Spy School vs SPYDER — mega boxed set now available!

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘Boy, I wish there was a way to get all seven books of Spy School in one gorgeous case?’  Well your dreams have come true!  Now, just in time for the holidays, Simon & Schuster has released the Spy School vs SPYDER boxed set: All seven of the Spy School books in hardback — plus a beautiful box to keep them in for free!

It’s the perfect way to get the whole set at once — or the perfect gft for someone you know who hasn’t begun reading the series yet.

Click here to buy it!

And… for those of you who are huge fans of boxed sets, there’s another great set coming next year!  The Even More FunJungle set, which will have hardcover editions of Panda-Monium, Lion Down and the newest book in the series, Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.

Click here to pre-order it!

64 thoughts on “Spy School vs SPYDER — mega boxed set now available!

  1. This is awesome! But I have all seven books already, but it is still very cool. But it shouldn’t be called the SPYDER boxed set, because Spy Ski School (Spy School 4) does not involve SPYDER. It involved Leo Shang as their main enemy for that book. Instead, it should be called Spy School Mega Boxed set or something else because the title is slightly misleading if you call it the SPYDER boxed set. This is really cool, though. Also, I am super excited for Spy School 8 and Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!

  2. This is awesome.
    Also stu if you could avoid putting Christmas carrels in the back ground of your website until December 1st that would be nice.

  3. Sofie –

    Well, SPYDER is in 6 of the 7 books. And to be honest, my publisher calls the shots on this stuff, not me.

    Maybe we should call it Spy School vs SPYDER (except for book 4)

  4. efyso –

    As you may have noticed, my site is non-denominational. I do not condone any religion over any other. So… no Xmas carols. Ever.

  5. does this mean that ben is no longer fighting spyder? I thought it was clear that there were more spyder people to find and capture

  6. anonymous –

    There are still some bad guys out there, but SPYDER itself isn’t really functional any more. For now.

  7. why at the top it shows confetti? because when lion down was released, is showed a mountain lion at the top, and a building from the UK at top when SSBI was released, so does tyrannosaurus wrecks have something to do with confetti?

  8. Aidan-

    I think that it shows confetti because it is the holiday season now and he wants to be festive in his website. And Tyrannosaurus Wrecks isn’t released until late March.

  9. Stu-

    Is there any way to get the exclusive edition of the books in a boxed set, or do I have to buy them individually?

    A huge fan

  10. This sounds and looks awesome!! Even though I have read all of the books, I don’t have all of the books so this is perfect!!!

  11. This is awesome!
    I have a friend who loves Spy School, but doesn’t own any of the books.
    Any chance there’ll be a Last Musketeer box set?

  12. Aidan –

    There is confetti because it is the holiday season, and I am being festive – but also nondenominational.

    I put confetti in the banner every year at this time.

  13. hufe fan –

    The exclusive editions are all available only for a limited time and then supples run out, so there are no boxed sets.

  14. Nobody –

    I have not heard anything about a LM boxed set. I’m just pleased that they reissued the books with better covers.

  15. I think I said this on another blog, but I just wanted to say…
    My relatives gave me the spy books when I was younger, and I never got around to reading them. But I started reading them again and just wanted to let you know that I love it. I’m not sure if it’s directed towards my age range (13), but I’m enjoying the book so far. Cya around this website lol.

  16. I think more people like spy school because 1.) more people seem interested 2.) Stu made more spy school books than funjungle books, even though funjungle was created first 3.) When stu released that FJ 6 was coming out, it had 141 comments. but when he released that there was going to be a SS 8, there was almost 700 comments! keep in mind, that the FJ post was posted earlier. So because more people want more spy school books, stu would probably make more, because spy school the majority. But that’s kinda annoying because I like Funjungle a lot, but if there is a higher demand for more spy school books, stu should make more spy schools, because that is the most logical business wise. I don’t even what point is, but i want more FunJungle!

  17. Aidan what point were you trying to make with your huge post

    And if your point is for Stu to make more spy schools then you should know that writing takes a lot of thought and Stu is doing his best to keep the train coming
    (This is all my opinion)

  18. Stu,
    Is there ever a B and N Signed edition of any ss or funjungle books? Some other authors have books sold at B and N that are signed. I haven’t seen one.

  19. VIP,
    A’s point I believe is that he wants Stu to make more funjungle books, but he is coming out with number 6, so A he did make more.

  20. Colin –

    I have done B&N signed editions for my last two books in each series. But they only done in limited numbers, so they sell out.

  21. I can’t wait for SS8. Stu came to my school and I can’t believe I didn’t know who he was back then!

  22. hey stu, why does everyone in SS talk about SPYDER as though they’re the most brilliant, cunning organisation out there?
    Like all six of their operations weren’t foiled by 5 tweens and one teen.

  23. Well, that’s too bad for me. I already own the last spy school collection with books 1-5 and the last 2 books as hard copies but seeing this just fills me up with joy. BUT PLEASE. I don’t want to see this collection (as I call it the “spyder saga”) rereleased again but with extra books from the new saga. I know that you’re usually not the one in charge of this whole collection and marketing thing but you gotta have SOME type of power?? Heck, I would fancy a separate collection for the new spy school saga for the fans who like to save money.

  24. I have never read the FJ series. Stu, can you tell me what it is about all together possibly, or do I have to read them? I don’t think my school has fj. Only SS and MBA. Are you going to add MBA books? Can a character in SS8 be named Samantha? That would be SWAWSOME! Or Maya. 🙂

  25. Are you able to sell all of the books separately? As Samuel Vite said, you gotta have some power at least. My father won’t buy me the set cuz I have read some of them.

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