Yes, there is an exclusive collector’s edition of Lion Down from Barnes & Noble.

I know, this might be starting to seem repetitive. Barnes & Noble has been nice enough to print exclusive collector’s editions of my last eight books.

Well, it’s happening again. B&N is printing an exclusive collector’s edition of Lion Down, the fifth book in the FunJungle series. Once again, it will have a special cover with a poster on the reverse side and 16 pages of bonus content. Although this time, the bonus content will be a little bit different, as it will include my first piece of non-fiction ever published, a true (but hopefully somewhat funny) story of my own personal encounter with a wild mountain lion. Plus some other cool stuff.

As usual, the price of the bonus edition is exactly the same as the price of the regular edition — even though you get all that extra stuff. And occasionally, the exclusive edition ships a bit earlier than the other edition. So really, if you’re going to pre-order Lion Down, there’s no reason not to pre-order the exclusive edition.

Plus, it’s easy! All you have to do is click here.

195 thoughts on “Yes, there is an exclusive collector’s edition of Lion Down from Barnes & Noble.

  1. It’s crazy to think I started reading your books in 4th grade and I’m in 7th grade and I still loved reading your books. Keep up the good work !!

  2. Me too! I started reading your books in 3rd grade, and now I am in 6th. I am still incredibly obsessed with your books!

  3. Noah –

    A little late for that ask, since the book is already written, but… Any time I write a new book, there are bound to be some new characters in it. And there are some in SSBI.

  4. I started reading your books in 3rd grade, and now I’m in 6th!!!! And I just got my friend to start reading the SS series and she adores it. She’s read FJ series and can’t wait for the new book. Your books are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I am the same way as squiddy,and I just started reading The Last Musketeer Series, but I read all of you other books. My all time fav book series is Spy School, with Funjungle in second, and Moon Base Alpha. I have a quick question, I saw on your recently asked questions page the you action off a appearance in your books. When do you do it? I would really what to be in your books. I LOVE YOUR BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKs!!!!!

  6. Ben Coolman –

    The auctions are done on-line so that anyone in the country can bid. Last year the winner was from Massachusetts.

  7. Annika –

    I will put a post telling people the auction is live and directing them to a website. The auction will be on the website.

  8. Hello Mr.Gibbs
    Is Lion Down the last book of the FunJungle series? I would love to know, but I understand that you are busy. I just started reading the FJ series and I love it!


  9. Hi Stu,
    I am re-reading the first Spy School book and I think I found another Easter egg — In chapter 16 when Ben and Erica hack into the main computer to see who has access to Ben’s file, one of the names on the list is Xavier Gonzales. He is Teddy’s best friend in Fun Jungle. Did you do this on purpose?

    Thank you for writing awesome books!! I can’t wait for Lion Down and SSBI!!!

  10. To Stu

    I’ve been wondering about the closing of the Spirit Animals series, the one Brandon Mull started and then ended almost 5 years later. I feel he had a sense of burnout, and started to write more, towards the late stages of Young Adult, and his continued writings have been nothing like the originals. I’m wondering, having written many successful series, do you feel at some point you will change as your primary and original fanbase ages, as the Charlie Thorne and the last equations, seems to be aimed at your aged original fans, or older demographic. I heavily enjoyed the ending stages of Mull’s Spirit Animals, as they changed and matured, and the way Spy School is going, your shifting with fanbase. Are you going to gradually change with your fanbase, or are you going to let the series mature with the fanbase.

  11. Psuedonym –

    I am trying to write books that will appeal to my fans as they grow — but also bring in new fans. Charlie Thorne might skew a tiny bit older than what I have done before, but hopefuly, those who have enjoyed my boks but grown older will still find it a great read. So far, only adults have read it, and they have all really enjoyed it.

  12. Do you have an idea about what animal FJ6 will center on? (not that I’m expecting you to reveal it this early.)

  13. Simon –

    Yes, I know what animal it will be. And yes, it is going to remain classified for at least another few months.

  14. You are the best author ever – cant get enough of your books!!! Are you doing a book signing at Alameda Free Library on the 26th?

  15. ChangHiTech –

    Yes I am going to be at the Alameda Free Library on the 26th. Just like it says on my website.

  16. Hi I’m a huge fan! I absolutely LOVE all of your SS books and the FunJungle series! Is there any way that I can ask you to come to my school in Texas for an author visit?
    All the kids at my school adore your books! Thanks!

  17. Violet Thomas –

    There is a page about school visits on my website. If you want me to come, see if your school will bring me in to visit.

  18. OMG I finished reading LD last night and it is AMAZING. But i think I found a few typos I’m probably wrong but i thought I should say. In a few spots where it says Grayson and Mason, I was wondering if it was supposed to say Grayson and Jason. It probably isn’t a typo but i thought I would ask.

  19. Why is there such an increase of political material in this book? There’s much more in here than there is in any of your other ones.

  20. Stu
    The exact point is: the final sentence on the bottom of page 287 and I realized that there was only one not two possible typos

  21. I stayed up until midnight last night finishing Lion Down!!!! That’s how good it is !!! : )
    Thank you Stuart for writing such awesome books!!
    I can’t wait for Spy School British Invasion!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!! : )

  22. Squiddie –

    That might be a mistake. I’ll have to check my copy when I get home from book tour.

  23. Stu-
    I am doing my Q3 Book report on lion down!! Im at the Library right now but it is out:(
    I dont know if you will be upset by this but i am a Zen Shipper all the way!!! (Ben and Zoe)

  24. I just realized that the mountain lion on the top of your website has a radio collar. is that because mountain lions are endangered?


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