gibbs
    Big fan, love your Spy School & FunJungle novels, just a few quick questions:

    1. Do you have a specific plan on how many Spy School books will be released?

    2. Is Book 8 of Spy School ready? I’m assuming it’s still in development and if so, how far are you into it?

    3. Do you collaborate with other people on writing Spy School? I sensed that personalities changed a whole lot and the style of writing was different throughout book 5-8.

    Also, I

  7. idk –

    I do not know how many spy school novels there will be.

    Book 8 is very close to ready, but I am still tweaking it and the design of the book is still underway.

    I do not collaborate with anyone. I have written every one of my books from start to finish. The personalities changed because I am allowing my characters to grow. Keeping their personalities the exact same for years would not be any fun at all.

  8. Hi Stuart Gibbs,
    I personally absolutely LOVE your books! I started reading them a couple of years ago, and I want to be an author when I grow up. How do you get ideas for your books because I get writers block all the time!?

  9. Stu –
    There might be a problem if all the books will be movies.
    Because a movie series film usually takes 1-2 years to make, and in the books, Ben doesn’t grow quickly. So far he’s only grown 1 year in the series as of SSBI, so the actor will grow up, and that’ll be a problem, especially if the original cast was really good, there might be some hate online, because that’s what happened to the diary of a wimpy kid: the long haul movie. I think you saw some #NotMyRodrick memes. I’m also a fan of the Diary of a wimpy kid, as I made clear.

  10. Did you know that Roald Dahl (the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) wrote the screenplay for the James Bond film You Only Live Twice

  11. BadAtNames –

    Everyone at the studio and in casting is extremely well aware of this issue when it comes to casting. If they make all the books into the movies there is very little they can do about the lead character growing up. So I suppose kids will have to decide… do they want the all books to be turned into movies and perhaps have a casting change at some point… or do they not want that to happen?

  12. Dear Stuart Gibbs I LOVE your books. Witch one do you like the most. I hope you have time to answer Bye!

  13. Hey Stu-
    My sis recommended a book for me to read: Spy School. I love it! I’m actually currently reading it! I am definitely going to read the rest of the series. After reading Spy camp I’ll probably start reading the funjungle series. Keep up the good work, Stu! You’re AWESUM

  14. Hi
    I LOVE spy school and am on the skiing one
    I always thought it would be cool if there were graphic novels for them
    Are there going to be graphic novels?
    Erica is my favorite character

  15. Bryan –

    To be very honest, I have given no thought at all to casting. There is no point to it until the movie is green lit, which could be years from now.

  16. A Spy School movie would be so much fun to take part in one day. I know you’ll likely have no say in casting, but I just wanted to get that out there!

  17. Stu-
    You are my FAVORITE author!
    Your books are over the top!
    I CANNOT WAIT until the movie comes out! (If there is one)
    I LOVE your books!
    I hope you have a great day!

  18. Mr. Gibbs! I am so happy to be speaking with you! I am such a big fan of the Spy School series. In fact, it is my favorite series. Now, I was just wondering if Ben will ever date Zoe, or maybe Erica actually has feelings for Ben but is too scared to tell him. I may not have many questions but I did want you to know how much I am a fan of your work.


  19. #1 Fan –

    Hollywood has completely shut down. No one has any idea when anything will shoot next.

  20. #1 Fan –

    The spread of the corona virus has severely impacted the amount of travel that I will probably be doing over the next year, so I can’t promise that I will be visiting anywhere.

  21. Bird –

    I greatly appreciate hearing what a big fan you are, but the answers to all questions about Ben’s future are classified.

  22. I just want to let you know that I’m your biggest fan and can’t wait for your spy school movie
    ?????+ ?+?=epic!

  23. OMG I love the spy school books I’ve read them all 16 times i cant wait for book 8 and hopefully more ?????????

  24. Mr. Gibbs-
    I love your books! My sister does as well, and I wish you well. I hope you are doing okay due to COVID-19, and I hope you can still write good books! I have one question- Does Ben choose Erica or Zoe?

  25. if you could choose any celebrity actors to play the main characters (like ben, erica, mike, zoe, cyrus, etc.) for the movie – not saying you are going too, but im just wondering who you would want to play your characters – who would it be? thanks! i love your books!

  26. jon –

    I have put zero thought into casting. There is no point in doing it until the movie is going to get made for sure.

  27. I know you probably don’t have that much of a say in this, but it would be interesting for the movies to work like this: Spy School would be a movie, same with its sequels. On Disney+, if the movie works, Murray, Erica, and Joshua would get their own, unique series. I’m just spitballing here, but this seems like a nice idea.

  28. I know that you are a very busy man and you are still working on the spy school movie script but would there be any possibility of a belly up movie in the future. Thank you and sorry if that was a bit random. I love your books!!!

  29. Domenick –

    Yes, that seems like a great idea. Please ask Disney to devote several hundred million dollars to it.

  30. JJPickle –

    There is a chance of a FunJungle movie, but a much slimmer chance than that of a Spy School movie.

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