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Hi everyone –

Lots of you have written to ask me about the potential Spy School movie.  Most of you have one of three questions, which I am going to answer here for everyone to see:

Q: Is the movie going to stick closely to the book?

A: That is my plan.  I have written the first draft of the screenplay.  So far, it stays close to the book, although since it is a movie and not a book, I have made some changes.  They’re not huge, and some might be quite funny, but they were necessary.  I’m sure that things will change, though.  For one thing, the script is a little too long, which probably means a scene or two will need to be cut – so be aware, there’s a good chance that something you like from the book might not be in the movie.

Q: When will the movie come out?

A: I have no idea.  I don’t even know IF it will ever come out.  The problem with getting a movie made is that it is very expensive.  So a lot of things need to fall into place for the movie to happen.  Here’s the progress so far:

I will certainly have to write more drafts of the movie.  I am waiting to get notes from the studio.  However, Fox is the company that bought the idea — but Fox is currently being purchased by Disney.  This is a massive corporate merger and it is slowing the project down.

The best I can say is that, if this movie did get made, the very earliest it could possibly be in theaters is fall 2020.  And that is an extreme long shot.

Q: When is it going to cast and can I try out for it?

A: I know, technically, that’s two questions, but I am always asked them together.  Anyhow, the simple answer is: I don’t know when it will cast, and the chances are probably very slim that you can try out for it.  Sorry.  I do not control casting.  In fact, I probably won’t have any say over casting at all.

I suppose there is a slight possibility that Fox/Disney might decide to have an open casting call for roles in the movie, in which case maybe anyone who wants to try out can do so, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

If there is an open casting call, I will certainly post about it here.


I know that’s not a ton of news, but it’s all I have.  Stay tuned to this site for more developments.

213 thoughts on “Spy School movie update

  1. Brock –

    I probably won’t give info on SS8 for at least another six months. Maybe longer.

  2. I LOOOVE your Spy School books! My friends and I are soooo excited about SS8! An idea for SS9 (cause I think you’ve already started SS8) is an Olympic theme. Here’s my idea:
    One of Mrs. E’s children decide to follow in her path by making a SUPER secret organization called SEIC (SPYDER’s Evil International Crew, pronounced “seek”). It is time for the olympics and SEIK wants to end the olympics once and for all, because the reason the olympics always move is for so the CIA can have an excuse to go to the possible locations of enemy headquarters. Erica finds out there is a mole competing in the olympics, and it is up to Ben & Erica to stop SEIK from blowing up Olympic territory, hurting fans & athletes. Can Ben & Erica stop SEIK before it is too late?

  3. AH –

    I can’t really take recommendations from readers. I am already devising SS9. But Spy School at the Olympics is definitely a fun idea.

  4. How about an amusement park? I think the gang hanging out or chasing someone in an amusement park would be cool.
    Yeah I know you can’t/won’t? take ideas but it would be really fun (but if it doesn’t make it in canon, there’ll probably be fanfiction)

  5. If the movie ends up happening and if its open auditions am trying out.

    I know you aren’t going to write another book in MBA of the Last Musketeers but you should write a book for MBA were there in quartine after leaving the moon, a book for the last musketeers where Greg goes back into time. And i do uunderstand u cant take ideas from ur readers but still.

  6. AM –

    Well I already have a series set in an amusement park. FunJungle. So I’ve kind of done that.

  7. Liv –

    All my blog posts have comment areas. But there is no general place for comments on this site.

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