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Hi everyone –

Lots of you have written to ask me about the potential Spy School movie.  Most of you have one of three questions, which I am going to answer here for everyone to see:

Q: Is the movie going to stick closely to the book?

A: That is my plan.  I have written the first draft of the screenplay.  So far, it stays close to the book, although since it is a movie and not a book, I have made some changes.  They’re not huge, and some might be quite funny, but they were necessary.  I’m sure that things will change, though.  For one thing, the script is a little too long, which probably means a scene or two will need to be cut – so be aware, there’s a good chance that something you like from the book might not be in the movie.

Q: When will the movie come out?

A: I have no idea.  I don’t even know IF it will ever come out.  The problem with getting a movie made is that it is very expensive.  So a lot of things need to fall into place for the movie to happen.  Here’s the progress so far:

I will certainly have to write more drafts of the movie.  I am waiting to get notes from the studio.  However, Fox is the company that bought the idea — but Fox is currently being purchased by Disney.  This is a massive corporate merger and it is slowing the project down.

The best I can say is that, if this movie did get made, the very earliest it could possibly be in theaters is fall 2020.  And that is an extreme long shot.

Q: When is it going to cast and can I try out for it?

A: I know, technically, that’s two questions, but I am always asked them together.  Anyhow, the simple answer is: I don’t know when it will cast, and the chances are probably very slim that you can try out for it.  Sorry.  I do not control casting.  In fact, I probably won’t have any say over casting at all.

I suppose there is a slight possibility that Fox/Disney might decide to have an open casting call for roles in the movie, in which case maybe anyone who wants to try out can do so, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

If there is an open casting call, I will certainly post about it here.


I know that’s not a ton of news, but it’s all I have.  Stay tuned to this site for more developments.

UPDATE JULY 22, 2019

Really, all this update is saying is that I have no new information.  But I’m adding it because many of you have been writing to me expressing disbelief that I still don’t have any news to report.  Well folks, that’s the way the movie industry works.  I wish I had more news.  Really. No one wants this movie to get made more than I do.  Except maybe my children.

816 thoughts on “Spy School movie update

  1. Remy –

    The movie is set up at Disney and Disney has plenty of money. They don’t need donations to make it.

    Spreading the word on social media would be great though.

  2. Logan –

    If the first movie is a hit, then maybe they will make movies for the other books. But this is all a long shot. If we get to a movie for SSBI, that will be a miracle.

  3. Logan –

    The appearance of Murray — or pretty much any character — in any future book is CLASSIFIED.

  4. Sry guys I was busy but I do have evidence (spoiler alert although u should already have read all the books..just saying).

    1. Cyrus was introduced in SS during an early SYDER attack where Ben was with Erica and he was confused for the enemy by Ben (Coincidence? I THINK NOT)

    2. Cyrus was the agent who chose the pilots for the mission in SS7. FYI the pilots were SPYDER agents. ( i think it was that book)

    3. Zoey and I forgot who else I think it was Ben’s friend ( I can’t remember his name at the moment) were able to sneak onto the plane. If Cyrus knew the plane was gonna be destroyed, why not allow them to tag along? Even better for him they all die and he’s done with their annoyingness

    4.It seems odd to me that Cyrus would have let his guard down around Joshua and his bodyguard and consequently be knocked out.

    5. (I think this was one of my evidence I’m not sure) Cyrus keeps sending kids on dangerous missions without permission or anything. If that is normal then- I don’t even know I’m just speechless

    6. Also Cyrus has mentioned that very few members of the CIA actually are aware of SPYDER and their intentions. If ur so high in the CIA, it’s easy to hide your (or this group) from everyone who could actually destroy it.

    7. (This one is just me) Cyrus is mean and mysterious and quite frankly he’s not in my top ten favorite characters. Even Murray Hill and is on that list.

    And yea guys I get that Ben has thwarted the plans, but for me idc who he’s with I just think he’s evil. That enough evidence for ya? (Btw guys I’m exhausted at the moment and it’s late so sry that my brain couldn’t remember some stuff) also sry this is so long

  5. Matteo and inSPYration-

    Hope u guys see my evidence and get my point


    Thx for asking instead of saying there is no way! It may seem like it was nothing but for some reason it made my day! Or night cuz when I saw it it was 12:30 anyways thx

  6. Mr Gibbs is it a coincidence that Jawa and Joshua have similar names? Because Jawa HALAL O’Shea and Joshua Halal

  7. if tryouts ever happen, please locate them in Houston, also please post it if tryouts are happening, I will gladly try out for murray or warren, maybe ben. it seems like a fun movie to make considering the action in the books. please post something if tryouts are ever gonna happen, plus if you havent started working on the spy school 8 book. name it spy school arctic freeze.

  8. Lucas –

    Since the movie studios are in Los Angeles, there is probably almost no chance that there will be auditions anywhere but Los Angeles.

  9. Hi! I am a HUGE fan and I am in the middle of reading Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation and it is AMAZING so far!

    – Faith

  10. Stu-
    I haven’t been on here in a while, but I would like to speak for my ELA (reading) class and friends at my school. I showed your SS books to my cousin, Bennett and it turns out, he reads them almost faster than me! Also, I showed them to my friend Braden. He also loves them and I think (as of this day) he is almost done with the series. When I showed your books to my cousin and friends I started to notice a lot of people in my class started to read them. I think that you did a great job and that they were destined to find your books.

    PS how much have you progressed on everything since I was here last?

  11. Stu-

    Also, whenever my cousin sees me reading one of your books that he has not read yet, he asks me what it is called and what it is about. So I tell him, and the next day, he comes back from the school library with that book. As of literally like today or yesterday, he is reading or has read SS, Funjungle, and was starting Moon Base Alpha today or yesterday.

  12. I an so excited about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    I love spy school and I was so suprised when I heard that there will be a movie!
    On gosh, I will watch that as soon as possible when it comes out

  13. Connor –

    Thanks for telling people about my books!

    Some progress is being made on the movie. I will post more when I have a good update.

  14. -Stu

    I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your books. I am your biggest fan ever. I read the hole series in two-three weeks which for me is super fast!!! I have never liked reading before , I used to hate it. But then I started to read spy school. Now I love reading your books. I can not wait for the 8th spy school to come out next fall ! You are my favorite Author of all time. I am even writing a fan fiction (I am not posting it though). I am still working on it but the name is SPY SCHOOL GREEK ADVENTURE I have been doing a lot of research on Athens. I even have the coordinates in my story. I know you are probably super busy but if you ever want to read it please let me know.

    I heard about the movie. I am so exited for it to come out. I also heard the auditions will be in California (I live in California). So please post when and where they are and maybe a link to the other info.

  15. Grace –

    I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying my books and inspired to write your own fan fiction. I guess you have noticed that other readers have a site where they are posting fan fiction which is really the best place to put it out there. I don’t have nearly enough time to read all the great fan fiction that people are creating. (Although I try to read at least some of it.)

  16. Mr. Gibbs,

    I understand that you do not have much control over the casting portion of this film, let alone any control over it, but I just ask if maybe you could try to hold the casting in Houston? (If open casting ever happens, anyway) I would love to try out for some of the roles, and although I have not really been in a movie before, I have previous onstage acting experience. I would love to try out for Warren, or a character that seems to have his sort of personality. Please let me know your thoughts.
    Connor 🙂

  17. Connor –

    I hate to say this but… 1) If I have no say over casting, then I certainly have no say over WHERE the casting takes place and 2) The casting businesses all are located in LA and NYC, so it seems extremely unlikely to me that casting will take place in Houston. Sorry.

  18. I’m so excited! So, literally probably every single person who has ever read you books wants to be in this movie, and I am no different. Since I have never acted in any movie ( I do do a lot of plays) I was wondering if you could explain how the casting would work. Would anyone be able to show up and audition for a character or does the people making the movie choose the actors you want? Another question (sorry), I would like to be Jawa is I could be an actor for this movie, but I’m not sure if you would make a movie of the book with Jawa in it. If you are not make a movie with Jawa, I would like to audition for Spy School the movie if I can, but If you are, then I will wait until you make a movie with Jawa in it. Any thoughts? Also, could you please respond Mr. Gibbs?

  19. Jonathan –

    I really do not know how casting would work. I will not be in charge of casting and I probably will have no control over it. I suppose there is an extremely small chance there might be open casting, which means that anyone with an agent can arrange to show up, but I really doubt that will happen. Jawa will not be in this movie, since it is based on Spy School #1.

  20. Stu-
    Thanks for responding so fast. Sorry, I have another question. Do you think you will continue and make Spy School #2 and so on? If it is open casting, I’m going to see if I can get an agent just to see if I could get into the movie! If it is open casting, could you put it in your update closer when the casting is going to happen? Thanks so much, your books are literally the best thing ever, and they never get old (Every time I read the part with Murray on the plane praying to every God he could think of, and Ben lists some of the religions he heard, I always crack up)!

  21. Jonathan –

    Yes, the idea is to try and make other movies if the first movie works out. And yes, I will post info about open casting if it takes place.

    Please read my other blog posts about the movie. They should answer many of your questions.

  22. In Spaced Out, Zan said that there is no alien species in Star Wars that look like insects
    There actually is one species that looks like an insect
    The Hutts look a little like slugs

  23. Hi Mr Gibbs! Thank you for responding to my comment. Happy Holidays! I was wondering if there was anything else I could do to help besides spreading the word on social media. Perhaps I could get more people on this website to give you tips and possible ideas for more books. Thank you!

  24. Remy –

    Promoting me on social media or pointing people toward my site is great. I have more than enough ideas, though.

  25. look I am a beginner to the books and I am confused on Murray he says always is switching sides also I want to ask what kind of jail will Joshua be in ?

  26. Joel –

    If you are new to the books, are you starting with the first one? Or have you started somewhere along the line?

  27. Even though you say you have no say in the casting, I always imagined these actors as the characters in the Spy School Series

    Cyrus Hale: Clint Eastwood
    Alexander Hale: Leonardo Di Caprio
    Catherine Hale: Amanda Abbington
    Gianni Decenzo: Murray Hill (He’s just needs to play his role from Cobra Kai)
    Barnubus Sidebottom: Mandy Patinkin

    Gianni is the only one who can play Murray. His role as Demetri in Cobra Kai was so much like Murray that when I didn’t know his name I called him Murray!


  29. I am begging my father to buy all of your SWAWSOME books. Although my birthday’s on the day before valentines the 13th of February, my mother has gotten all of the ingredients for my birthday cake ? and I guess it is not too early to beg my father for a present. 🙂

  30. I love all your books. they are all amazing and spy school is my favorite series of all time. You are my favorite author.

  31. Hi Mr Gibbs! I was wondering if you knew who was directing the spy school series. If you don’t know, than please try to find out ASAP

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