Yes, there will be a Spy School 8

Hi everyone –

I am writing this post because the most common question I get is: ‘Is there going to be a Spy School 8?’  (Or sometimes, ‘Is Spy School 7 going to be the last book in the series?’)

The answer is: YES.

It will come out some time in fall 2020.  I do not know anything more specific than that./

For future reference: I list upcoming titles on the right hand side of EVERY SINGLE PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE.  Somehow, this seems to escape about 50% of the people who visit.  So please, please, please, if you’re interested to know if and when a book is coming out, check that area before writing to me to ask.

I am going to answer a few other very frequent questions I get about this book.

Can you tell me what is going to happen in SS8?


Really?  You can’t just tell me?  I promise not to tell anyone else.

Doesn’t matter.  I’m still not ready to share any information yet.

Why not?

Because the less you know about a book before you read it, the more fun it is to read.  And if I share information a year before the book comes out, you’re just going to have more questions.  In the meantime, there are plenty of other great books out there for you to read.

Can you at least tell me what the title is going to be?

No, but I will post that when I know it.

Are there going to be other books in the series after SS8?


How many books will there be in the series?

I don’t know.

Really?  Because JK Rowling knew there were going to be seven books in Harry Potter before she finished writing it.

Feel free to ask JK Rowling how she knew that the next time you see her.

When do you think you will post an update about SS8?

I don’t know.  Don’t expect anything until at least six months before it comes out.

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation when it comes out on September 17.


890 thoughts on “Yes, there will be a Spy School 8

  1. I start spy school last month, and I just finished it and I start funjungle. I finished big game today and I loved it. I am super excited to read the next one. Thank you for writing all these wonderful series.???

  2. I think I posted this, but not 100% sure so I’m gonna redo it.
    Okay, so a lot of people are on this #Berica and #Zike or whatever. Nah man. I want Ben and Zoe. I think it would be perfect. . . Plus, Ben almost kissed Zoe, and I rlly rlly want them to get together. Mike and Erica. I think deep down Erica likes Mike. No doubt Mike had a crush on Erica. So could pls get those guys together. We have 7 books, and only once ever couple of books has something happened with there love life. Thanks Mr. Gibbs.

  3. Ray –

    Given that the 6th FunJungle book hasn’t even come out yet, I really don’t know when FJ7 will come out. Sometime between next spring and spring 2022.

    As for Ben and Erica… all information about their future of their relationship is CLASSIFIED.

  4. Stu-
    I am a big fan of your spy school series! But the I feel like in ss going South, you made Ben need to decide between Zoe and Erica but in British invasion, it is still not resolved. Could you plz resolve it.

  5. I noticed the pattern in your Funjungle book dates. 2015, 2017, and 2019. Why are you making #6 come out in 2020. Shouldn’t it come out in 2021. I’m guessing it has to do Charlie Thorne, but that’s just my guess.

  6. Me-Again –

    In 2019 I had three books come out, which allowed me to do two FunJungle books only a year apart. But I can’t keep up that rate of writing. So the FJ7 probably won’t be out until 2022.

  7. Can you give me a percentage of the odds that erica and ben have an abslutley amazing future? Spy school adults…?

  8. I highly doubt that Ben and Erica are going to get together. Or Ben and Zoey.

    First of all, Ben doesn’t have the best street smarts, for he falls for pretty much any ‘beautiful’ girl he sees (ext. Jesica, Ashley, Erica). And Erica’s view has always been that relationships do not belong in the spy game. Which is true. And to be honest, logically, Ben and Erica have not been a good fit. Ben just liked her because he was like, ‘Ohh! She’s hot so I like her’ and Erica kinda likes Ben because she was won over over a long period of time. But they have barely any interests in common or anything so I would forget Stu hooking them together. Relationships based on first sight are not good ones.

    Same thing with Ben and Zoey. Zoey liked ben immediately because she thought he was awesome though he clearly is not the most awesome compared to the others.

    So if there is ever a definitive end to this series, or if it will just keep on going till we reach the double digits (Which I would love!), I think that Ben will hook up with someone that has not yet introduced. Or even not hook up at all and just be in this weird limbo state where it’s like I’m in a relationship and Kinda not. Does Stu have anything to say about this? If this is even a possibility?

  9. I think teddy should be recruited to spy school in book 9 and summer in book 10 along with dashiel

  10. So if they go to Spy School for six years then I am assuming that they start in 7th grade. If that is the case, then what classes do they take in their first year and do they take classes that they would have to take in regular school (i.e. English, Math, etc)?

    P.S. Hey everybody when you scroll back up you should check out the ‘Save the World!’ at the top of the screen. There’s a website you can go to and you can click a button to help save the rainforest for FREE.

  11. Honestly I think that Ben and Zoe should be together, rather than Ben and Erica. And isn’t Erica like, 2 years older than Ben. It would be weird in real life. I mean, lets be realistic.

  12. Jake –

    If you read the books carefully, you can piece together many of the spy-related courses they take. And of course, they still need to take regular science, math and english classes.

  13. Hello! I really enjoy your books and the direction it’s going in. Just wanted to say that :). I feel like the relationships being complicated is what keeps the people coming. (Side note: if you were to ever look at fanfiction or even fang reviews on websites like wattpad and other stuff, it’s a great way to see what the people want or think about the series.)

  14. Please please PLEASE dont stop making spy school! If you have to drop Charlie Whateverhernameis then please do instead of spy school

  15. Dear Mr. Gibbs,
    I would love it if the series makes it to double digits, because it’s such an amazing series. I really love how Erica, who excels at almost everything finally found something she struggled with, skiing. I also really love how she learned important things like friendship, really do matter and can be extremely useful in the spy world. I have some ideas of cool things you could add to this fantastic series and questions. What sports or extracurricular activities do they participate in. Can Ben work really hard and become a great spy over time? Can Erica tutor him in her spare time and help him get really good at most essential spy tools and tricks that he can use on missions. In the final book, after they complete a final mission, it would be really cool if Ben and Erica are finally together because they’re done with missions. Mike and Zoe should also end up together, because they have so much in common. Please don’t put Ben and Zoey and Mike and Erica in relationships, unless it’s not permanent, i.e. have Zoey and Ben date because he knows Erica said they couldn’t be together because it was too dangerous. Then Erica could get upset, thinking she missed her chance and gets jealous. But, something happens to seperate them so Erica thinks it’s worth a try, and asks him to go on a date with her. In the end, since Ben tells the story after it happened, could he be telling his and Erica’s kids and Zoe and Mike’s kids what happened at some reunion of some sort? I have to admit this is one of my favorite series, and you are one of my favorite authors.*If you’re reading this I hope you decide to take my thoughts into consideration, and I want you to know, the second I open one of your books, I feel like I’m there, and I know I won’t be moving from that spot until I finish it. I recently re-read the series, in 5 days, because they’re impossible to put down. I couldn’t find any good spy books, let alone great ones, until I found this series and I’m in love.* You’re truly amazing!
    From one huge fan,

  16. Hi Rachel –

    As the series goes on, Erica does tutor Ben. (Consider the first chapter of Spy School Goes South.) And ben is improving. He’s a much better spy in the later books than he is in the earlier ones. But I appreciate your thoughts on everything and i am glad that you enjoy the series.

  17. Mr. Gibbs-
    Hi! I’m so excited that you might respond to me! I really want to know more about the movie, especially since I’ve always wanted there to be a movie based on one of your books. But I hope in SS8, Erica will re-consider not ever being in a relationship. Also, will one of your books include a sort of “epilogue”, where Erica and Ben are international spies and one of the best? Or one where Erica and Ben are retired, and Erica is softening a little more, actually thinking more about her love life more than her spy life? I wonder if they will have kids… If they do, will the series continue telling the life of their kids, or will it be a whole separate series? I love your books so much, I’ve reread them so many times. I’m only in Elementary School, so I won’t be able to audition for any of the roles. And will there be a book when finally SPYDER if defeated? If there was, would Ben and Erica-and everyone else in the CIA-encounter another big company or such and such almost(or bigger and more chaotic) as bad as SPYDER? Will Murray finally become a good guy for real and be a double-agent or something like that? When are you going to let loose the “blurb” or summary about SS8? I can’t wait for the book to come out! Do you know the specific date yet? If your movie does well, will you start working on making movies based on every single book? I really hope so! What inspired you to start your books? I sometimes write small stories, but I can’t seem to find a good inspiration.
    -Your Biggest Fan, Sophia

  18. Hi Sophia –

    I can’t answer all your questions, as doing that would spoil a lot of the surprises in store for readers. Plus, I can’t tell you how the series is going to end. I intend to post more information about SS8 sometime in January. If the movie does well, in theory we would start work on Spy Camp next.

  19. Hi! I’m super excited for Spy School 8, but got a question concerning the eye color of your character, Alexander.

    In the first book, it says that Alexander Hale has steel grey eyes: The second to last sentence in the first chapter of Spy School, the book says, “And so, I stared back into his steel gray eyes and made the worst decision of my life.

    That’s cool but in Spy Camp, in the scene where they are riding a bus to escape camp, there is a quote, “They were ice blue. I only knew one man with eyes that color: Alexander Hale.”

    Huh?! Was this on purpose? I get how spies wear contacts and everything, but Ben knew Alexander for a long time, and his normal status. Am I missing something?

    Curious Reader

  20. Hi! I LOVE your books. I think that Ben and Zoe should be together in Spy School. Can you make a character named Samantha in SS8, or possibly 9? Also, Mike and Erica are a total match in my opinion. Can you make a spy school in space? That would be awesome (or swawsome)

  21. I wanted to let you know that Spy School is my favourite series, and although you’ll never know how much I like it (because there happen to be about a million others who have definitely posted a comment to the likes of this), I want to say that I enjoy reading Spy School and FunJungle. My siblings and I often fight over who get’s the book first (usually me).

    Thanks for reading.-


  22. Just wanna say… your books are SWAWSOME! I haven’t read all of your books yet. My school stinks to not have all of your books. They only have half of SS 1 through 5. I have read them all and will start on your other series if I do not discover s’more of the spy school books. I am so happy I found your books! If I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t even bother looking at my library books. I am so grateful that you are an author and write books like that! I also like that they are hard-covered and are big. I read them in two days! Again, they are SWAWSOME! ( I love the Ashley Spark language.) 🙂

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