Boxed sets of the entire Moon Base Alpha series now available!

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘Gee, I love the MBA series, but I wish I could get all three books at once — in a beautifully-designed box?’  Well, your wishes have been answered!

Well now you can!  Just click here to get it!

I don’t really have anything else to say about this. So this is now officially my shortest blog post ever.

209 thoughts on “Boxed sets of the entire Moon Base Alpha series now available!

  1. Stu

    I just looked up Stuart Gibbs books and it said a fun jungle 6 was coming out with the name Tyrannosaurus Wrecks. It also said it was expected to come out April 7th. Is this true or did google mess something up?

  2. If you think about me my pfp is kind of an anime version of Erica (at least how I imagined her).

  3. So funjungle 6 is about dinosaurs?
    i haven’t read the funjungle series yet
    idk which book is book one
    plz tell me if u know!
    -Hannah B.

  4. ( FYI I signed as Hannah B. because my oc’s name is Hannah Blake)
    ( I will stop signing that)
    -Hannah <3

  5. Thank you Stu!
    On Hoopla, they only have these books by you:
    Evil Spy School
    Space Case
    The Last Musketeer
    Big Game
    Double Cross
    Traitor’s Chase
    I thought you’d like to know

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