Finally… The reveal you’ve been waiting for. Here’s the new series — and the new cover!

Hi readers!

I know I’ve been teasing the new series I’m doing for months.  Much longer than I expected.  I was waiting for my publisher to lock the cover and do their official reveal.  So, rather than draw this out any longer…

Here’s the cover:

Exciting, right?  Another beauty by Lucy Cummins.

Here’s the idea:

Throughout history, the greatest scientists — Einstein, Darwin, Gallileo, Newton — have made discoveries that were too dangerous to trust humanity with, so they hid them.  The CIA — and many other people — have been searching for these for decades to no avail.

But now, an evil organization is closing in on the most dangerous discovery of all  —  an equation developed by Albert Einstein himself that could destroy the world.  Desperate, the CIA has no choice but to recruit the most brilliant person they can find to help them: A twelve-year-old genius named Charlie Thorne.

The catch: Charlie isn’t like any genius you’ve ever encountered before.  She’s a daredevil.  A troublemaker.  And possibly a criminal.

Now, Charlie finds herself unwillingly dragged into a perilous mission that will take her from the ski slopes of Colorado to the tundra of Greenland to the secret tunnels underneath Jerusalem.   Along the way, she’ll have to crack a series of clues left by Einstein himself.  She’ll have no idea who to trust.  And her life will be in constant jeopardy.

But she’ll have to survive.  Because she’s the only one who can save the world.

Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation will debut on September 17, 2019.  Only nine months from now!

Update: This book is already available for pre-orders. If you really like buying books way ahead of time, click here.

Another update:  Just got the first review for this book.  It’s from Booklist, and it’s pretty great.  Excerpt:

“Gibbs deftly pens an Alex Rider–level adventure with this series starter… The plot moves at breakneck speed from start to literal cliffhanger finish.  Charlie is a wildly entertaining protagonist whose intelligence is balanced by normal preteen rebellion. It doesn’t take a theoretical physicist to predict that this series will be popular.” Booklist

238 thoughts on “Finally… The reveal you’ve been waiting for. Here’s the new series — and the new cover!

  1. I’m so glad that you are putting up another series. And I’m not saying this to be rude, but what if you die before you can keep on writing the rest of the series’ of Charlie Thorne?

  2. Stuart Gibbs,
    Hi! I love your books (especially spy school, I own them all), and this one sounds like a really cool one too! 2 things. 1. Where do you get your inspiration? And 2. Was this based off of spy school? I could easily see a crossover for these two books.

  3. D Kid –

    For this series, I was inspired by all the action/adventure books I have read throughout my life. I wanted to create a Da Vinci Code for kids.

    This was not based off or related to Spy School.

  4. Stu-

    I saw the comment about how someone asked what would happen if you died and didn’t finish the series. I hadn’t thought about that and left me heartbroken. You’re are not only my inspiration, you are my favorite author, idol, and my icon.
    Quick question- Eathan Hale is Erica Hale’s great-great-great-great-grandfather it said in book 1 and on her wikia. Eathan Hale was a spy that was hired by King George the Third. He was killed after being caught. Did you do this on purpose?

  5. Lillian –

    Do you mean Nathan Hale? Nathan Hale worked for the Colonial army, not George the Third. And yes, he’s the guy I’m talking about in the book.

  6. So your writing Charlie Throne in 3rd person, like The Last Musketeer. That’s a nice change of pace from FJ, SS, and MBA. And while I’m on the topic, the 3 Last Musketeer books were phenomenal. I really like them, except at the end of Doublecross, It felt too fast-paced and everything happened so quickly. Other than that, It was a good book.

  7. Hey Stu-

    I was thinking that you could also make Charlie go to Antarctica! Also, maybe you should make Ben Ripley see what Charlie’s doing and help her…? (I have no idea if this is in the past, present, or future of the CIA).

    But anyway, I HOPE CHARLIE GOES TO ANTARCTICA!!! (I havn’t read this series yet… although I’m working on it).

  8. Hey Stu,
    So, if Charlie Thorne is hired by the CIA, is it the same CIA as in SS or are all your books in separate dimensions, or are all your books just non related?

  9. Hey Stu
    Are you ever going to make all three stories collide and everyone meets everyone or are you going to keep the series separated and in different dimensions?

  10. Charlie –

    I am going to keep the series separate, especially since one takes place nearly twenty years from now.

  11. Dear Mr Gibbs,
    The interesting thing about this series is that it involves the CIA once again. I know you don’t accept ideas, but it would be a good crossover, just saying. You are my favorite author. Is the Last Musketeer good? I haven’t read it yet. Thank you for writing these killer books. You make the world a better place with your writing! ???UR ? and ??!

    Thank you,
    Cyrus Hale

  12. Cyrus Hale –

    You’re asking the author of The Last Musketeer if The Last Musketeer is good? What, exactly, do you think I’m going to say in response?

    Yes, it is amazing. Possibly the finest trilogy of books ever written.

  13. please make a crossover with spy school and mba because the equation cdould relate to aliens and mba

  14. Stu-
    maybe Dashiell from MBA can use his mind powers and accidentally merge all the dimensions in which all your books take place and all the characters meet? or maybe Zan, combined with the mind power of all the other aliens does it? could you include this plot in a future book or is just way too complicated?

  15. I know you don’t take suggestions but maybe in the new series, one of the “equations” could be something to contact ETLF (extraterrestrial life forms). I have read all you books except for the Musketeer Trilogy. Also, I think a crossover wouldn’t be a good idea. I think it would be weird if Ben met with Charlie. He could be in the background facilitating stuff, but it wouldn’t be a good idea to bring him into the foreground.

  16. Ben –

    Doing that would turn all my other books into science fiction, and they are not science fiction.

  17. It’s been quite awhile but I have finally been able to get my hands on SGBI. I’m already halfway through it and really enjoying it. Thanks for being such a great author. You even got put on my school’s author wall!

  18. I just read Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation and I must say, it was fantastic, as usual! Hope you’re planing on a sequel! Trust me, it’ll be fantastic!

    Keep up the great work!!! ?

  19. Hi Stuart! First of all, I want say I’m a big fan of you and your books. You are my favorite author. I just finished Charlie Thorne and the last equation, and it’s amazing! I think it’s the best book you’ve ever written! The characters, the plot, the objective, It’s all so amazing I love it! Thank you so much Stuart Gibbs.

  20. Pleeeease make a book 2 to Charlie Thorne. You are my inspiration and I hope to be an author just like you one day.

  21. Erica –

    The book is available everywhere you would buy books. And there are links to buy it on this page and on my books page.

  22. Hey Stu, I’m not sure if this is the place to say this but in the book you mention the beginning of the twenty-first century and Einstein (~ page 322); I’m just wondering if you meant the beginning of the twentieth century? It’s got me confused.

  23. I love your books i’m reading your new Charlie Thorne book right now. Ican’t wait for your second one

  24. Will there be another book in the series? It is so good I am reading it for the 3rd time. It has a cliff-hanger which is why I want another. Please?

  25. Naomi –

    Yes, I am planning to write another Charlie book. Hopefully, I will have more news about it soon.

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