Boxed sets of the entire Moon Base Alpha series now available!

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘Gee, I love the MBA series, but I wish I could get all three books at once — in a beautifully-designed box?’  Well, your wishes have been answered!

Well now you can!  Just click here to get it!

I don’t really have anything else to say about this. So this is now officially my shortest blog post ever.

209 thoughts on “Boxed sets of the entire Moon Base Alpha series now available!

  1. Stu-
    I love your books, but just had a few questions,
    For the Last Musketeer who did the original covers?
    Why are there already goodread reviews for Charlie Thorne and SSBI?

  2. Ape –

    I don’t know who did the original covers for LM.

    Publishers send out advanced reader copies (or ARCs) to bookstores, libraries and reviewers a few months before a book comes out.

  3. Hi Mr Gibbs

    I love all your books!! They are hilarious! Since they are so funny (and randomly funny) do you take jokes and inspiration from your kids? I know my brother would say some of this stuff.

    I’m a huge fan!! Jenna

  4. Stu-

    I found a mistake in book one of spy school, you said alexander had steel gray eyes and in another spy school book (can’t remember what one ) you said he had blue eyes.

  5. Jenna –

    Sometimes I get inspiration from my kids. They have come up with jokes that I have put in the books.

  6. Ape –

    I got my editor through my publisher. I suppose other editors can be found theough the Literary Marketplace, which you can probably find at your local library.

  7. Stu-
    Thanks a lot for taking the time out to reply! I’m thinking about getting my fourth book published, so it means a lot to have an experienced author reply like that. Thanks a million!

  8. Hi Mr.Gibbs, I’m a huge fan. I really like the way you write. At school we were supposed to write about our favorite book and I said my favorite book was The Spy School. Also that you were my favorite author.

    Thanks and please find a way to continue the Bens adventure as a spy.

  9. Stu-
    One more question,
    Since Teddy’s mom is a primatologist, are you ever going to do any FunJungle novels solely on ape(s)?

  10. Ape –

    I have already done a FunJungle with a subplot about chimps and one about orangutans, so I’m not sure if I will do apes again.

  11. Stu-
    I love the Spy School series and have three of the books, but one of them says “Scholastic” on the side while the others say “Simon and Schuster”. Is the Scholastic one real ofr fake?
    Also, what was your inspiration for Charlie Thorne and Last musketeer?

  12. Tarzan –

    Scholastic has the rights to publish my books for their book fairs, so I’m guessing you boguht the one that says ‘Scholastic’ that way.

    The Last Musketeer was an idea that was brought to me by the publisher, although 99% of that book series are ideas that I ultimately came up with.

    As for Charlie… I’ve just been playing with ideas for years about how to do a big, globe-trotting adventure series.

  13. Stu-
    You know how in Poached you said that chimps recognize colors and translate that to a previous abuser, where did you find that?

  14. Stu-
    Since I’m thinking about going down the publishing road, i just have one more question: How long was the time between when you wrote Belly Up and when it got published?

  15. Tarzan –

    Belly Up had an unusual publication. I sold the idea based on the first three chapters and an outline. So from the time I started those chapters until pub date was probably 2 1/2 years.

  16. I never knew for a long time that the last musketeer existed. Like I never found them in bookstores(the original ones, with different covers). why is that?

  17. I am pretty sad to announce this but I am going to be leaving the SG book community. I think that a lot of you guys have pretty much expected this, with my inactivity and all. The main reason for this is the drama going on on discord. If you want to find out more about this, read this article:
    Another reason is because I have simply grown out of the books, and I think it’s time for me to move on. I am 14 years old (also pretty mature for my age), and the books just stopped filling up to my level. I don’t want to be toxic since I don’t want to have this post removed, and they are good books (most of them), don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed them while it lasted, but now my spirit towards them has just burned out. Think of it this way: Your where in first grade and you loved reading magic tree house books. Then, you got older, and they stopped being interesting for you. They are still good books, you just grown out of them and they are not for your maturity group. Same has happened for me. My friend and I have remade the Stuart Gibbs discord server into a paradox games / history server, (paradox games makes AMAZING history based strategy games), and so far it’s worked out perfectly. We have gained active members, and it is actual fun to talk in the server now. So yeah, bye guys. It has really been fun to be here and share my excitement towards SG books while it lasted, but I just lost motivation and my spirit towards them has burned out. Also, yes I am the real Elite Z. Message me on discord if you want that confirmed. Goodbye.
    P.S. Join the discord server if you like history and or video games. It is totally worth it!

  18. Elite Z –

    I’m sorry to hear about all this drama. It’s very upsetting to me to find out that this has been going on.

    That said, I really do try to write books that everyone will enjoy, even adults… so it is a little bit toxic when you say that you’ve grown out of them.

  19. Hey Stu-

    So, I was wondering- it says “Moon Base Alpha Opens- 1/5/41” so it comes out 2041? Cause that is a long long time from now! ?

  20. No, it will probably be much longer, since Stuart emphasizes that building things in space is difficult. Yes, that is a long time from now.

  21. Elite Z –

    Just because it says 8-12 on the book doesn’t mean that I don’t try to write books that older readers will enjoy too.

  22. Tyler –

    There is no point in keeping a post up about an auction that is already over.

    And the post about the Charlie Thorne series is still up. You just have to go back through my blog posts to find it.

  23. Mr. Gibbs

    I got SSBI today at 4 and I already finished it!! It was phenomenal as always. Awaiting the next one but I’m going to be waiting awhile 😉
    Oh well, I’ll have to read your new series.

    When you mentioned Notre Dame, I was thinking awwww!
    I wish I could have visited before the fire. I hope you and your family saw in on your trip.

    Thanks for the amazing book!

  24. Audrey –

    Thanks for your kind words. And yes, about Notre Dame… not only is it mentioned in this book, but it plays a very big part in The Last Musketeer: Double Cross, which is rereleased in paperback next week. I had always thought that Notre Dame would be there forever, so it’s shocking that this happened.

  25. Stu-
    I read all the Last Musketeer books, thankfully my library has like two copies of each. They remind me of Indiana Jones. Also, SSBI was awesome! It’s so hard to put spoilers in. Keep ’em comin’ and all keep readin’ them. Thanks for giving us some good books Mr. Gibbs.

  26. Stu-
    Also, will there be any other spy school books where the characters travel around again? Like in SSBI and SSGS

  27. I finished SSBI, and it’s very good, I’m wondering, when will the next spy school book come out

  28. I just finished SSBI, and it’s very good, I’m wondering, when will the next spy school book come out

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