Boxed sets of the entire Moon Base Alpha series now available!

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘Gee, I love the MBA series, but I wish I could get all three books at once — in a beautifully-designed box?’  Well, your wishes have been answered!

Well now you can!  Just click here to get it!

I don’t really have anything else to say about this. So this is now officially my shortest blog post ever.

225 thoughts on “Boxed sets of the entire Moon Base Alpha series now available!

  1. I was just wondering, what books are you working on, and which book are you almost done with. Thank you

  2. Stu-
    Thanks, and one more question: On page 221 of SSBI you refer to a professor Crichton. Is that in honor of Michael Crichton?

    And one more thing: This is probably a year late, but I read some of the acknowledgements, sorry about your wife Mr. Gibbs.

  3. Bannna –

    Theoretically the next SS book comes out in fall of 2020. Just like it says in the Upcoming Releases Box on my site.

  4. Is there going to be a boxed set for The Last Musketeer When double cross comes out? I don’t think it would be very practical though since those books are pretty cheap.

  5. Aidan –

    I’m not sure if there will be a boxed set or not. I haven’t heard anything about one.

  6. Stu-
    Why does it take a while to release books even if you are almost done with them?

  7. Joe –

    It takes a while to publish and market a book. If I finished it one day, it couldn’t possibly be in stores the next. Since every publisher has dozens — if not hundreds — of books out every year, they have to put together release schedules well ahead of time. So I try to have my books completely done around six months before release to make sure there its time to get everything done.

  8. Elite Z-

    Hey don’t worry if you think you’ve outgrown the series! You can still read and enjoy little kid books. I got my drivers learners permit two weeks ago (Thus I’m 15.5 yrs old) and proudly still read Spy School and even an occasional Diary of a Wimpy Kid. That doesn’t mean I can’t read and enjoy Of Mice and Men too.

    Just read what you want to, regardless of your age! 🙂

  9. Hey Stu

    Great job on spy school british invasion! It is my favorite book in the series.

  10. Stu-

    LOL the first time I saw ‘Charlie Thorne’ I thought it said ‘Charlize Theron’ the actress. Perks of having dyslexia.

  11. Zoe hasn’t called Ben Smokescreen for a while. I almost forgot that she gave him that nickname. I was reminded when I reread Evil Spy School. BTW I laughed at all the jokes again.

  12. Stu, out of curiosity, have you ever sketched your characters in detail? Or have you had anyone else sketch them for you?

  13. ILoveAllYourBooks

    No one has ever sketched out the characters in detail that I know of.

  14. Wow! Best book ever! I loved it. That plot twist was amazing and do I have to change my name now? And also I guessed it Claire was in SSBI even through she didn’t have a big role. Great book Stu keep doing what your doing.

  15. Out of Curiosity, Want was the part in SSBI that there was a Cameo in? Also, SSBI was Amazing!!!!!!!! Keep doing you !!!!!!!

  16. Siberian Yak –

    You mean the 13th president of the United States who dies in 1874? No, I haven’t met him.

  17. Ben Coolman –

    I don’t reveal who the cameos are to keep the identities of the real people a secret.

  18. Stu-

    That’s too bad. I’m really curious as to how you image your characters as opposed to how I’ve imagined them based on your descriptions.

  19. Stu-
    I was just wondering: How come in most spy books that involve kids there’s always a test of some sort? Not that I don’t like that, but I was just wondering.

  20. Tarzan-
    I think it’d be weird if there weren’t any tests. We’re talking spies and top secret intel, the kids who partake in the action should at least be competent, and need to be tested. That’s just my idea.

  21. Tarzan –

    There’s probably a test in all these books because kids get tested all the time. And there are always things you have to pas to get into any real spy training center. So tests are going to be a natural part of the story.

  22. Stu-
    Thanks. Just making sure that’s its okay to do that, cause I put it in my book, but it’s unpublished. I was just making sure that I wasn’t doing anything against copyright.

  23. I want to know what happened to Orion’s dogs when he left. Wouldn’t they have starved?

  24. Roddy –

    I’m sure Orion has some sort of super-inventive high-tech dog-feeding system. Or a dog walker.

  25. ILAYB-
    Im about 2 months late, but i found it too. “the dreams have been about being making foot prints”.

  26. Sorry, there was a little misunderstanding with the Barnabus sidebottom role. Stu, can you please delete my last post?

  27. Hey Stuart! Thanks for being a great author. I’ve now read all of the spy school series 4 times, FunJungle 2, and MBA 6. About to do a complete reread of all of your books just because they are so well-written and good.

    P.S.: Is there going to be an MBA #4? It seemed like a pretty solid ending, unless you continued on Bosco. If so looking forward! ?

  28. Levi –

    That’s it for MBA. I have an older blog post about why if you want to go back about a year or two.

  29. Stu-
    I was just wondering what size and type of font do you use in your books(out of curiosity)

  30. Stu-
    Odd question, but do you use an Adobe app for writing? I was reading your book when I saw a few things that made me think that.

  31. Teddy –

    I use Pages to write, then switch to Word for editing (because it works better for my publisher). They might use Adobe to format the books. I don’t know.

  32. Is there somebody that you know that has a name of Stackhouse? Seeing as Bubba Stackhouse and Nina Stackhouse. Or is that supposed to be an intimidating last name, since Bubba and Nina are pretty intimidating.

  33. Stu-
    Okay, and one more question: Let’s say you write a book in size 12 font and you write it on an 8×11 sheet of paper and average around 100 words per page with 300 pages. When you send it to the publisher, do they shrink it down but still keep the 300 pages?

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