Yes, there will be a Spy School 8

Hi everyone –

I am writing this post because the most common question I get is: ‘Is there going to be a Spy School 8?’  (Or sometimes, ‘Is Spy School 7 going to be the last book in the series?’)

The answer is: YES.

It will come out some time in fall 2020.  I do not know anything more specific than that./

For future reference: I list upcoming titles on the right hand side of EVERY SINGLE PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE.  Somehow, this seems to escape about 50% of the people who visit.  So please, please, please, if you’re interested to know if and when a book is coming out, check that area before writing to me to ask.

I am going to answer a few other very frequent questions I get about this book.

Can you tell me what is going to happen in SS8?


Really?  You can’t just tell me?  I promise not to tell anyone else.

Doesn’t matter.  I’m still not ready to share any information yet.

Why not?

Because the less you know about a book before you read it, the more fun it is to read.  And if I share information a year before the book comes out, you’re just going to have more questions.  In the meantime, there are plenty of other great books out there for you to read.

Can you at least tell me what the title is going to be?

No, but I will post that when I know it.

Are there going to be other books in the series after SS8?


How many books will there be in the series?

I don’t know.

Really?  Because JK Rowling knew there were going to be seven books in Harry Potter before she finished writing it.

Feel free to ask JK Rowling how she knew that the next time you see her.

When do you think you will post an update about SS8?

I don’t know.  Don’t expect anything until at least six months before it comes out.

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation when it comes out on September 17.


782 thoughts on “Yes, there will be a Spy School 8

  1. stu-
    Is there a chance FJ6 will come out early?
    Also are you doing any book signings in Maryland near Haver de Grace.
    and does it annoy you when people don’t write to you with proper grammar?

  2. efyso –

    There is no chance that FJ6 will come out early. I am still planning my signings for that tour (which is one of the reasons I can’t change the release dates; it is very hard to plan tours).

    It does annoy me when people don’t write with proper grammar; it means they either haven’t been taught proper grammar or they don’t care about proper grammar, both of which are problematic.

  3. Stu-
    Do you know Wendy Mass?

    (I didn’t know you liked Carl Hiaasen! I like him too. Have you read “Hoot” or “Scat”. Those are two of his books for middle grade.)

    Do you like John Grisham?

  4. Carl Hiaasen is epic!
    He’s probably my 2nd favorite author behind Stuart Gibbs.
    Mr. Gibbs, thank you so much for writing these books. You and you’re books changed how I look at myself as a person. Thank you so much for writing and have a lovely day!
    – Alec T
    P.S- Will you ever come to Cleveland, OH?
    Just curious.

  5. stu-
    is there a chance that SS8 will come out early ?
    Can you do a book signing in Maryland?
    Also if you had to pick which series you did your best on what would it be?
    and do you know Rick Riordan?
    What inspired you to write books?

  6. HI! If you could tell us what the book is about. ( just like three or four details ) I think we might be able to come up with good titles. JUST A SUGGESTION. I am on your second book. Spy Camp. So far really good!

  7. efyso –

    There is no chance at all that SS8 will come out early.

    If invited to do a book signing in Maryland, I may do a book signing in Maryland.

    I work my hardest on every single book I write, so I don’t think that I have a series that is beter than the others.

    I do not know Rick Riordan.

    I always loved writing.

  8. Mati –

    I cannot crowdsource titles. Then no matter what gets picked, 50% of the people will think that we made the wrong decision.

  9. Shadow –

    Um…. This comment is on the page of a blog post where I specifically say that there will be a book after SSBI.

  10. Teddy –

    I was inspired to write ESS by wondering who all the minions in James Bond movies were and why they had taken those jobs.

    As for the bus chase, well… it just seemed that, if you’re doing a cahse scene in London, a double decker bus is a pretty iconic vehicle for that.

  11. Stu-
    How do you get ideas for clues in your book?

    Also, have you read “Hoot” by Carl Hiaasen? It’s one of his books for middle grade/ young adult.

    Do you like John Grisham?

  12. Tarzan –

    It takes a lot of brainstorming to work out the mystery and then the clues needed to solve it.

    I have read everything by Carl Hiaasen.

    I haven’t read anything of Grisham’s since The Pelican Brief. He’s a good writer though.

  13. Stu-
    Oh my god I CANT believe I am talking to a AUTHOR I mean my dad is a author but I’ve never met him I in fact am writing a book myself called The Secret .
    how much money do you make with one book usually?
    -a dog

  14. Hey Mr.Gibbs but will the series go forever and you will keep writing Spy School books? And what about the Funjungle series?

  15. efsyo-
    I get annoyed when people ask questions that stu has explicitly answered in the past.
    I’ve browsed this website since spring 2018.
    I’ve seen a lot.

  16. Dear Mr Gibbs,
    I just finished SS7, it was the best book I have ever read in my whole life! Please can you think about releasing SS8 earlier, I’ve been very desperate hearing the news and hope you can think about it! BTW, I think your Cliffhangers are just written on the spot. Thank you, hope you can reply! Would there be any chance you would be interested in joining a talk with a school in Hong Kong? Once Again, Thank you very much!!!

  17. Have you ever thought of making a half sequel to Moonbase Alpha. Like the book would be told in Zan Perfonics POV. It would be like what you did for the bonus pages on the exclusive edition of Waste of Space. Except like a bunch more stories.

  18. Protect animals –

    The amount you can make on a book varies a tremendous amount. Suffice it to say that I make enough as an author to take care of my family while doing something that I love, which is as good a job as I can imagine.

  19. A Viewer –

    I have no idea how many books will be in either series but I certainly can’t keep the series going forever. Sooner or later, the sun will burn out.

  20. Aaron –

    There are many many factors involved in the release of a book beyond just writing it. So no, SS8 will not be coming out earlier than planned.

    If a school in Hong Kong wants to talk to me, then they should check out the school visits page of this site.

  21. I’m not sure if this is going to get a that’s classified, but I’ll ask any how.Do you think Emma listened to Erica and not tell anyone that Mike was at the resort?

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