Exclusive editions of Spy School British Invasion now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

If you have been visiting this site over the past few years, then you have probably seen a post like this before.  Barnes & Noble has been really amazing about printing exclusive editions of my books.  I believe this is the tenth I have done with them.

So, here’s the info:  Once again, you can get a copy of Spy School British Invasion with all sorts of wonderful extras — 16 pages of bonus material, written by me — an extra-glossy book jacket with a secret poster on the interior — and a shiny ‘Barnes & Noble exclusive edition’ sticker — all for the exact same price as the regular edition.

That’s right, you get more book for the same price.  And if you preorder, it will ship right to you, so you’ll get it just as fast as you would get the regular edition.  (Maybe even faster.)

Sound good to you?  Then click here to preorder yours today!

174 thoughts on “Exclusive editions of Spy School British Invasion now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

  1. Hey, Stu…
    I have an outlook account but not a Gmail, can I still email you?

  2. Stu,
    Thx for telling me.
    BTW, I read ur FAQ page, but u didn’t answer this question,
    Can I email u on Outlook?
    My bestie would be psyched if she got ur email.

  3. Stu-

    You say Spy School will have more books… Not that you’re lying (I believe you), but now I’m wondering… What about SPYDER??

  4. I found this odd review on google play books of spy school british invasion saying erica hsle Dies

  5. Command Module –

    I really don’t know how shipping works. I just write the books. Sometimes people get the books earlier via preorder, sometimes they don’t.

  6. so excited!!! SSBI is coming out in about 2 weeks! i’m glad that the release date moved to an earlier time. Going to get it once it comes out!

  7. Oh flip. I’ve already pre-ordered British Invasion through Amazon and seeing all the extra content packed into the book with the SAME price honestly makes me, a very, very jealous teen. Well I mean I could just cancel the order, but it was my mother who ordered the book and she’s kinda a stickler with reordering things again and again. I guess I’ll have to deal with it in the meanwhile. But MAN, I’m so hyped for this book! Spy School Goes South can’t wait to meet it’s brother, sister, I dunno, SIBLING!

    Why can’t April 30 be tomorrow….

  8. Stu-

    That comment I made hasn’t aged well, and it’s only been 8 hours since I posted it. My mother actually gave in with the offer. She canceled the order on Amazon and pre-order the other. She didn’t stop me or anything, she just gave in. Now that that’s over, I can relax, finally.

  9. I cant wait for SSBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its going to be so coool.only 2 days away now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi – is there a spot we can send message to you without posting? My son met you at Middletown CT event. Sitting at bookstore now with his new copy of British Invasion. Very happy kid : ) Think he’d like to send a message if possible.

  11. Hey stu,
    I really love your books! I just finished British Invasion and thought it was amazing. Do you have any ideas about the title of SS8? I know you probably can’t share them but that would be really cool. My second question is: are you going to add any characters to Spy School named after your kids, Violet and Dashiell, like in Funjungle and Moon Base Alpha?

    BTW, you are my favorite author.

  12. also I am SO SORRY that your wife passed away. I am sure she is an angel now watching over you and your kids

  13. Agent R –

    I do not have a title for SS8 yet. I never title the books until after they are written.

    And Dashiell and Violet have already appeared in Spy School.

  14. Stu- I just read the book but I didn’t understand one thing in the end (btw spoiler (not rly), if you didn’t read the book, don’t read.) When it said “But I had something much more important to focus on first. I sat back against the wall of the helicopter, placed my head against Zoe’s shoulder… And fell fast asleep.” Which one was the important one, Zoe or having a rest.()btw I hope that character wasn’t Murray

  15. Hey Stu
    Please say you’re joking.
    Ssbi was an emotional roller coaster and that ending seemed to be on purpose.
    (He was sitting between Erica and Zoe )

  16. Stu-
    So, I’ve always called it the “M” “i” “6”
    It just dawned on me, that could be incorrect.
    Is it, M i 6,
    M L 6,
    or M 16?

  17. I know spy school is written from bens perspective. Does that mean he exaggerates or imagines things like in ssbi?

  18. Stu-

    First of all, absolutely loved SSBI! Second, Nowlan brings up a good point. I’ve always thought it was M i 6. Am I wrong? Third (SPOILER ALERT), I was a little confused at the end. Did they defeat SPYDER once and for all or not? Or will we just have to wait until the next book to find out? Finally, are you already working on SS8? If so, when do you think it will be released? Love your books!

  19. Jackson Jones –

    Okay, it meant a little something who he fell asleep on, but don’t read too much into things.

  20. bookworm8 –

    Its never any fun to say that an organization is destroyed forever.

    As you can see from the right hand side of my website, SS8 is scheduled for release in fall 2020.

  21. Tyler –

    No, my friends were named after the spy school characters.

    OK, I’m joking. Yes, I named my characters after the friends.

  22. Tyler –

    I have to figure out where it makes the most sense for the auction winner to appear.

  23. When (around) do you think we’ll get the title for ss8?
    Also, if Ben is a reliable narrator, then Zoe was flirting with mike.
    Unless it’s like that ‘inhaling a wombat’
    From the fifth book.

  24. Dear Stuart Gibbs, I asked for spy school bi for my birthday and it came yesterday. I’m not done reading it, but I noticed that you say that zut alors means something offensive in English, but it really is just used as “oh no”, or something along those lines. I say this as someone who lived in Paris for a year. I really like the new book though.

  25. I finished SSBI in 24 hours and my brother read it in 4 hours !!!
    It was SO good!! I can’t wait for the next SS book and Charlie Thorn!!

  26. Mini man –

    OK, let’s discuss reliable narration. There are things that Ben thinks are happening and things that definitely happened. Ben’s perception that Zoe is flirting may or may not be true. No narrator is 100% reliable. So if you have something in first person then it’s not 100% true.

    Also, ut will be months until you have a title for SS8.

  27. Big fan –

    I’m pretty sure I said that something potentially offensive was said AFTER ‘zut alors.’ I’m aware that ‘zut alors’ is not offensive.

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