Here’s the cover — and title — of Spy School 7!

Well, this has been quite a week for exciting news.  First the movie deal for Spy School.  Then the release of the Top Secret Spy School box set.  And today Spy School hit the New York Times bestseller list again.

Plus, I still have that series info to divulge.  Sorry I haven’t done that yet.  My publisher told me I would be able to do it soon — and yet they still haven’t made their big announcement yet.  Which is as frustrating to me as it probably is to you.

But maybe this will tide you over.  I just found out from a post on my own website that my publisher has released the new cover on Amazon and Goodreads.  Which means that it’s not a secret any more and I can share it.

So, here’s the cover:

Amazing, isn’t it?  Yet another masterpiece by Lucy Cummins.

(I know a lot of you figured out this was the title a few days ago because it was leaked on Google somehow.  But I couldn’t confirm it because I still wasn’t sure that the tile and cover would work.  Now, it’s obvious that they do.)

Here’s a synopsis:

Superspy middle schooler Ben Ripley is finally going to take SPYDER down, once and for all in this latest addition to the New York Times bestselling Spy School series.

Stranded in Mexico after nearly capturing the leaders of SPYDER, thirteen-year-old Ben Ripley desperately needs to take a shower. But even more so, he and his spy school friends need to come up with a new plan to defeat their enemies, their only clue a key that opens…something.

The Mission: Go rogue from the CIA, join up with the British MI6 to locate the leader of SPYDER, the enigmatic Mr. E, and bring down the evil organization once and for all.

Only it won’t be easy. They’ll have to deal with rival evil splinter factions, devious double-crosses and learning to drive on the opposite side of the road. But they have no other choice: this is their last and final chance to crack the code on SPYDER.


As usual, this is all I’m going to share about the book.  Because answering any more questions about it will ruin the fun of reading it.  So please don’t ask me any questions about SS7. If you do, I will simply refer you right back to this page and ask you to read the whole thing again.

It comes out May 7, 2019.  That’s less than a year away.  less time than you normally have to wait for a Spy School book.

UPDATE:  Even though I said no questions, at least a dozen people have written to me with the exact same question, so I’m going to answer it to make this clear: THIS IS NOT THE LAST BOOK IN THE SERIES.

If Ben and his friends defeat SPYDER (and I’m not saying they will) why would that end the series?  There are lots of other potential bad guys out there.

1,073 thoughts on “Here’s the cover — and title — of Spy School 7!

  1. Mary-
    Kate Grant is a very minor character is ESS. She is one of Elizabeth Pasternak’s friends who Mike tells that Ben is a spy, to get him “another hot girlfriend”.
    -Your biggest fan

  2. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited for this! I really hope that there is some Berica Romance, will there be any Boe romance? Personally I don’t ship Boe so Im crossing my fingers for Berica Romance. 🙂

  3. right after i finished reading every book you have ever published i started seeing people wearing sweatshirts that say SPYDER. is that not crazy?
    -Your biggest fan who is a unicorn

  4. Dear stu, i’m only halfway done with ss6 and i love it. all the drama and action makes it impossible to stop reading. gotta run, have to keep reading ss6!

  5. Hi, I love spy School series, there’s just one thing:
    I live in England and they’re so hard to find here!
    Most of the copies of spy School series I find online have to be shipped from America and they are not available in kindle edition on amazon so I can’t buy it to download on my kindle, Why?

  6. Movie deal ay? DOES THIS MEAN THERE IS GUNNA BE A MOVIE SERIES!!! pls update us on this! Btw I absolutely adore your books they allow me to escape from social media and be more creative for the short while it takes me to read each book! You have made me so happy knowing this isn’t the end is the series and that the next book is going to be in Britain (I’m British) ….thank you so much 🙂
    So glad this isn’t the end

  7. Lucy –

    Different countries contract with me to get my books. For some reason England took the first two spy schools but none of the rest. Maybe SSBI will change their minds.

  8. Aini –

    There is possibly going to be a movie. I won’t know for sure for some time. But the deal is a good start.

  9. -Stu

    It looks amazing! I would love to see some new characters…… About the movie (that might not happen), will it be based on just the first SS book or multiple spy school books? I doubt you could fit all of the books though… It would be cool if there were 2 or 3 SS movies!

    -Spy School Fan

  10. victoria-
    In real life, SPYDER is a brand that manufactures high-end skiing apparel. They have a pretty cool logo too- and a spider with something that looks like a lock on it. Maybe that’s what the silver key is for xD

    “Spyder” is also a software and a 2017 film.

  11. OMG I love your books.
    I noticed that in the SS series, the FJ series, and in the MBA series, you used some of the names repeatedly but if they are one of the main names in one series, they are usually just slipped in there in another series. Is it just that you like those names, or that you want to have a connection between books. Plz reply

  12. Hi Stuart I am your #1 fan I really love your books , I would love to ask you a question,what is organization SPIDERS purpose in trying in kill the president? All that would do is create a cluster of chaos, that would pretty much cause all of the agency’s in America to hunt down the agency in every way, don,t get me wrong they are heavily armed and trained but seriously why? Trying to end the president,s life will just end your agency’s existence, sorry if I sound mean, it’s just that SPIDER is well, how do I Say this, their : stupid , thank you Mr Gibbs. p.s. My code name is : smokescreen. *wink*?

  13. Stu-

    I have to say, your books are written fantastically. There has never been a series before myself reading spy camp which has had me think, reread, and keep my eyes glued to the pages for hours on end. Along with the usual nicely written CIA vs SPYDER plots, you’ve managed to add a hint of romance along with a hint of comedy as well. I remember reading (I believe it was SS5?) where Ben was being interrogated about his miscommunicated involvement in SPYDER and he was asked “Do you love America?” “What does that have to do with anything?” Oh man, that part had me cracked up. Literally can’t wait for SS7. Hope I get to see a book that was just as good, if not better than SS5, because that was my favourite one so far.

    P.S. I know a lot of people are also talking about wanting to see Berica; and despite my understanding of this being an action-packed series of spies vs evil and not romance, I want to see something for Berica as well, I admit. Your ending in SS5 concerning Berica was extremely well written, especially where Erica had staged Jason wetting his pants.

  14. Also, I noticed in SS6 there wasn’t any Jawa or Chip. I’ll be looking to see if they get featured in SS7. I particularly like Jawa because he’s arguably the best spy which isn’t a mole for spyder or a part of the Hale Family.

  15. Squiddie-

    Stuart has answered this type of question hundreds of times. He does not know how many books will be in the series. Considering this, it’s impossible for him to say if the 8th book will be the last book in the series.

  16. Aiden –

    SPYDER’s entire mission is to cause chaos and mayhem for a price. That is laid out in book one. People pay them to do bad things and they do it. There are certainly hundreds, if not thousands of reasons that different evil organizations might want a president dead. I’m not going to bother to list them all here because I’m sure you could probably think of a few if you put your mind to it.

  17. Henry –

    Thanks for your kind words. Jawa and Chip might surface again if it makes sense to have them in a story.

  18. Hey mate my birthday is May 7th and I’ve finally convinced my brother to get it for me. I’m really excited for it. Are you going to make more books in the spy school series after this one?

  19. Dear Stu,
    I really love your books and I have just finished SS Goes South, and it really left me thinking and craving for another book. Here is my question: In SS 6, does Joshua Hallal really die or will he make an appearance in SS7? Also please have a Berica or Boe be a thing. Thanks!

  20. AM-

    So far it’s Evil Spy School, Spy Ski School, Spy School: Secret Service, and Spy School: Goes South.

  21. Mary –

    I consider Nina and Erica to be quite different, but I suppose they have some minor similarities.

  22. Stu-
    Hey! I’m a big fan of your books. I do have a question though. How come Erica doesn’t know spanish but yet she knows others like French, Russian, and etc?

  23. Biggest Fan –

    The reason the romance (and other things) are classified is that revealing big plot points ruins much of the story. And I know you don’t want me to ruin the story, right?

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