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Hello everyone!  Here is a very small holiday present for you…  An update on the Spy School movie.

As you may recall, when I last updated you, back in March, Fox, the studio that had bought Spy School, had been acquired by Disney.  This created what we refer to in the movie business as a ‘mess.’  The merger of two enormous media companies takes a long time to sort out.

But that finally happened, more or less.  And from somewhere on high, Disney said we could proceed with developing Spy School.

So I am now at work on a rewrite of the first draft.  This does not mean that the movie is going to get made.  It only means that we are moving forward.  Which is better than Fox/Disney (or ‘Fisney’) deciding to dump the project.

I will post some answers to the questions I am getting asked the most.  Avid readers may notice that I may have answered some of these before.  But I keep getting asked them.  Over and over and over.  So here we go:

Which book is the movie based on?

The first one in the series.  Spy School.

Will there be sequels based on the other books?

Ideally, but that depends on how the first movie does.  There is a slight chance that, if Fisney loves the script, they will decide to move ahead with a sequel before the first movie comes out, but I wouldn’t count on that.

Is the movie going to be live action or animated?

Live action.

Can I be in it?

I really don’t know.  I will probably have no say in casting at all.  There are people who handle casting for a living.  They are called casting directors.  They don’t ask me if they can help write my movies — and therefore, they are not pleased if I show up and say that I want to help cast the movie.  I don’t know if they will have open auditions for the roles.  My bet is that they won’t.  But if they do, all I can do is write a blog post with details.  So please please please please please do not write to me and ask if you can be in the movie.

When will the movie come out?

I don’t know that either.  The absolute earliest would be in a year, and I highly doubt that would happen.  So don’t count on it any time soon.

Is it going to be released in theaters — or could it show up on Disney Plus?

Personally, I would love for it to be released theatrically — so that’s what we are shooting for.  But the fact is, Disney needs a lot of content for Disney Plus, so that remains an option.  (Also, if it was made for Disney Plus, there is a chance that sequels could be started earlier.)

What is your favorite color?

Why are you even asking that?  This is a blog about Spy School, the movie.

Because I’m just interested.  Is there something wrong with that?

I suppose not.  My favorite color is blue.

Thanks.  You’re amazing.

So are you.  Happy holidays!


492 thoughts on “Another Spy School movie update

  1. Dear Stuart Gibbs,
    Good day. I have a few questions.
    1) The mountain explosion in SC would’ve definitely been heard. What was the CIA’s disinformation campaign to lower suspicion?
    2) Do you plan out your books ahead of time or make them up along the way?
    3) In ESS, during the SASCA exams there is an objective that each team is trying to retrieve. What is the objective in question?
    4) In SSSS, a couple of pages after Cathrine makes her appearance,Erica get’s a little embarrassed when Cathrine reveals that Erica has told her a lot about Ben. After, Erica try’s to cover and say’s that she had to tell her so that she knew what she was dealing with, then Cathrine, not wanting to embarrass Erica any more, plays along but Ben knows it’s not true. What did Erica really say about Ben to her mother?
    Thanks for all you’re awesome books!
    P.S. I finished all five books of the FJ series. It is awesome!

  2. Murray Hill –

    1) I don’t know. Honestly, I can’t plot out every single detail of the Spy School universe.
    2) I plan them out ahead of time.
    3) See the answer to question #1.
    4) See the answer to question #3.

  3. JSYK, I absolutely love the spy school series. I have read the first 4 and I have just started Spy school secret service. I have on question about it though.
    1) If Jason and Jemma are on T.V. so much, if Ben became Jason’s friend wouldn’t he be on T.V. too? If so then his parents could see him and recognize him, what happens then?
    2) Do you actually research about real spies in order to right the books or do you just make it up and it seems like you do research (Because the books are so good and so realistic)
    3) Do you know if there is actually a Spy School or was that made up?
    4) Do you know the author Nathan Hale? My sister reads his books and he is also a character is spy school (kinda). But if you do know him, then do you know if Nathan Hale is his real name,
    Zoe Zibbel (I wish)

  4. Zoe Zibbell –

    1) No. First of all, Ben saw Jason once, so this wouldn’t be an issue. But also… Generally, the friends of the president’s children don’t get on TV. Can you name a friend of Baron Trump? Or Sasha and Malia Obama? I’m doubting it.

    2) Yes

    3) As far as I know, Spy School only exists in my imagination.

    4) Yes. I know him. He is a great guy. He insists that Nathan Hale is his real name.

  5. NOOOOOOOOO!! Why did stupid COVID have to start?? Also if you have any say in the is movie, and seeing it is your book they might, can you recommend Lucille Jane Weber, the at is me, but, I don’t really care if I am in this movie, it has been a dream of mine for years to be an actor, it would be so cool to be Erica Hale in the movie, but, alas, I know it is not your decision. Thanks for reading!
    -Lucy (Erica Hale??)

  6. Lucy (Erica hale)

    As you noted, I will have no say in the decision, so I can’t promise anything at all. Sorry.

  7. Hey Stu,

    Will you ever write Spy School in a different point of view? (Erica’s would be interesting.)

  8. 42

    I doubt that I will ever switch the POV of SS for an entire book. I think part of the appeal is Ben’s POV. Erica, for example, is probably much funnier from Ben’s POV than she would be from her own POV.

  9. Stu you can’t believe this but I have a book signed by you my brothers friend got it for us you were at are library but for some reason we could not go so he got a book signed by you have you started shoting you movie yet if not I have some great suggestions of actors,China Anne MacLaine,Jeannette mccurdy,Amanda stenberg,and skie Jackson

  10. Dear Stuart Gibbs,
    Good Morning! I just have a few thing’s to say.
    1) Thank you so much for making strong female characters. I know that is a problem where some books are concerned, but your books are different. In SS, two of the main characters are female and are both very good spies, there’s the head of the secret service, Catherine hale is a great British spy,there’s Courtney, who drove president Stern around and probably more i can’t think of at the moment.
    2) This is probably classified but, who is the guy Cyrus Hale stole that cigarette boat from in ESS?
    3) Who was the person at the other end of the ham radio from SPYDER who was talking with Erica and Alexander with Ben just listening in, when they were stranded in the forest by themselves in SC?
    4) Character was the hardest to make up in the SS series?
    Thanks for your time!
    P.S. is started reading the series from the 8th time. Currently on SSSS.

  11. Murray Hill –

    1) I do my best to create cool women.
    2) Honestly, I have no idea. I can’t possibly know every little detail about my books.
    3) That may be revealed some day.
    4) I don’t know that I have an answer for this. Characters are generally pretty fun to make up, especially in SS.

  12. hi i have read all of your books 3 diferent times i love the seirs and i hope you can make a movie out of this it would be sooooo cool.

  13. Dear Stuart Gibbs,
    Good afternoon. I have a few questions for you.
    1) I was wondering if you know when the spy school movie is coming out?
    2) I was wanting to know if I could be Ben Ripley in your movie?
    P.s. I just finished reading the seventh book of Spy school and I think the whole series is great.
    Ben Ripley (I hope)

  14. Ben Ripley –

    Please read my blog post about how COVID is affecting publishing and the movie for the answers to your questions.

    I am pleased to hear that you have enjoyed the series.

  15. Can we not put me getting embarrassed in the movie?
    -Erica Hale

    (This is just a joke don’t take it seriously)

  16. I love these series by the way and I really hope a movie comes out. I love how when your reading at the end a two huge twists twist up the book. The endings are very unpredictable. Also Warren is a very funny character please keep him in the books.

  17. Also you even inspired me to make a similar series that I have started to work on. It’s called Kid in the FBI. I’m working on the first book :).

  18. Erica Hale –

    Sadly, I get many requests every day to read people’s work. I simply do not have the time to read everything that is sent to me and give it the time and attention that it deserves.

  19. I understand. I know a lot about history and I’ve memorized all the presidents. So, I want to correct a mistake in Spy School #1 . The statue of Arthur can’t exist because he became president a few presidents after the civil war ended. He is also not inefficient. He signed the Civil Service Reform bill which seriously cut down on corruption.

  20. Erica hale –

    The reason I selected a statue of Arthur to conceal the hidden tunnel to the Washington Monument was that he was president when the monument was FINISHED, not when construction began.

  21. Hi Stu,
    I just started Spy School Goes South and love it so far! Just one comment
    I am confused about if Murray is telling the truth or not. I feel like if Adam Zarembok is a mole for SPYDER than he is telling the truth but there is no way to be sure. Also I feel like Murray is lying and is trying to distract them from the real plan of SPYDER. Cause like, that’s just what SPYDER does. Also, I know you don’t have a say in actors, but I really think Emma Watson should be Erica.
    One question…
    I feel like in the first book I read that Erica had red hair and I have been picturing her that way ever since. But in more recent books it said she has raven hair (which is black right?)
    So, my question is… What color is Erica’s hair?

  22. Zoe, If you just started spy school why would you want the author to spoil the book. I was picturing her hair black though.

  23. Zoe Zibbel –

    I am pretty sure that I never said Erica had red hair. As far as I know, it has always been black.

    And sadly, Emma Watson is now 30, which makes her twice as old as Erica is in the books.

  24. K thanks Stu. I know Emma Watson is 30 but still she would make a great Erica. Actually she should be Catherine

  25. Okay, Yeah that actually does make sense. I almost finished Spy School Goes South last night. It got so intense. I am wondering whether Dane died in the shark tank or not. Knowing him he probably didn’t. I was very confused when Catherine showed up because I thought she was a SPYDER agent, but then I was like, why is Ben smiling then! Also, I don’t think the SPYDER pilots actually died. SPYDER probably tried to make it look like they did by feeding two other people to the crocs to catch the CIA by surprise. I think the best part of the book so far has been when Ben decided to jump out of the vent. I think he caused a ton of chaos but then maybe he killed Dane so then they wouldn’t have to deal with him. Though, again, knowing Dane he probably killed the shark before they could kill him.
    You are an amazing author Stu! And I hope you keep writing Spy School books! I saw that you are writing a 9th Spy School book and I’m so excited for it! I have the British Invasion too and I am definitely going to order Revolution when it comes out in paperback! LOL
    Thanks Stu! Zoe
    P.S. I have been spelling Zibbell wrong! oops! 2 L’s

  26. K. thanks Stu! When do you think SS9 will come out? While I am waiting for it I will have to read your other series and then read Spy School again!

  27. Zoe –

    Look in the right hand column of every single page of this website and you will find an upcoming releases box. That tells you the info that you need to know.

  28. Thanks Stu. Finished SSGS last night! So good! I think Ben is just getting better at figuring out SPYDER’s plans. How do you come up with SPYDER’s schemes?!?! They are so complicated and intense?!?!

  29. Zoe –

    Honestly, it takes a lot of researching and brainstorming to come up with the plots. It’s one of the hardest parts of writing the books.

  30. Dear Stuart Gibbs,
    Good morning. I have a few questions.
    1) During PE in SSSS, Erica tells Ben she was at the White House to make sure nothing bad happened to him but Ben thinks that she was there ’cause she didn’t think he could do it. Was that the case or was Erica truly looking out for Ben?
    2) Did Erica actually get blinded at Orion’s house or did she pretend as an excuse to hold Ben’s hand?
    3) What happened to Claire Hutchins and her gang of Ml-6 students after Ben, Erica, Alexander, Zoe, Mike, and Murray dot away from them in SSBI?
    4) This is just my opinion, it’s not criticizing your series in any way, but I think it would be kinda cool to right a book in Erica’s point of vue, because we’d know what she thinks when she’s annoyed, hopeful, occasionally nice, what she really thinks when Ben is having conversations with Ben, and how impressed she really is when Ben figures out SPYDER’s plots ect.
    5) In SSGS, Mike says that president Stern isn’t a fan of his. Why is that?
    6) IN SSSS, Ben says he has a phone from the CIA that i completely untraceable. But in SSBI he says that he, Zoe, and Mike hadn’t been issued those yet. Was that a mistake or something else?
    How did Josua, Dane, Ashley, and all the other SPYDER agent’s with weapons get past security on the Eiffel Tower in SSBI?
    Thanks, also sry, ik this is to long.

  31. Murray –

    1) Probably a little of both.

    2) She got blinded

    3) They went back to school.

    4) I think that Erica is much funnier from Ben’s POV than she would be from her own.

    5) Because of Mike’s relationship with the President’s daughter.

    6) The phone in SSSS got destroyed.

    7) They were sneaky. You know, because they’re evil.

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