Exclusive editions of Spy School British Invasion now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

If you have been visiting this site over the past few years, then you have probably seen a post like this before.  Barnes & Noble has been really amazing about printing exclusive editions of my books.  I believe this is the tenth I have done with them.

So, here’s the info:  Once again, you can get a copy of Spy School British Invasion with all sorts of wonderful extras — 16 pages of bonus material, written by me — an extra-glossy book jacket with a secret poster on the interior — and a shiny ‘Barnes & Noble exclusive edition’ sticker — all for the exact same price as the regular edition.

That’s right, you get more book for the same price.  And if you preorder, it will ship right to you, so you’ll get it just as fast as you would get the regular edition.  (Maybe even faster.)

Sound good to you?  Then click here to preorder yours today!

122 thoughts on “Exclusive editions of Spy School British Invasion now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble!

  1. I just finished it! At 12:00 am…
    (SPOILERS) The book was great! I love the conflict between Zoe, Ben, Mike and Erica. Is Murray a bad guy now? Did Joshua survive the fall again? I like how Alexander was actually useful too.
    Great book Stu. Is SPYDER done? I’m assuming that if Joshua survived he’ll still want to kill Ben. Will he start a new evil organization? This is probably all classified but great job on the book!

  2. Just Finished SSBI. It was so good. Just to be first, I’m calling out that Charlie Thorne and SS crossover. It would be so good if she became friends with Zoe. Also, did you change your cover designer, because the cover for CT is different than the ones from funjungle or the new musketeers or SS. They are really simplistic, whereas Charlie Thorne looks like the original musketeers cover.

  3. In the opening letter of SSGS, it mentions a CIA raid on a Boy Scout Jamboree. The book takes place in March but the Jamboree didn’t happen until July.
    Also, the book says that Professor Simon said that Ben had “the fighting skills of a box turtle” however 4 box turtles became the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  4. Hey Stu, if this is classified don’t answer. but, are you planning on ending the love triangle in the last book. or will you have them time in the next book to properly see in action how it affects all 3 of them?

  5. Uranus –

    The fun of the love triangle — or any romantic complications in these books — is to show how they mess up the missions.

  6. Hi Stu
    I get that seeing how it distracts them is funny, I find it hilarious. It’s that, no matter who he chooses, the awkwardness from them and jealousy from the other can also be funny.
    Also, Ben goes through phones like tissues. Lol

  7. Hey Stu,
    I saw a new SS book set on the B&N’s website! It said that it wasn’t out yet, and that it was coming out in August 27, 2019. Is that true?

  8. classified –

    A second FJ book? There are f FJ books out. (And a sixth coming next year.). See my books page for details.

  9. I love this book. It’s one of my favorite you’ve written so far. I’ve already read it twice. I’m reading it again now. I hope the next one is just as good

  10. My friends are killing me! 2 of them already have it, and 1 of them has exclusive edition. I got to read it though during DEAR.

  11. What do you mean by the exclusive B&N SSBI edition is the same price as the regular edition? I got mine for 14.39 at target. Also, big fan of this book and all your books. I have all your books except for a few spy school books. My favorite book from you is probably SSGS and The last musketeer Traitor’s Chase.

  12. Hey Stu do you know if there will be a Spy School book 8 because the bad guys were defeated

  13. Aidan –

    The SSBI exclusive edition is the same price at B&N as the regular book. If you bought it for cheaper at Target, that’s because Target is selling it for less than the official market price to get you to shop at target more.

  14. Aiden –

    Yes, there will be an SS8. Look at the right hand side of every page of my website and you will see the release schedule for future books.

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