And now… The title, cover and plot of FunJungle 6!

The official title of this book slipped out on the internet a few days ago.  (I’m never quite sure how that happens.)  So I have been given the go-ahead by my publisher to start revealing details about FunJungle 6.

I suppose I might as well reveal the title and the cover simultaneously, seeing as the title is on the cover.  So here you go, another masterpiece by Lucy Cummins:

Now, I know what you’re saying:  ‘Wait a minute.  Tyrannosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.  So how on earth does this mystery have anything to do with one?’  I’ll let the official synopsis explain everything:

In the latest novel in New York Times bestselling author Stuart Gibbs’s FunJungle series, Teddy Fitzroy returns as FunJungle’s resident sleuth to solve his most improbable mystery yet—with a victim that’s 65 million years old.

Teddy was all set for a campout at his friend Sage’s family ranch—but then Sage gets terrible news: The skull of a rare dinosaur that was being excavated on his property has mysteriously vanished overnight in the middle of a rainstorm, even though it weighed 500 pounds. Not a single footprint has been left behind. Since the dinosaur was top secret, the police don’t believe anyone outside the dig could have stolen it.

A T-rex skull can sell for millions of dollars, and everyone is a suspect—including J.J. McCracken, the owner of FunJungle.

Meanwhile, Teddy’s old foes, the Barksdale twins, have gotten into trouble with an illegally purchased anaconda, and Teddy’s girlfriend Summer wants to find out who’s behind the local trade in black market reptiles. The two cases will drag Teddy into more danger and chaos than ever before, in this mystery that’s stranger than fiction.


Right now, the release date is not quite locked in.  Some of you may have seen it listed as April 7, 2020 but that’s not official yet.  In fact, that date is probably wrong.  All I know is, the book will be released in the spring.


Since this is not the first time I have posted something like this, I know what is going to happen next.  Many of you are going to write to me with all sorts of other questions about the book.  But I’m not going to answer any of them.

Why?  Because trust me, the less you know about a book before you read it, the more fun it is to read.  What if you had known all the Twists to Avengers: Endgame before you saw it?  That would have sucked, right?  Well, same goes for the book.  Knowing all sorts of details about it before it comes out isn’t going to do anything for you.  Just hang in there.  Spring will be here soon enough.

And if you were going to ask me ‘Is there going to be an exclusive edition of this at Barnes & Noble?’ the answer is: I don’t know yet.  But if there is one, I won’t keep it a secret.  I’ll blog about it.  I promise.

107 thoughts on “And now… The title, cover and plot of FunJungle 6!

  1. I’m not sure I like the cover this time… it doesn’t seem to fit with all the other covers for FunJungle.

  2. I agree 100% that the cover is AMAZING. It’s got to be the best out of all of the FJ covers. It’s more detailed.

  3. I’m so excited for Funjungle 6! I’m a huge fan of your books, especially Spy School, and I’ve read all your books at least twice. Thank you for these amazing books!!

  4. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy! I was waiting for another book to read. Looks like I’ll be waiting a bit longer but I betcha it’ll be worth the wait. Stu, In my opinion I like knowing a little about what happens in movies. I’ll watch all the trailers before I got see the movie or I’ll read about the plot. But that’s just me. Also, I love the cover. A little more detailed than the others but it’s great art. Can’t wait!

  5. Siberian yalk-
    I would say kurzgesagt, but that’s because nothing can be better then kurzgesagt

  6. Awesome! Stu, where do you get your awesome book title ideas? You? Your children? Your editor? Your publisher? Your cover designer? Because this title is pretty sick.

  7. This book is looking to be a real good mystery! Do you have any other spy school books or funjungle books still in the making other than this one? Please just give a number for now.

  8. sofieinspace –

    I have gotten title ideas from lots of different people. But this title was mine.

  9. Unoffical fan-made list I created of species maintained at Funjungle for any fans who are interested.
    I am NOT declaring this to be canon by any means, it’s just my fanboy interpretations and speculations.

  10. Hi! I am an aspiring comedy screenwriter for movies and tv shows and I noticed you wrote some scripts. Do you have any advice for me when I’m trying to create a funny, yet good script? And what writing formatting software did you use? And fianlly, when I do create a script, where would I send it to have someone read it? It is my dream to write comedies like parks and recreation.
    Thank you so much!

  11. What is your personal favorite series that u have written? I just love your fun jungle books like these.

  12. Sophie –

    The key to writing a screenplay or teleplay is really knowing the structure. Traditionally, aspiring TV writers have written episodes of existing TV shows (like ‘Parks and recreation’) to show that they can understand someone else’s characters and write a show. I’m pretty sure most people use Final Draft software. Ideally, you would track down an agent and get your script to them and they would market you. This is traditionally the hardest part of starting out in the movie and TV business.

  13. Akash –

    I don’t have a favorite series of my own. If I liked one series more than the others, then I would only write that series.

  14. Akash –

    I don’t organize my signings. I am invited to do signings by libraries school and festivals. So until some place in Pittsburgh asks me to come, I won’t be doing anything there.

  15. Mr. Gibbs-

    Thank you for your advice! One last question: what is the structure of something like that?

    Thank you again!

  16. Stuart Gibbs-
    I know this is late to say, but I am truly sorry for your loss. I was reading spy school to my younger cousin and saw that, which broke my heart.
    Losing someone is never easy. I lost both my parents in 9-11 when I was 11 with my 6 year old brother, so I feel some of your pain so I wish you the best for your recovery and getting through this rough patch.
    I am much older now, so I have learned to move on but it’s always hard. So I am sorry for your loss. I hope that means something to you and that you’re not alone.

  17. Sophie –

    There are a good number of books about screenwriting that can explain the structure much better than I can.

  18. Alex –

    Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. Losing both parents in 9-11 must have been incredibly difficult, so my condolences on that.

  19. Mr. Gibbs,

    I just wanted you to know that all your books are amazing. Your are my favorite author.

  20. David –

    Actually, I had nothing to do with choosing Gibson. My publisher selected him. But completely coincidentally, I already knew Gibson.

  21. OJ.

    Please look at the home page of my website. And the box on the right hand side of ever single page of my website called ‘Upcoming releases.”

  22. Well, I think it’s a great choice for the audiobooks. I can’t imagine your books being read by anyone else now. I’m 10 and I love your books so much. I’m so happy you wrote me back and answered my question!

  23. Thank you Lucy Cummins For making this amazing cover! It literally blew me away!
    I’m so excited for another FunJungle book. Thank you Stuart Gibbs!

  24. Hey Mr. Gibbs, are you aware of the Stuart Gibbs Discord Server? Discord if you don’t know is a website where you can chat with friends and others via text message or calling. They have things called servers where you talk about whatever the server is based around. There is one server titled ‘The Stuart Gibbs Discord Server’. Would you mind checking it out?

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