Finally… The reveal you’ve been waiting for. Here’s the new series — and the new cover!

Hi readers!

I know I’ve been teasing the new series I’m doing for months.  Much longer than I expected.  I was waiting for my publisher to lock the cover and do their official reveal.  So, rather than draw this out any longer…

Here’s the cover:

Exciting, right?  Another beauty by Lucy Cummins.

Here’s the idea:

Throughout history, the greatest scientists — Einstein, Darwin, Gallileo, Newton — have made discoveries that were too dangerous to trust humanity with, so they hid them.  The CIA — and many other people — have been searching for these for decades to no avail.

But now, an evil organization is closing in on the most dangerous discovery of all  —  an equation developed by Albert Einstein himself that could destroy the world.  Desperate, the CIA has no choice but to recruit the most brilliant person they can find to help them: A twelve-year-old genius named Charlie Thorne.

The catch: Charlie isn’t like any genius you’ve ever encountered before.  She’s a daredevil.  A troublemaker.  And possibly a criminal.

Now, Charlie finds herself unwillingly dragged into a perilous mission that will take her from the ski slopes of Colorado to the tundra of Greenland to the secret tunnels underneath Jerusalem.   Along the way, she’ll have to crack a series of clues left by Einstein himself.  She’ll have no idea who to trust.  And her life will be in constant jeopardy.

But she’ll have to survive.  Because she’s the only one who can save the world.

Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation will debut on September 17, 2019.  Only nine months from now!

Update: This book is already available for pre-orders. If you really like buying books way ahead of time, click here.

Another update:  Just got the first review for this book.  It’s from Booklist, and it’s pretty great.  Excerpt:

“Gibbs deftly pens an Alex Rider–level adventure with this series starter… The plot moves at breakneck speed from start to literal cliffhanger finish.  Charlie is a wildly entertaining protagonist whose intelligence is balanced by normal preteen rebellion. It doesn’t take a theoretical physicist to predict that this series will be popular.” Booklist

222 thoughts on “Finally… The reveal you’ve been waiting for. Here’s the new series — and the new cover!

  1. change up the plot a bit.
    I like how you make the main charcter a girl for a change, but don’t plot in the CIA, FBI, or other goverment instutute; since thats a spy school thing. Instead, I think you sould pair Charlie up with a mysterious old lady, which only leaves her some clues once in a while to crack the case. Maybe even Charlie can stumble uppon a friend or two on her way like a shy jewish boy and a greenland lumberjack, which would eventualy help her solve the mystery.

    Thanks for writing these awesome books, I hope you could consider my ideas
    -Kayla Beryl

  2. Sophie –

    I was inspired by Roald Dahl and Ellen Raskin and Donald J Sobel.

    I visit the places that want me to visit them. I usually do cities, not states.

    Charlie Thorne is hopefully unlike any character you have ever encountered before, in my books or anyone else’s.

    I will pass your praise on to Lucy.

  3. Leah!

    Everyone gets writers block. I just take some time to step away from writing and maybe take a hike or walk my dog and brainstorm.

  4. Siberian Yak –

    There are a lot of characters in Spy School. I haven’t thought about the parents of each of them.

  5. lost farkle –

    confetti header for the holidays. Although there hasn’t been a NASA header for a long time. Headers change on occasion.

  6. Kay B –

    Very hard to take suggestions for the book seeing as I have already written it.

    The CIA in this book is very different from the CIA in Spy School.

  7. Can not wait for the new book. con grats!
    P.S. sorry about your wife I lost one of my famliy members and it hurts so I know how it feels.

  8. Stu, will we ever see a crossover of series between your new one and spy school? I personally think that could have some potential….

  9. At first I thought the book seemed kind of like the SS series but then I reread the description AND the first book of the SS series and now I realize that they are actually different. Sorry about that.

  10. Stu-
    In Spy School Goes South, was it hard to write the transition from Ben liking Erica to Ben liking Zoe? Or has he always liked Zoe? Also do you say Zoe’s name like Zoe, or Zoë?

  11. Hey Stu,
    I have two questions for you.
    1. I asked you a few months back if there was going to be a SSBI Exclusive Edition and you said you weren’t sure. Do you know now?
    2. I just read Spaced Out and it was AMAZING. Why there was a milk carton on the front?
    PS: This book looks awesome. Can’t wait!

  12. Stu,
    That would be cool if they did.
    Do you base your characters on people you know in real life, or are they completely fictional?

  13. Stuart Gibbs, have you ever thought about writing a book where every chapter is told in 1st person point of view by a different character each time? For example, in chapter one it’s told by Ben. Then chapter two is told by Erica. Chapter three is told by Ben again.

  14. Elite Z –

    That was extremely rude. It’s very insolent of you to say that you don’t know how anyone could say SSGS was a masterpiece, especially on Stuart’s website. Just because you didn’t like it as much as other people did does not mean you have to be a jerk about it. And you also keep saying you don’t like it. We know. You can stop now.

  15. Alanna-
    I said I don’t like it once. Please, don’t get triggered. Also, I am entitled to my opinion. If you have no problem reading good reviews, you should really have no problem reading bad reviews as well.

  16. Elite Z-

    I don’t have a problem reading bad reviews. I have a problem when people go on an author’s website and say repeatedly they don’t think the book was very good. Saying “mediocre at best” is basically saying the book wasn’t very good. I’m just saying that what you keep doing isn’t polite.

  17. Do u think that maybe in later books in the series it could merge with the spy school series? It’d be sooo cool!~Aini

  18. now thinking about it, ericas grandmother most likely wouldnt be a good spy (if she is even a spy at all) because alexander had to get his bad spy genetics from somewhere.

  19. Ada –

    It wasn’t too hard to write that transition. The potential has always been there.

    Zoe is pronounced ‘ Zoh-ee.”

  20. Liam –

    1) Pretty sure there will be an SSBI exclusive edition.

    2) Because photos of missing children used to be put on milk cartons. Really.

  21. ILoveAllYourBooks –

    Switching the POV every chapter is tricky, and since I haven’t done it that way yet in any SS, I probably won’t start. It would be too jarring tonally, I think.

  22. Elite Z –

    Honestly, you have trashed SSGS far more times than once. And while there are plenty of sites that are devoted to people’s reviews, this is my site and I am under no obligation to print every comment you make. If you would like to post bad reviews, please use those other sites.

    Alana, thanks for looking out for me.

  23. Alanna-
    I feel like saying the truth is more important than how people are feeling about it. I don’t know why I can’t express my honest opinions here.

    Whatever. I just give up. My final word is that I have no problem believing constructive criticism (and yes, I am making constructive criticism because I genuinely want your books to get better). Why not actually listen to people who criticize you and try to improve upon that? I am not trying to be toxic to you or to anyone here. I just hate when people silence my opinions. I feel like I must have just as much right to say negative things about the books as positive things. If I don’t possess this right, then this website is biased, which is bad. So, please be more open to negative criticisms. The only reason why I said bad things about SSGS multiple times is that I was trying to open up to people here and express my honest opinions, a right everyone should have.

  24. Hey Stu-
    I got an idea for a Spy School/ FunJungle crossover. It’s just an idea, but I personally think it has some potential. So Ben is sent out to Texas to investigate a crime of some sort. The criminal is said to have a child in Lyndon B. Johnson, so Ben is sent there to befriend him and get information, kinda like Spy Ski School. So perhaps while investigating, TimJim bullies Ben, while Teddy watches from afar. Teddy steps in to help, but Ben is shown to be competent and defeats the twins. Teddy befriends Ben, and they meet. I’m sorry if my information is outdated, as I still have to pick up Lion Down and Spy School Goes South, but this is basically the general gist of the idea.

  25. Elite Z-
    How would you like it if you worked on a book for month then it get said it’s mediocre at best by a fan. You have every right to express your opinion but why would you do it on his website when you can do it on a review site. Also your opinion isn’t always right and it might appeal to you but not other people.

  26. Elite Z-
    The fact that you insist on forcing your opinion (which, by the way, has solely been “SSGS is bad” without actual constructive criticism)- on Stu’s very site- after he’s repeatedly told you to move your rants elsewhere…that speaks volumes about you.
    We tolerate skeptical fans, not jerks.

    Now that’s a great line haha

  27. Elite Z –

    I have a complete and total right to choose what is on my website. It is part of my business. If you want to give me constructive criticism, then you can write directly to me at my email address, which is easily locatable on this site. If you are truly only interested in reaching me, then it shouldn’t matter to you one bit whether or not your comments are public or not.

  28. James, Will, AM, and Alanna
    Thanks, guys. I am sorry for how I behaved.

    Alright, I can email constructive criticism directly to you. Also, I am also trying to express my opinion to other people on this website, not just you.

  29. i think it might be a good idea to add small easter eggs in your books, like things that might have been significant in another series. So kind of a crossover, but a discreet one. Just a suggestion…

  30. Hey Stu how difficult was it, is , or you think it’s going to be when writing the main character as a girl, as the mind sets of a girl and boy are usually very different. Seiing as they have different emotions and thoughts.


  31. Everyone. Please, join the discord server. It is a really fun place, that is unfortunately dying. So please, even if you aren’t there all the time, the more active people who at least got level 3 (about 50 messages, super easy but no spamming tho) the better.
    Here is the link:

  32. Elite Z –

    Based off of your criticism toward Stu’s MASTERPIECE books, and what you’re trying to do now, I’d say you’re two different people. So that leaves me with one thing to say to you:


  33. Stu-

    In Evil Spy School, you say that the Statue of Liberty was actually not a gift from France, and the U.S. government just sold that story to the rest of the world. I was curious, and wanted to ask you if you knew:

    Why didn’t the French government tell the public that what the U.S. was saying was a lie, if they knew they didn’t give the statue to them?

  34. Chang-Hi-Tech-

    I think that the U.S government either made a deal with the French, or the French just didn’t care. Not only that but the French may have scored some points with the American public after the U.S government lied about it being a gift from France. That’s some serious diplomatic points right there.

    At least, that’s what I think.


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