And now… The title, cover and plot of FunJungle 6!

The official title of this book slipped out on the internet a few days ago.  (I’m never quite sure how that happens.)  So I have been given the go-ahead by my publisher to start revealing details about FunJungle 6.

I suppose I might as well reveal the title and the cover simultaneously, seeing as the title is on the cover.  So here you go, another masterpiece by Lucy Cummins:

Now, I know what you’re saying:  ‘Wait a minute.  Tyrannosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.  So how on earth does this mystery have anything to do with one?’  I’ll let the official synopsis explain everything:

In the latest novel in New York Times bestselling author Stuart Gibbs’s FunJungle series, Teddy Fitzroy returns as FunJungle’s resident sleuth to solve his most improbable mystery yet—with a victim that’s 65 million years old.

Teddy was all set for a campout at his friend Sage’s family ranch—but then Sage gets terrible news: The skull of a rare dinosaur that was being excavated on his property has mysteriously vanished overnight in the middle of a rainstorm, even though it weighed 500 pounds. Not a single footprint has been left behind. Since the dinosaur was top secret, the police don’t believe anyone outside the dig could have stolen it.

A T-rex skull can sell for millions of dollars, and everyone is a suspect—including J.J. McCracken, the owner of FunJungle.

Meanwhile, Teddy’s old foes, the Barksdale twins, have gotten into trouble with an illegally purchased anaconda, and Teddy’s girlfriend Summer wants to find out who’s behind the local trade in black market reptiles. The two cases will drag Teddy into more danger and chaos than ever before, in this mystery that’s stranger than fiction.


Right now, the release date is not quite locked in.  Some of you may have seen it listed as April 7, 2020 but that’s not official yet.  In fact, that date is probably wrong.  All I know is, the book will be released in the spring.


Since this is not the first time I have posted something like this, I know what is going to happen next.  Many of you are going to write to me with all sorts of other questions about the book.  But I’m not going to answer any of them.

Why?  Because trust me, the less you know about a book before you read it, the more fun it is to read.  What if you had known all the Twists to Avengers: Endgame before you saw it?  That would have sucked, right?  Well, same goes for the book.  Knowing all sorts of details about it before it comes out isn’t going to do anything for you.  Just hang in there.  Spring will be here soon enough.

And if you were going to ask me ‘Is there going to be an exclusive edition of this at Barnes & Noble?’ the answer is: I don’t know yet.  But if there is one, I won’t keep it a secret.  I’ll blog about it.  I promise.

141 thoughts on “And now… The title, cover and plot of FunJungle 6!

  1. -Alex

    You are my favorite author! Although my favorite series are fun Jungle and Spy School! I have one question though. In the 6th Fun Jungle will Summer ever kiss Teddy?

  2. Stu-
    Do you know anyone i can contact that can tell me how to become a reviewer? Your books are so good sometimes it’s hard to wait.
    Oh, and did James Ponti’s publisher contact you to read Framed!? (I just got Trapped! and i saw your review. I totally agree, it’s an awesome series (no offense though).)

  3. Teddy –

    Not sure what you mean by reviewer? You mean, you want to get paid by a newspaper or magazine or TV to review books or movies? Technically that’s called a critic. And no, sadly, I doon’t know anyone who does that.

    James Ponti and I have the same publisher, so we were introduced that way. That’s how I became such a big fan of his books.

  4. —Alex
    Stu just one more question. Do you make the series names like Fun Jungle and Spy School? Or does somebody help you?

  5. Stu-
    Heard you might do a crossover, here are a few ideas:
    FunJungle gets its most serious case ever: An animal turns up dead each week. The CIA is back on the case, but this time they bring some of their best agents with them: Benjamin Ripley, Erica Hale, and the rest of Ben’s friends. They are to go undercover as tourists with Erica’s mother and father, but then Alexander screws it up. So now, not only do they have a mystery to solve, but a young teen, Teddy Fitzroy, becomes suspicious of them after his girlfriend, Summer McCracken, pressures him to solve a case he doesn’t want to get involved in. Ben is aware of Teddy, but he has no clue who he is, or how many mysteries he has solved in the past. But soon he learns, and begins to wonder of the nefarious organization SPYDER may have come back for a final strike.

  6. yoyoji2

    Not sure where you heard I was maybe doing a crossover — because I have been extremely clear on this site that I have no plans to do a crossover. Sorry.

  7. I can’t wait for this book! I love your books and I hope that there will (maybe) be even more in the future!!!!

  8. Stu-

    Good job on the name and the cover took my breath away. Also who is sage I know you said he was just teddy’s friend but why has he not been in other books. Is sage a last name or a first. If you want to make the book my surprising you don’t have to tell me the answer to any of the questions.

  9. Just finished reading Spy School British Invasion. As always, a great book done by Stuart Gibbs.

    Just letting you know that I’m all for Berica and Zike!

  10. Lance –

    Sage is a new character. Because sometimes, you have to add new characters. Sage is a first name.

  11. Stu-
    If a critic means those people on that get books provided by publishers before the books come out than that’s what i mean.

    Also, do you know Chris Grabenstein or did he just read your book by publisher arrangement?

  12. Teddy –

    To be honest I have no idea how those people get advanced reader copies.

    I know Chris Grabenstein. We have met at book festivals.

  13. Stu-
    It’s okay if you don’t know. I might shoot an e-mail to S&S, maybe they’ll know.
    Oh, and will Charlie Throne be like those Alex Rider books? If so then I’m waiting in anxious suspense.

  14. Teddy –

    Hopefully Charlie will be as much fun as Alex Ryder but feel different than enything you have read before.

  15. I can’t wait! I’m obsessed with every book you make. Thank you for making reading amazing for me!

  16. Can’t say i expected this for my time here in months. Looks good though. Still any plans on adding a beagle yet by chance?

  17. i have read all your books i would love to see fj ss crossover #bring back leochang.
    thank you in advance.

  18. OMG A RETILE ONE AT LAST! ? April 7th is the day before my birthday!! I am excited. Sorry if I am late at this post. Thank you for everything!

  19. stu –
    i know you have said there will be no crossovers. But i think it would be funny and a lot of fans would go crazy if in one of your books JJ meantions Mr.E or spyder . Or Alexander says something about how he would rater be at funjungle.

  20. Hey man,

    I’m wondering if you had any thoughts of continuing FJ and SS with Teddy and Ben becoming adults in the future books? I know Dash grew up in MBA 3, but he wasn’t an adult for the entire book.

  21. Mr. Gibbs
    I have to say that your last three FunJungle titles are hilarious. I love the puns. How do you come up with them? Will you just be walking on Larchmont and suddenly come up with a title?

  22. Matt –

    I am not going to write books with the leads as adults, because then they would be considered adult books, rather than middle grade books.

  23. LargeMarge –

    Honestly, I only came up with Tyrannosaurus Wrecks. The panda keepers at the San Diego Zoo suggested Panda-monium. My agent’s niece suggested Lion Down. Titles can come from anyone.

  24. I agree, another great masterpiece, I can’t wait to read it! hopefully my parents will let me but it! Looking forward too all your next books

  25. Wow! Yes can’t wait! Just finished up Lion Down. Definitely can’t wait till this book comes out. Just wondering Stu where do you get your inspiration for your books?

  26. JJ –

    Part of it still takes place at FunJungle. But to be honest, if FunJungle has one more disaster, the authorities will probably shut the place down.

  27. Justin Wang-

    I know I’m writing my real name, but IDC. One more thing: I LOVE your toilet humor! especially when you’re teaching with it.?

  28. I just read Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation and I must say, it was fantastic, as usual! Hope you’re planing on a sequel! Trust me, it’ll be fantastic!

    Keep up the great work!!! 😀

  29. Hi Mr.Gibbs! Just wanted to say Thank you so much for all the books that you write! I love them all and I am so excited for FJ 6!! I know this is really late but pls reply?

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