Finally… The reveal you’ve been waiting for. Here’s the new series — and the new cover!

Hi readers!

I know I’ve been teasing the new series I’m doing for months.  Much longer than I expected.  I was waiting for my publisher to lock the cover and do their official reveal.  So, rather than draw this out any longer…

Here’s the cover:

Exciting, right?  Another beauty by Lucy Cummins.

Here’s the idea:

Throughout history, the greatest scientists — Einstein, Darwin, Gallileo, Newton — have made discoveries that were too dangerous to trust humanity with, so they hid them.  The CIA — and many other people — have been searching for these for decades to no avail.

But now, an evil organization is closing in on the most dangerous discovery of all  —  an equation developed by Albert Einstein himself that could destroy the world.  Desperate, the CIA has no choice but to recruit the most brilliant person they can find to help them: A twelve-year-old genius named Charlie Thorne.

The catch: Charlie isn’t like any genius you’ve ever encountered before.  She’s a daredevil.  A troublemaker.  And possibly a criminal.

Now, Charlie finds herself unwillingly dragged into a perilous mission that will take her from the ski slopes of Colorado to the tundra of Greenland to the secret tunnels underneath Jerusalem.   Along the way, she’ll have to crack a series of clues left by Einstein himself.  She’ll have no idea who to trust.  And her life will be in constant jeopardy.

But she’ll have to survive.  Because she’s the only one who can save the world.

Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation will debut on September 17, 2019.  Only nine months from now!

Update: This book is already available for pre-orders. If you really like buying books way ahead of time, click here.

Another update:  Just got the first review for this book.  It’s from Booklist, and it’s pretty great.  Excerpt:

“Gibbs deftly pens an Alex Rider–level adventure with this series starter… The plot moves at breakneck speed from start to literal cliffhanger finish.  Charlie is a wildly entertaining protagonist whose intelligence is balanced by normal preteen rebellion. It doesn’t take a theoretical physicist to predict that this series will be popular.” Booklist

225 thoughts on “Finally… The reveal you’ve been waiting for. Here’s the new series — and the new cover!

  1. Elite Z –

    My whole point is that this website has no obligation to allow people to express negative opinions of my books. There are plenty of other sites that allow you to do that. Which might explain why people got upset at you when you did it.

  2. Unheardmeat –

    To be honest, in Charlie Thorne I am writing in third person, so its a little different than writing in first person as a girl might have been.

  3. Chang-Hi-Tech –

    If someone started telling people that you had been incredibly generous, would you try to tell everyone that you weren’t?

  4. This Book sounds interesting. Huge fan, Gibbs. I am excited about this new series. I wondering how many books it is going to have. I hope you read this comment. Try to email me if you can. (Please don’t make comments about my request)

  5. Yes! A female lead! I think that women should be represented more in the medias, film, politics and such. (That meant NO offense to you Mr. Gibbs. Just my opinion) So call me a feminist. Haha Yay! I’m so excited for this to come out and I feel like this is an amazing, interesting concept that could be taken to great lengths and hilarious stories!
    Thanks for being an amazing author!

  6. Nikola –

    I do not know how many books there will be in this series — or any series I have started.

  7. Murray –

    It is unlikely that I would choose MBA to crossover as it happens at a different time than the other books.

  8. Stu,

    You have said the book will be in 3rd person. But will it be in 3rd person limited or 3rd person omniscient?


  9. Stu,

    If the great scientists did not trust humanity with the secrets and hid them, how did the CIA and everyone else find out about them?

  10. Sorry, I’m a little late to the comment section!

    Anyway, I had a question about this story. Is the mood going to be light and humorous like Spy School… or more… dark?

    Also, I’m REALLY excited for this book.

    One last thing, I read everything in your book so far, Alanna. In all honesty, it was mind-blowing. I’m hooked!


  11. GeekApoorva –

    Charlie Thorne is going to be more serious than Spy School. But then, Spy School isn’t really very serious at all. And Charlie will still have some humor to it. I just wanted it to feel more realistic than Spy School.

  12. Stu

    Your books are the best I’m trying to make book using similar format to yours you are my favorite book author 🙂

  13. Shamen –

    Well, the whole point of my writing it is to do something different than Spy School. So… it’s different.

  14. My 9 y/o daughter Olivia will be so excited. She has been hooked on Spy School! A great deal of her appreciation is due to the strong /smart female characters you’ve inserted (Erika). We look forward to this coming out

  15. oh yeah you should make them travel in time so they can meet each other(i totally forgot MBA is at a different time period)

  16. Jeff –

    I am not going to do any crossovers that involve time travel, because time travel is a sci-fi concept and neither FunJungle nor Spy School is sci-fi.

  17. Stu-
    What happened to the Chen-Paucket family from the MBA series? It said that they were going to arrive on Mission 9, but since everyone evacuated MBA, what happens to them?

  18. Stu,

    You say that Spy School isn’t science fiction, but isn’t Joshua’s skeleton/ cannon hand from SSGS kind of science fiction?

  19. This book inspired me to read the Artemis Fowl series.
    How many books do you think will be in the series?

  20. I can’t wait to read your new series! I just finished Funjungle and MBA and I hope that I will get to meet you sometime soon!

  21. Wait a minute… Thinking back to Book Two (Spaced Out) of MBA, the culprit named themselves Charlie, but it was Dr. Goldstein (a girl). I think I have made a conspiricy between Charlie Thorne and MBA…

  22. Koda,
    I said this on a different thing, but….
    My bff’s beloved dog is named Koda.
    Isn’t that a weird coincidence?
    Or are u her?
    Srry for weirdness

  23. Should I stop reading comments?
    I like seeing the input y’all have,
    But I haven’t read SS:GS yet!!!
    No spoilers, y’all!
    Also, I’m on book one of the MBA series…. 🙁

  24. Hi Stu-
    I’m interested in writing a book like this and would like your advice on how to start and what should lead up to the mystery, and, well, what the mystery should be. Please get back to me soon and try emailing me.

  25. Quiji –

    Not to sound uncool here, but it sounds like you’re asking me to come up with the entire story for you. The reason most people become successful writers isn’t that they are necessarily great at writing: they are really good at coming up with ideas. That’s not something I can do for you. It has to come from you.

  26. Hi Stu!!!!

    My Librarian just gave me the advance reader’s copy of Charlie Thorne! I am so excited to read it! How do you distribute the advance copies?

  27. CookiesForver –

    I don’t distributes the advanced copies. My publisher does. And I have no idea what their system is.

  28. I am probably your biggest fan, and I am about 10 years old hoping to make a impression on you. I know you might over look this but I hope you don’t because I am glad you made a Female character because your all your other books are about boys. I think that all your books have an amazing plot in all your books and I am encouring my fellow classmates to read all your glorious books.

  29. Hello Stu!

    I am a big fan of your books and they have been a part of my life since I was in 3rd grade, and I love them just as much (If not more) now. And I have a couple questions for you to answer if you don’t mind…

    1. You mentioned before that Spy School was an idea you had had since you were a kid, was it hard to get that story on paper when you finally started to write it?

    2. How do you deal with writers block?

    and finally,

    3. Did you, or do you, find it challenging to write a novel from the opposite gender’s point of view?

    If you can answer those, that would be amazing!!

    Thanks, Otterly

  30. Otterly –

    Since I had had the idea for so long, I had a very good idea of what to write. So it wasn’t too hard to get it down on paper.

    If I get writers block, I step away from the computer and take a walk.

    I did not write the new book solely from Charlie’s POV. It is in third person, so from multiple POVs, which was a nice change of pace from first person.

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