Here’s the cover — and title — of Spy School 7!

Well, this has been quite a week for exciting news.  First the movie deal for Spy School.  Then the release of the Top Secret Spy School box set.  And today Spy School hit the New York Times bestseller list again.

Plus, I still have that series info to divulge.  Sorry I haven’t done that yet.  My publisher told me I would be able to do it soon — and yet they still haven’t made their big announcement yet.  Which is as frustrating to me as it probably is to you.

But maybe this will tide you over.  I just found out from a post on my own website that my publisher has released the new cover on Amazon and Goodreads.  Which means that it’s not a secret any more and I can share it.

So, here’s the cover:

Amazing, isn’t it?  Yet another masterpiece by Lucy Cummins.

(I know a lot of you figured out this was the title a few days ago because it was leaked on Google somehow.  But I couldn’t confirm it because I still wasn’t sure that the tile and cover would work.  Now, it’s obvious that they do.)

Here’s a synopsis:

Superspy middle schooler Ben Ripley is finally going to take SPYDER down, once and for all in this latest addition to the New York Times bestselling Spy School series.

Stranded in Mexico after nearly capturing the leaders of SPYDER, thirteen-year-old Ben Ripley desperately needs to take a shower. But even more so, he and his spy school friends need to come up with a new plan to defeat their enemies, their only clue a key that opens…something.

The Mission: Go rogue from the CIA, join up with the British MI6 to locate the leader of SPYDER, the enigmatic Mr. E, and bring down the evil organization once and for all.

Only it won’t be easy. They’ll have to deal with rival evil splinter factions, devious double-crosses and learning to drive on the opposite side of the road. But they have no other choice: this is their last and final chance to crack the code on SPYDER.


As usual, this is all I’m going to share about the book.  Because answering any more questions about it will ruin the fun of reading it.  So please don’t ask me any questions about SS7. If you do, I will simply refer you right back to this page and ask you to read the whole thing again.

It comes out May 7, 2019.  That’s less than a year away.  less time than you normally have to wait for a Spy School book.

UPDATE:  Even though I said no questions, at least a dozen people have written to me with the exact same question, so I’m going to answer it to make this clear: THIS IS NOT THE LAST BOOK IN THE SERIES.

If Ben and his friends defeat SPYDER (and I’m not saying they will) why would that end the series?  There are lots of other potential bad guys out there.

1,033 thoughts on “Here’s the cover — and title — of Spy School 7!

  1. Pleas make Ben and Erica a thing since Ben has worked so hard for her I don’t think it would be fair for Zoe to date him plus their best friends a relationship could ruin their friendship

  2. Stu-

    I don’t have a clue why ben did not kiss Zoe but in book 7 they should start dating. I’m also curios about Charlie Thorne. Will Ripley take down SPYDER. Yes but then you make book 8 and then another evil organization comes and you should make a page where Summer and Teddy bring there kids to fun jungle

    Cyrus Hale

  3. Hey Mr. Gibbs! My name is Aidan Zamany and I live in Houston TX, I have read and own ALL your books. They inspire me in many ways, also I love how much you respect and support our Earth, wildlife, and nature in general! Since I am one of your #1 fans ( I am sure you have a lot of those, LOL ) I was wondering if you could some how include me or my name in one of your future books! It would be a dream come true! I look forward to seeing your future work!
    PS: Will you be making a movie out of any of your novels???!?!?

  4. Aidan –

    Please read my FAQ page about requests to be in my books.

    Fox has acquired the rights to make a film of Spy School. There is a post about it on my blog.

  5. Stuart Gibbs I am kid who owns every spy school book and I have been reading them as my primary book and I thought it would be cool if you made spy school 8 happen somewhere in Canada in somewhere like British Columbia or Ontario or Quebec it would be interesting and quite cool

  6. I absolutely adore your books. I am so sorry about your wife! And also, is Murray really willing to turn against SPYDER for his freedom?

  7. Are you ever going to make a bad guy a main character after you run out of ideas? Cause that will be interesting.

  8. Handy Pants –

    I will probably not make a bad guy a main character. Because stories usually don’t work with bad guys as main characters. Which is why 99.999% of books have good guys as main characters.

  9. I have a question

    On the ski lift, what did Erica mean when she kinda liked ben

    2() In one of the fun jungle books you named Hank Duntz as Hand Donst

  10. Nathan –

    It meant Erica kind of likes Ben.

    If Hank Duntz is ever written as Hand Donst that’s a misprint.

  11. When I first read that Ben would take SPYDER once and for all I got sad because I thought it would be the last book. I am so relieved that it isn’t! I am one of your many Number 1 fans!

  12. stu-

    since SPYDER is a evil organization and not really anyone knows about them then how to they make money?


  13. For Mr.Gibbs –

    My friend is in this group thing of yours (I forgot what it’s called) but she told me that when you are in this special group of yours, you get to know cool things about new books. She says she knows who Mr. E is but won’t tell me. Is there and way I could get into the group? (Sorry for bothering you about this though.)

  14. Manga Juice –

    Um… You’re going to have to give me more info about who your friend is. I have no idea what special group you are talking about.

  15. Manga Juice –

    When they become older that won’t be an issue. At least 50% of couples are not the same age.

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