Boxed sets of the entire Moon Base Alpha series now available!

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘Gee, I love the MBA series, but I wish I could get all three books at once — in a beautifully-designed box?’  Well, your wishes have been answered!

Well now you can!  Just click here to get it!

I don’t really have anything else to say about this. So this is now officially my shortest blog post ever.

231 thoughts on “Boxed sets of the entire Moon Base Alpha series now available!

  1. Teddy –

    My publisher does not care at all what font or size I wrote in. They reformat the book after I send it to them in a way that looks appealing on the page. So the number of pages often changes dramatically. A 230 page manuscript can end up being a 330 page book.

  2. I can’t wait for Spy School Russian Roulette. Teddy and his friends will go under cover in Russia to stop Putin from killing innocent tigers just to make himself seem macho.

  3. 12 days and 9 years ago, Belly up came out. 9 years! and Stu has written 18 books and averaged 2 books a year. Pretty good, seeing as his books are long chapter books.

  4. I got Space Case and Nina’s last name is STACK. Sorry, I thought her name was Stackhouse.

  5. Stu-
    I remember reading a post about the different covers of the different languages that spy school was translated to(or maybe it was about books similar to SS. I can’t remember). Is it just SS that was translated, or was/is it the whole series, or just some?

  6. by the way, SSBI was amazing, but I don’t get why Murray had to switch sides so many times(well maybe not switching back to SPYDER)

  7. Snowy P –

    Different countries have translated different numbers of SS books. It’s so random and confusing I can’t even keep track of which country has bought which books.

  8. Mr. Gibbs-

    I want to tell you a story and ask your opinion on something.

    Your book, Lion Down, practically came to life on Sunday in my neighborhood. There were ten people hiking in a popular canyon basically in the middle of a neighborhood. All of a sudden, a mountain lion came out of the bushes and attacked the youngest, a 4 year old boy (the boy is fine, he just needs a bunch of stitches).
    Eight people just ran away while only the dad stayed to help his son. The mountain lion viciously attacked the boy and the dad (and some people came back) and they threw rocks at the mountain lion and he retreated.

    The rangers, town leaders and animal control all deemed this mountain lion a threat. The lion surprisingly attacked in on a Sunday afternoon (in broad daylight) with ten people (eight were adults) and attacked a child. The lion was too used to humans and had been apparently stocking the area for a while. So they tracked it and killed it. To insure it was the right lion, they used DNA from the kid’s cloths and some fur they found of this mountain lion and it matched. Thus they killed the lion.

    I know you believe it is wrong to kill animals just in their environment (this lion had lived in this area for a while but never affected or seen by humans) but do you think this assassination was justified?

    I just wanted to hear your opinion because of the book! Thank you, Audrey

  9. Audrey –

    I hadn’t heard of this, but here’s why things like this are happening more and more often: mountain lions and other animals are running out of room to live. You can’t really blame the lion for doing what it did, but I understand why it was tracked down. It’s a sad story and there are probably going to be more and more stories like this in the future.

  10. I was rereading Big Game and I think I found a typo. on the map, it says CARLA cougar corner, not CARLY cougar corner. It was mentioned in the book 3 times.

  11. For my opinion on Audrey’s story, I think what they did was wrong. But you also have to look at other people’s perspective, like the father. If a Mountain lion attacked my son, I would(no offense) not like that lion and probably want it dead. There are many sides to that story.

  12. Stu-
    I found a typo in “Poached”. On one page it says “Walter Ogilvy”, while on the other it says “Warren”. Just sayin’

  13. Aidan and Mr. Gibbs-

    I do agree that it is sad they killed the lion but I don’t think they thought they had a choice. The issue was not only did he attack a boy,but it was too unnerving that the lion wasn’t afraid of a group of 10 humans. He was too familiar with humans (the lion didn’t originally live in the canyon, but rather moved to around that area only two years ago for some unknown reason) and that’s why he couldn’t simply be relocated.

    But I agree that they proabay shouldn’t have killed it.

  14. so I was just going through the books page when I saw that SSS had a comment page that no other book had. This also caught my eye since it had over 1,300 comments.

  15. Sorry Stu! Every since I first found that typo, now it seems like everyone is looking for them.

  16. Tyler –

    There is really no point in keeping really old posts up. They take up lots of memory and I need that memory for other things on my site.

  17. Tyler –

    Because some of those old posts are classic. What I mean is, what’s the point of having a post announcing what Spy School 7 will be about when Spy School 7 is now out?

  18. Hi – I’m from Canada and I was wondering, will any of your books be set in somewhere in Canada?

  19. In Pandamonium, that ride that plummets you to the ground was called condor strike, but in lion down(and maybe even the big game exclusive B&N edition), it was called the falcon strike. (pg.107)


  20. Stu-
    Also, what’s your favorite Crichton novel? Mine are Jurassic Park 1&2, and Congo.

  21. Micheal Crichton is a good author. I liked Jurassic Park and Lost World (though it definitely didn’t feature accurate facts about dinosaurs).

  22. Teddy

    Congo was one of my favorite books as a kid. I also like Jurassic Park and Pirate Latitudes.

  23. Also, make sure that the email you enter in the WordPress account is the same one that you enter on this website.

  24. Stu-
    Thanks for answering my questions, you’ve given me great tips (and it’s nice to know someone else who knows who Crichton is). I have three more questions though: let’s Say I wanted to put a character in like Professor Crichton…let’s say…Prof. Doyle. Would that cost money? Also, let’s Say I wanted to do a reimagining of a famous movie series (let’s say Planet of the Apes), would that cost money? Finally, if I were to write a book, would you have time to read it?

  25. Stu,
    I’m pretty sure you don’t remember me asking about Agent Academy, but it’s Agent Academia now. ( sort of a tribute to BNHA)
    Elite Z i like ur profile picture!
    ( Also, who wrote Spy camp christmas? it is on google)

  26. Stu-
    Also, how come most spy/mystery books have a plot where there’s a bad guy who is a friend of someone? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t like that, each author does his in a unique way. Just wondering.
    (Also, will there be B&N exclusives for Charlie Thorne?)

  27. Teddy

    You can name characters whatever you want or reimagine existing series however you want.

    Sadly I do not have the time to read your book. I get a lot of requests like this. I barely have time to do my work and raise my family.

  28. Stu-
    No prob, I understand. Heck, it took me almost a year to write it and I’m on draft nine, and I don’t have a family to raise so I get it. No worries.
    Another odd question though, how long does it take for one of your books to got through copyright registration? I’ve seen ten weeks, ten months and ten years (I’m pretty sure that one isn’t true but still.)

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