Yes, there is an exclusive collector’s edition of Lion Down from Barnes & Noble.

I know, this might be starting to seem repetitive. Barnes & Noble has been nice enough to print exclusive collector’s editions of my last eight books.

Well, it’s happening again. B&N is printing an exclusive collector’s edition of Lion Down, the fifth book in the FunJungle series. Once again, it will have a special cover with a poster on the reverse side and 16 pages of bonus content. Although this time, the bonus content will be a little bit different, as it will include my first piece of non-fiction ever published, a true (but hopefully somewhat funny) story of my own personal encounter with a wild mountain lion. Plus some other cool stuff.

As usual, the price of the bonus edition is exactly the same as the price of the regular edition — even though you get all that extra stuff. And occasionally, the exclusive edition ships a bit earlier than the other edition. So really, if you’re going to pre-order Lion Down, there’s no reason not to pre-order the exclusive edition.

Plus, it’s easy! All you have to do is click here.

163 thoughts on “Yes, there is an exclusive collector’s edition of Lion Down from Barnes & Noble.

  1. Zoe –

    That particular mountain lion lives very close to Los Angeles and has a radio collar on it so that it can be tracked, monitored and studied.

  2. Stu-
    If you were to classify some of your characters into Hogwarts houses what houses do you think they would be in?

  3. Music Man –

    Classify all of my characters into Hogwarts houses? I’m thinking I have created somewhere around 100 characters. So, for simplicity’s sake, I’ll say that all my good characters are either Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff and all the bad characters are Slytherin.

  4. Whoa. I just noticed one thing. If you look at the W in the down, the W has 2 arrows in it pointing downwards. Is that intentional?

  5. Great book! I liked the fights, it made the relationship more exciting, but they could have made up at the end or something. Also, how big is the sanctuary? Is it the rest of J.J’s land? And what happened to the giant Bird Cage?

  6. Bookworm –

    The sanctuary is very large, Several square miles.

    The flight cage is still being built, but construction has slowed on it in favor of other projects, like the theme park rides.

  7. Every Spy school character I can think of: Ben, Erica, Alexander, Cyrus, Catherine, the Principal, Murray, joshua hallal, Woodchuck Wallace, Paul lee, Zoe, jawa, chip, warren ashley, nefarious, Elmore Finch, Nate Mackey, Dane Brammage, Leo Shang, Jessica Shang, David stern, jemma stern, jason stern, Kimmy, Claire hutchins

  8. Mr. Person, What about Jenny Lakes or Tina Cuevo? and Vladmir Gorsky? or Sledge the heli-skiing dude? and Edna Farkle? and I can’t believe you forgot Mike! plus, the Stern kids and professor Simon and Coach G and professor Crandal???????????

  9. -Stu I was in CA for a week, I went to the LA Zoo, San Diego Safari Park and San Diego Zoo. In the LA Zoo gift shop, I saw the Fun Jungle books! LAZ is doing their part to spread the Stu Crews.
    Fun Jungle characters are my favorite crew.
    Keep up the great work, I’ll be waiting until the next FJ book!
    Sincerely, Nowlan.

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