Boxed sets of the entire Moon Base Alpha series now available!

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘Gee, I love the MBA series, but I wish I could get all three books at once — in a beautifully-designed box?’  Well, your wishes have been answered!

Well now you can!  Just click here to get it!

I don’t really have anything else to say about this. So this is now officially my shortest blog post ever.

30 thoughts on “Boxed sets of the entire Moon Base Alpha series now available!

  1. Nooo! I found a typo in Waste of Space! “…about being making boot prints…” I can understand how you missed it. I read it for the fifth time since I got it and I only just spotted it.

  2. ILoveAllYourBooks

    What page?

    Not only did I miss it, but so did all the proofreaders… and they get paid to catch these things.

  3. I checked the book and couldn’t find the typo (I used the search feature for the ebook)

  4. The closest thing I found was “…the dreams have never been about being cooped up in a moonbase. The dreams have been about making boot prints…”

  5. I was in Barnes and Noble getting a paperback version of WOS and a saw it. Looks great.

  6. HugeFunjungleFan and ILoveAllYourBooks,
    I couldn’t find the typo you (ILoveAllYourBooks) found. The closest thing I found was what HugeFunjungleFan found.

  7. Stuart Gibbs can you please make another Moon base alpha book I loved it and keep up the great work with all your wonderful books

  8. Stu-

    The answer to the question you asked about the mountain a while ago is Blue Sky Basin.

  9. The typo might have been fixed. The closest thing you found sounds like the same sentence only corrected.

  10. ILoveAllYourBooks

    Out of interest, you weren’t reading an advanced reader copy, were you? Because those have mistakes in them.

  11. I wasn’t an advanced readers copy. It was a Barnes and Noble exclusive edition that I picked up just after the book came out.

  12. Stu, is it possible that the proofreaders found it after my copy of Waste of Space was printed, and then they changed it for the rest of them? And also changed for the ebook?

  13. Stu-

    Was wondering how many spy school books you plan on making? Also is Claire ( from book 2 spy camp) going to be in there?

  14. ILoveAllYourBooks –

    It’s possible that they caught it and corrected it in subsequent editions.

  15. Mr E –

    I am planning on writing 1,732 Spy School books. Maybe less.

    All details about who might show up in the book are classified.

  16. Lance-

    All Stu has to do to keep the series going is make another evil organization that’s just as bad as SPYDER, and then give it a cool name also. Like SNEK or SHAIRK or DOGG.

  17. Sorry that I am late on this, I have been pretty busy with school lately and had some personal issues that I would rather not talk about. Anyway, great job on Lion Down Stuart. It turned out to be a lot better then I expected. It would be great if you could release Fun jungle books because they are really good.

  18. Elite Z-

    You’re giving a mixed message. You said before that some of Stu’s books are really bad, and now you’re saying that Lion Down is really good. Stu wrote it in the same voice that he writes his other books so…are you even the same person?

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