Exclusive editions of Spy School British Invasion now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

If you have been visiting this site over the past few years, then you have probably seen a post like this before.  Barnes & Noble has been really amazing about printing exclusive editions of my books.  I believe this is the tenth I have done with them.

So, here’s the info:  Once again, you can get a copy of Spy School British Invasion with all sorts of wonderful extras — 16 pages of bonus material, written by me — an extra-glossy book jacket with a secret poster on the interior — and a shiny ‘Barnes & Noble exclusive edition’ sticker — all for the exact same price as the regular edition.

That’s right, you get more book for the same price.  And if you preorder, it will ship right to you, so you’ll get it just as fast as you would get the regular edition.  (Maybe even faster.)

Sound good to you?  Then click here to preorder yours today!

33 thoughts on “Exclusive editions of Spy School British Invasion now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

  1. Lance

    Read the summary of SSBI and your question will be answered.

    P.S. It’s spelled SPYDER not spider

  2. I was wondering how to get in the discord chat, the other invite is invalid that Elite Z sent for me. I’ve never even used discord, but I heard the chat was pretty cool. Pls tell me how to get in the discord.

  3. Koda –

    You can order it on-line from Barnes & Noble very easily. Just go to my home page and find the link.

  4. Lance –

    You mean something hidden? Not that I’m aware of. Sometimes an oak leaf is just an oak leaf.

  5. Stu-
    Hi! I have a few questions. First, can you pre order a copy of SSBI at a Barnes and Noble store or does it have to be online? Second, do you charge a school a lot of money to visit? My friends and I love the Spy School series and would love to meet you, but our school librarian said it would cost a lot of money. Last, will you make every SS book into a move, or just the first one? You said in other posts that there will probabaly be SS books 8&9, and that would be a lot of movies to make, and eventually the actors that play each role will be too old. Will you make the movies back to back, or will you switch out actors? If you switch out actors, won’t people complain? Thanks!

  6. A couple questions
    1. Will Spy School British Invasion take place in Britain at all, or a similar location to SSGS, or somewhere else?
    2. I am aware that you have studied Capybaras, and my guess is that you know a lot about them, so do you plan to make a FunJungle book with them as the main animal?
    3. For your FunJungle series, does your inspiration come from the main animal in the book?

  7. Aubrey –

    1) You can order the books in the stores. Just call them and ask to preorder it.

    2) I do have to charge to visit schools, because visiting is a day I would otherwise be writing, and often it involves travel, which involves lots of expenses. (Plus, a school visit is its own form of work.) So unfortunately, the visits are not that cheap.

    3) Ideally, every SS book would become a movie, but…

    4) …yes, that would result in the actors aging out of the roles, so somewhere down the line, we might have to switch actors. If we get to that point, it will be a good problem to have.

  8. Neil –

    1) Yes, SSBI takes place in Britain.

    2) If I come up with a good plot involving a capybara, I will use them, but I haven’t had an idea that works yet.

    3) Not necessarily. For Belly Up, I wanted to kill off an animal first, and had to do a lot of research before deciding on a hippo. For Big Game, I wanted to focus on rhinos and the poaching of their horns, so the rhino came first.

  9. Stu-
    I found a typo in Belly Up. It is on page 80.
    “I realised that summer was probably approached by crazy people the time…” I only just noticed it

  10. I remember so long ago in the first book it had a bunch of cussing *sniff*. It seems like years. Wait…..Nevermind

  11. Unknown –

    A bunch of cussing? By most people’s counts, there were three instances, maximum, and many people would merely consider those words to be completely acceptable synonyms for ‘buttocks.’

  12. It’s a shame the majority of low star reviews on SS and SC are because of “language not appropriate for my pure child” rubbish.

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