Yes, there is an exclusive collector’s edition of Lion Down from Barnes & Noble.

I know, this might be starting to seem repetitive. Barnes & Noble has been nice enough to print exclusive collector’s editions of my last eight books.

Well, it’s happening again. B&N is printing an exclusive collector’s edition of Lion Down, the fifth book in the FunJungle series. Once again, it will have a special cover with a poster on the reverse side and 16 pages of bonus content. Although this time, the bonus content will be a little bit different, as it will include my first piece of non-fiction ever published, a true (but hopefully somewhat funny) story of my own personal encounter with a wild mountain lion. Plus some other cool stuff.

As usual, the price of the bonus edition is exactly the same as the price of the regular edition — even though you get all that extra stuff. And occasionally, the exclusive edition ships a bit earlier than the other edition. So really, if you’re going to pre-order Lion Down, there’s no reason not to pre-order the exclusive edition.

Plus, it’s easy! All you have to do is click here.

193 thoughts on “Yes, there is an exclusive collector’s edition of Lion Down from Barnes & Noble.

  1. Elite Z Jr –

    I am developing ideas for SS8.

    Also, does Elite Z know you’ve taken this name? If you don’t have permission, you might want to find a new one.

  2. Just saying, I have no idea who Elite Z Jr. is.
    Elite Z Jr.-
    Please stop being obnoxious and change your name.

  3. You know today I checked amazon for the price of the Stuart Gibbs Starter Collection, and the price of the New was raised up to $224.73!!!!

  4. Snowy P –

    The bonus material was some fake FunJungle press releases and crime reports and an interview with Colby Louks, the head of the panda protection program at the WWF.

  5. hi stu i haven’t been on in quite a while and i don’t really plan on coming back that often but i just wanted to say its so surreal to talk (in a sense) to someone that made books that i grew up reading

  6. stu-
    can u have a beagle in your next book in anyway,shap, and, or form? also


  7. stu-

    do you get to pick how much extra ???????????????content you cna have or is it always 16 pages?

  8. Stu—
    I know Dashiell has his own series, the MBA one, but will Violet ever star?
    P. S. My dad is Dave duMonde, your contact at Larchmont Charter School. 🙂

  9. Lance –

    I know exactly how many books I will publish in 2019: Three. And I will have two more released with new packaging. Just look to the right hand column of every page of my website for new release information. And find out about the books on the Books page.

  10. Zion –

    Violet will probably not get her own series.

    Do you go to Larchmont Charter? Because I will be there in a few days.

  11. Stu—
    I don’t go to larchmont charter right now, but I used to. I’m hoping to be able to make a stop when you are there, though.

  12. Lance –

    J.J. made good on the bigger house, but never promised a pool or a bigger yard. Technically, Teddy doesn’t really need a bigger yard. He lives right on the edge of the forest.

  13. Hey stu, Have you ever thought of writing a fourth book for the Last musketeer series?
    I think it would be amazing if you decided to write more in the series.

  14. With the new paperback versions of Traitor’s Chase and Double Cross with there be any announcements to look forward to?

  15. Hey Stuart!

    Why did the release date change for SSBI? For whatever reason it was- I’m not complaining!! Because it is earlier, I can buy the book before I go to China for Karate!

  16. Stu:
    I love your books!! They are amazing. Thank you so much for making the books. And also I hope 30 century fox makes a movie I will see it on the first day it comes out if it does.

  17. ILAYB –

    I did not know that. But I do know that it is also National Bubble Tea Day, National Bugs Bunny Day, National Military Brat Day, National Oatmeal Cookie Day and National Raisin Day — but somehow not National Oatmeal-Raisin Cookie Day.

  18. Agent Klondike –

    Please consult my post from rather long ago about Last Musketeer and why a fourth book will not be happening.

  19. Alanna –

    Release date for SSBI moved up a week. You’re going to China for karate? Wow. You must be good.

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