Exclusive editions of Spy School British Invasion now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

If you have been visiting this site over the past few years, then you have probably seen a post like this before.  Barnes & Noble has been really amazing about printing exclusive editions of my books.  I believe this is the tenth I have done with them.

So, here’s the info:  Once again, you can get a copy of Spy School British Invasion with all sorts of wonderful extras — 16 pages of bonus material, written by me — an extra-glossy book jacket with a secret poster on the interior — and a shiny ‘Barnes & Noble exclusive edition’ sticker — all for the exact same price as the regular edition.

That’s right, you get more book for the same price.  And if you preorder, it will ship right to you, so you’ll get it just as fast as you would get the regular edition.  (Maybe even faster.)

Sound good to you?  Then click here to preorder yours today!

196 thoughts on “Exclusive editions of Spy School British Invasion now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

  1. Hey Stu
    Do you plan on having mike, Zoe or warren’s sibling end up stuck in the middle of a mission while the heroes try to keep their talents secret?
    Also, in book 1 of fun jungle, doc says his daughters name is Susie, and buck is never established as knowing about animals. (It was still a great book, I loved the part where a hippo coffin crashes all over everyone)

  2. In the opening letter of SSGS, it mentions a CIA raid on a Boy Scout Jamboree. The book takes place in March but the Jamboree didn’t happen until July.
    Also, the book says that Professor Simon said that Ben had “the fighting skills of a box turtle” however 4 box turtles became the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  3. Tyler-
    Through like radioactive mutation. I doubt Ben will undergo that. But honestly, he’s been through such insane situations before haha

  4. when will there be the 8th book in the spy school series and when will the 6th book in the funjungle series?

  5. John Cena

    I’m not really sure what you’re asking about Mike or Zoe or Warren’s sibling being stuck in a mission. Could you be more specific?

  6. I mean, a lot of Erica’s family are spies but the rest of the cast aren’t.
    Since both Erica and Ben appear to be only children, if mike has a sibling Ben already knows them well, and chip already has a sibling in the books. That leaves Zoe, Murray, and warren.
    It could be interesting if they had to keep warren’s arrests a secret from his brother. Or thee fact they were in England and Mexico from Zoe’s sibling.
    And it would be funny if Murray had a dad who was a health maniac…
    Because since mike joined, they didn’t have a real connection to the outside world. At least not Ben.

  7. I think John means that if Zoe or Mike (probably not warren since he changed to a different side) had a brother or sister, they’d be stuck in the middle of the mission-kinda like Mike in SSS-and the gang would have to not show that they are spys.

  8. Stu,
    I read your reply
    now i’m not going into sewers in Paris
    ( My BFF is gonna read this and say “Why would you?”)
    I discontinued my spy school fanfic
    Also i am on the spy school discord!
    If you see someone who’s name has “Umbreongirl” and some 2’s and 0’s
    that’s me!
    <3 Hannah

  9. Elite Z,
    I’m not sure. is inSPYration’s good? I’m on the on you are on because i keep getting notified of it.

  10. hey Stu,

    I think that for your next book if you add the bonus things in the back, you should do what you did with Zoe and do Journal entry’s for your characters. i liked that.

    just something to think about

    also, my name is Anna not Annah

  11. Toby –

    If you look on the right hand side of every single page of this website, you will see a box with upcoming releases. The answer to your question is there.

  12. Hannah-
    Are you on a discord called Stuart Central Rebooted? If its another one, can you post the invite? Because im looking for more Spy School discords. Thanks! Also, Stu: How many more books are you going to write? Also, will Ben eventually choose Zoe/Erica? uggh i haven’t been able to read British Invasion yet due to the fact that it’s always checked out at libraries 🙁 but IM SO EXCITED! I have been a faithful reader ever since the first book came out!


  13. Steven,
    ummmmmmm i’ll have to check
    Elite Z do u know?
    -Hannah B.

  14. For some reason, I’ve wondered if Erica had a secret sibling. Maybe he/she could be way older than her and just went undercover to not get much glory for your family but instead for the work you’ve done. Erica might also have a younger sibling although I doubt it since Catherine and Alexander split up. In SSBI Alexander shows that he’s not completely incompetent. Again, I don’t really believe that Erica has a younger sibling- if she even has a sibling. Also, Erica keeps most of her life under wraps and doesn’t reveal much. That’s mostly for her mother 😉

  15. Tyler –

    Yes. It is not a secret that George Bush was the director of the CIA. That was discussed a great deal when he ran for president.

    I have seen Uncle Buck.

  16. I love the spy school books and can’t wait for 8, but can someone tell me why some people say Ben is relatable? Isn’t the whole point that the characters are extremes and Ben has an extremely low self esteem (like dr alphys from undertale)?
    Also, I feel like his nickname smokescreen is now in the opposite way. On the outside he’s confident but on the inside he has a ton of self doubt.

  17. Juan 2 3

    I believe the reason people feel that Ben is relatable is that generally, his reaction to things is similar to how a normal person might react to the insane situations that he finds himself in. What 13 year old wouldn’t have a little self-doubt if they found the fate of the world in their hands?

  18. I don’t know about you but i think it’s weird that bens kissed someone holding hands and almost a second kiss and he’s 13

  19. Is Catherine the head of the CIA? Because at the end of SSBI, Cyrus writes a letter to the head of the CIA, mentioning something about keeping the head of the CIA’s identity a secret. Towards the end of the letter, Cyrus also mentions everyone who was on the missions name, except for Catherine. I love your books and I can’t wait for the (hopefully?) movie!

  20. Stu

    Are Zoe’s eyes green or brown???

    In SSSS, chapter 15, at the bottom of page 240, it says:

    “Your sure about Warren?” Zoe asked me. She had a wounded look in her big BROWN eyes.”

    Maybe she used a eye color contact or something but just wanted to know

  21. I think this might be a coincidence, but in MBA Dashiell is the main character, and in Spy School, Ben references a list of characters, who are his sorta friends, one of whom is named Dashiell. Again, probably a coincidence, but I’m surprised I just realized it.

  22. Stu

    In spy scamp it was made known that Ben had special abilities that even he probably didn’t know of, so I’m wondering if those special abilities were the math skills as shown in evil spy school or something else because Ben also pointed out in spy camp that anybody with a calculator could also solve complex math problems. Also thanks for writing great books and keeping me entertained.

  23. I think that Zoe and Ben should date (or at least because Erica has made it VERY clear that any serious relationships would be deadly for the ‘spy game’. And Zoe and Ben both like each other equally rather than a lot and only a little. Also they are closer in age and it wouldn’t be weird

    That’s just my thinking though

  24. Also I think it might be interesting if u had warren break from jail and come find Zoe. He would say that he was truly sorry for betraying her and that he would do anything to make up for it. I feel that would be interesting. To make it more interesting is if he started aprictiate Ben a little more

  25. Annah-

    I respectfully disagree. Ben and Zoe just aren’t a good match. If they dated, to me, it would seem extremely forced. Ben and Erica just have something, not exactly good chemistry, but they are literally a PERFECT match. Idk how to describe it 🙂

  26. And I don’t think the age difference is that big between them anyways. Its only 2 years. But that’s just my opinion.

  27. Alanna,

    Either Zoe or Erica is the right one for Ben and Stu will decided that when he puts it in one of his books if he does at all. Erica and Ben do have something special but Erica is much more focused on becoming a good spy rather than romance. But if Zoe and Ben DIDN’T date and it was Erica and Ben, then Warren coming back would be great. Of course neither of us can control that but just my opinion

    Who knows, maybe mike will get involved

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