Yes, there will be a Spy School 8

Hi everyone –

I am writing this post because the most common question I get is: ‘Is there going to be a Spy School 8?’  (Or sometimes, ‘Is Spy School 7 going to be the last book in the series?’)

The answer is: YES.

It will come out some time in fall 2020.  I do not know anything more specific than that./

For future reference: I list upcoming titles on the right hand side of EVERY SINGLE PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE.  Somehow, this seems to escape about 50% of the people who visit.  So please, please, please, if you’re interested to know if and when a book is coming out, check that area before writing to me to ask.

I am going to answer a few other very frequent questions I get about this book.

Can you tell me what is going to happen in SS8?


Really?  You can’t just tell me?  I promise not to tell anyone else.

Doesn’t matter.  I’m still not ready to share any information yet.

Why not?

Because the less you know about a book before you read it, the more fun it is to read.  And if I share information a year before the book comes out, you’re just going to have more questions.  In the meantime, there are plenty of other great books out there for you to read.

Can you at least tell me what the title is going to be?

No, but I will post that when I know it.

Are there going to be other books in the series after SS8?


How many books will there be in the series?

I don’t know.

Really?  Because JK Rowling knew there were going to be seven books in Harry Potter before she finished writing it.

Feel free to ask JK Rowling how she knew that the next time you see her.

When do you think you will post an update about SS8?

I don’t know.  Don’t expect anything until at least six months before it comes out.

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation when it comes out on September 17.


315 thoughts on “Yes, there will be a Spy School 8

  1. If Erica and Ben had a baby, it be Charlie Thorne. The sassiness and general know-how comes from Erica, and the math skills from Ben.

  2. Teddy –

    I helped rescue 16 kids in Israel. I didn’t do it all myself.

    That would be a really terrible thing to lie about.

  3. Nothing –

    Charlie Thorne is available at every single bookstore in America. There is plenty of info about it on the main page of this site or the books page of this site.

  4. @ 007 can you please comment the link for that CT article? I cannot find it anywhere and really want to read it.

  5. There are some parts in the book series “Spy School” that talk about certain places, for example, Mogadishu and it says its a dangerous place with terrorists and stuff like that ,and its mentioned across some of your books, As a parent, it kind of saddens me because we are from there and my daughter comes up to me and asks me about this. Is it possible to not include this in your future books?


  6. I think you should write a series of Erica in her field in her point of view. I love Ben, but I have to say I have a lot of questions about Erica and her past. So I think that would be my favorite series ever.

  7. Leiha –

    I have considered this, but feel that writing from Erica’s point of view woldn’t be as funny as writing about her from Ben’s point ofview.

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