Yes, there will be a Spy School 8

Hi everyone –

I am writing this post because the most common question I get is: ‘Is there going to be a Spy School 8?’  (Or sometimes, ‘Is Spy School 7 going to be the last book in the series?’)

The answer is: YES.

It will come out some time in fall 2020.  I do not know anything more specific than that./

For future reference: I list upcoming titles on the right hand side of EVERY SINGLE PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE.  Somehow, this seems to escape about 50% of the people who visit.  So please, please, please, if you’re interested to know if and when a book is coming out, check that area before writing to me to ask.

I am going to answer a few other very frequent questions I get about this book.

Can you tell me what is going to happen in SS8?


Really?  You can’t just tell me?  I promise not to tell anyone else.

Doesn’t matter.  I’m still not ready to share any information yet.

Why not?

Because the less you know about a book before you read it, the more fun it is to read.  And if I share information a year before the book comes out, you’re just going to have more questions.  In the meantime, there are plenty of other great books out there for you to read.

Can you at least tell me what the title is going to be?

No, but I will post that when I know it.

Are there going to be other books in the series after SS8?


How many books will there be in the series?

I don’t know.

Really?  Because JK Rowling knew there were going to be seven books in Harry Potter before she finished writing it.

Feel free to ask JK Rowling how she knew that the next time you see her.

When do you think you will post an update about SS8?

I don’t know.  Don’t expect anything until at least six months before it comes out.

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation when it comes out on September 17.


840 thoughts on “Yes, there will be a Spy School 8

  1. I wanna know so badly on whats going to happen to Orian.b.t.w im counting the days untill the new book

  2. sydpwr –
    SS8 stands for “Spy School 8,” meaning the eighth book in the Spy School series. It has a title now, though, but some people still call it SS8 because it’s easier to type than “Spy School: Revolution.”

  3. Stu
    thank you for the book recommendation i will have to buy that book!!!also i know i usually comment about the Spy School series,but i like your FunJungle books as well,and wouldn’t it be fun to do a plot about the Austrailian fires ?

  4. and also i know you replied to me that Orians fate will be classified but can you pls tell me ?????!!!!!! I WANT TO KNOW…(also it is ok if you cannot tell afterall it would kinda ruin the suprise)

  5. sydpwr

    The idea of having a fire threaten a park is an interesting one that I have played around with. There are quite a few wild game reserves in America that have been forced to evacuate because of fires.

  6. Stuart –
    Could you possibly explain “play around with” more thoroughly? Do you mean that you just think about it for a while and then move on to something else, or that you do research about it and write a couple drafts based on the idea?

  7. Joshua –

    I think about the idea, I do research, I brainstorm potential plots. I do not write entire drafts until I am sure that an idea will work.

  8. hi stu
    would it be possible that in your futer books to have Teddy meeting Ben, and Teddy finding out that Ben works for the C.I.A ? because Teddy and Ben are similar ages and it would be pretty cool!

  9. sydpwr –

    I am not planning any crossovers.

    And yes, I have read all of James Ponti’s books. He is an excellent writer.

  10. stu
    i know your kids names are Dash and Violet did you know they have the same name as the kids from the incredeibles move?

  11. Thanks so much for posting this!! it was so helpful! i guess im just blind and didnt see the area on the right of your page. anyway… THANKS!!!!

  12. Can you please make Ben and Erica a couple in the new book. I like Zoe but not as much as Erica, but no matter what you do in the book it will be great.

  13. Izzy –

    I can’t really take suggestions from readers about what to do in my books… especially in this case. The new book has been written for a while, so it’s a little late to be asking for major plot points.

  14. Stuart Gibbs,
    I am a big fan of your Spy School series. I am very exited for the new book. My two favorite Spy School books are Evil Spy School and Spy Ski School. What two are your favorites? I really like how you make your books exciting. Thank you for working so hard on your books.

  15. Petra –

    I don’t really have favorites of my own books. I work too hard on all of them to say that I like one more than the others.

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