Yes, there will be a Spy School 8

Hi everyone –

I am writing this post because the most common question I get is: ‘Is there going to be a Spy School 8?’  (Or sometimes, ‘Is Spy School 7 going to be the last book in the series?’)

The answer is: YES.

It will come out some time in fall 2020.  I do not know anything more specific than that./

For future reference: I list upcoming titles on the right hand side of EVERY SINGLE PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE.  Somehow, this seems to escape about 50% of the people who visit.  So please, please, please, if you’re interested to know if and when a book is coming out, check that area before writing to me to ask.

I am going to answer a few other very frequent questions I get about this book.

Can you tell me what is going to happen in SS8?


Really?  You can’t just tell me?  I promise not to tell anyone else.

Doesn’t matter.  I’m still not ready to share any information yet.

Why not?

Because the less you know about a book before you read it, the more fun it is to read.  And if I share information a year before the book comes out, you’re just going to have more questions.  In the meantime, there are plenty of other great books out there for you to read.

Can you at least tell me what the title is going to be?

No, but I will post that when I know it.

Are there going to be other books in the series after SS8?


How many books will there be in the series?

I don’t know.

Really?  Because JK Rowling knew there were going to be seven books in Harry Potter before she finished writing it.

Feel free to ask JK Rowling how she knew that the next time you see her.

When do you think you will post an update about SS8?

I don’t know.  Don’t expect anything until at least six months before it comes out.

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation when it comes out on September 17.


881 thoughts on “Yes, there will be a Spy School 8

  1. Jawa –

    I will give an update on the movie when I have something to update. Unless the idea of reading a blog post where I say nothing has happened excites you.

  2. A reader –

    I really can’t join the discord groups. I have enough to do writing books and responding to all the comments I get here. Oh, and raising my family.

  3. Jade-
    I think that’s a very interesting theory. It could make sense since Cyrus did set up Ben and Erica with those SPYDER agents back in ss8, and he said that they could trust them as well. Although I don’t believe he is working for SPYDER or vise versa because he wouldn’t want to kill his own granddaughter.

  4. Stu-
    I just wanna say I really admire how you write books, respond to fans, raise a family, and a bunch of other things. That is really cool of you.

  5. Aidan –

    Erica, like all people, probably has a few dozen relatives, if not hundreds. I can’t possibly tell you what happened to every one of them, nor can I tell you if they are going to appear in future books, because that would be a spoiler.

    That said, ‘Gamma Hale’ is an awesome name for e superhero.

  6. It could be Cyrus could be a sleeper agent and they are using grandma hale as the tool to keep him in check.

  7. Hidingrn –

    The whole point of redacting everything is so that no one knows what’s there. (It’s generally not too hard to guess what it might be, though.)

  8. Stu-
    I really love your books and just how you put so much effort into it. It really makes reading a little bit easier for me, and I thank you for that. (Also, can you tell me at least WHEN it will come out?)

  9. Stu-

    Yeah but sometimes whole sentences are gone, it’ll say something like, “Furthermore, __________________________________.”

  10. Okay. . . Spy School 8. I’m so excited you have no idea, but there is one thing that’s killing me. Your books are awesome Stuart. The thing is that you keep adding like little love/romantic stuff between characters, then leaving them alone. In Ski Spy School, Ben and Erica kiss. Then in Spy School Goes South, Ben almost kisses Zoe and they hold hands. My issue is I (maybe others too), are waiting for Ben to get together with either Erica or Zoe. Personally I am waiting for Ben to get together with Zoe. After Spy School Goes South I was expecting them to get together in British Invasion, but they didn’t. So please, I beg of you Stuart Gibbs, to get Ben and Zoe together. Your books are the best either way, but they would be 100 times better for me if they get together.

  11. Ok guys let me umm clear this up. Ok I wanna say thx bc u elaborated on meh crazy theory. In my first post I mean to say “grandpa Cyrus(and maybe Erica) are working for spyder” instead I made a spelling error and said “gramma Cyrus(and maybe Erica)…” so technically I included her grandma but it reminded me that I know nothing about that woman ._. So thank u! And I had posted some evidence in the messages of another article just recently. I think it was the article about the movie update. (Btw my name their is Sebrina U. bc here I had forgotten to change my friends name before I commented sry)

  12. pizzarolls-

    Thanks for acknowledging the fact that Cyrus told them to trust SPYDER agents. And yes the part that has stumped me is Erica. Cyrus loves Erica too much to hurt her (I hope) and I don’t think she would want to be evil I guess and also work with spyder. This leads me to believe that Cyrus possibly trained Erica so much when she was little so that when the time came, she would be able to survive and be prepared for anything he would have to do that could possibly hurt her. Or they could be against Spyder…but not necessarily with the CIA meaning they could be a part of someone or something else. That could be good or bad tbh.

  13. J2-
    That entire argument is valid for both sides, so I don’t think anyone would be able to persuade Stu. Speaking of which,

    Is it true you’ve already made up your mind regarding Ben’s endgame relationship?

  14. inSPYration –

    I do listen to my readers when they express opinions about my books. But I also have to make decisions that make the most sense to me for the series. So no amount of pleading and cajoling from fans is going to count more to me than what makes for a good story.

  15. i love your books they are the best me and my friends are in love with them 6 people are in this friend group of spy school novel lovers


  16. Ms E –

    In fiction written for younger readers, it is generally regarded as a good idea to not kill off too many people.

  17. Murray Hill is so funny. He has Arachnophobia when he works for SPYDER.

  18. You should write Spy school 8 to be about that the KGB still secretly exits and SPYDER agent are hiding out in russia with the KGB.

  19. Why can’t Ben use guns? It really annoys me so that he can’t even hold a gun. Also why did your work go from violent in the 3 musketeers to un violent in spy school to straight out gory in Charlie thorn 1.

  20. Beckett –

    Not everyone is good with a gun. Sorry that annoys you.

    I don’t recall Last Musketeer being that violent, but it’s been a while since I’ve read it. And I don’t think Charlie is gory. People die, but there’s no gore.

  21. I just realized that in the acknowledgements that most of the friends in there are the names of characters in the book

  22. Thoughts on SS8:

    1. Erica & Ben as a couple! #Benzoe is a no for me. Erica and Ben are way better together. #Berica forever!
    2. #Zoike! Mike and Zoe please! They would be so cute together.
    3. Let’s do something with Elizabeth Pasternak….

  23. ekidnolk –

    Given that these books are meant for younger readers, I’m not really planning on having tragedies happen to my main characters. It’s much more fun when the characters PREVENT tragedies.

  24. Uh –

    Ben gets slightly better in every single book. He is always gaining new skills and learning new techniques.

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