Here’s the cover — and title — of Spy School 7!

Well, this has been quite a week for exciting news.  First the movie deal for Spy School.  Then the release of the Top Secret Spy School box set.  And today Spy School hit the New York Times bestseller list again.

Plus, I still have that series info to divulge.  Sorry I haven’t done that yet.  My publisher told me I would be able to do it soon — and yet they still haven’t made their big announcement yet.  Which is as frustrating to me as it probably is to you.

But maybe this will tide you over.  I just found out from a post on my own website that my publisher has released the new cover on Amazon and Goodreads.  Which means that it’s not a secret any more and I can share it.

So, here’s the cover:

Amazing, isn’t it?  Yet another masterpiece by Lucy Cummins.

(I know a lot of you figured out this was the title a few days ago because it was leaked on Google somehow.  But I couldn’t confirm it because I still wasn’t sure that the tile and cover would work.  Now, it’s obvious that they do.)

Here’s a synopsis:

Superspy middle schooler Ben Ripley is finally going to take SPYDER down, once and for all in this latest addition to the New York Times bestselling Spy School series.

Stranded in Mexico after nearly capturing the leaders of SPYDER, thirteen-year-old Ben Ripley desperately needs to take a shower. But even more so, he and his spy school friends need to come up with a new plan to defeat their enemies, their only clue a key that opens…something.

The Mission: Go rogue from the CIA, join up with the British MI6 to locate the leader of SPYDER, the enigmatic Mr. E, and bring down the evil organization once and for all.

Only it won’t be easy. They’ll have to deal with rival evil splinter factions, devious double-crosses and learning to drive on the opposite side of the road. But they have no other choice: this is their last and final chance to crack the code on SPYDER.


As usual, this is all I’m going to share about the book.  Because answering any more questions about it will ruin the fun of reading it.  So please don’t ask me any questions about SS7. If you do, I will simply refer you right back to this page and ask you to read the whole thing again.

It comes out May 7, 2019.  That’s less than a year away.  less time than you normally have to wait for a Spy School book.

UPDATE:  Even though I said no questions, at least a dozen people have written to me with the exact same question, so I’m going to answer it to make this clear: THIS IS NOT THE LAST BOOK IN THE SERIES.

If Ben and his friends defeat SPYDER (and I’m not saying they will) why would that end the series?  There are lots of other potential bad guys out there.

1,033 thoughts on “Here’s the cover — and title — of Spy School 7!

  1. Noah-
    Yeah, I noticed that too. First of all the covers have to retain the same theme, because they’re part of a recgonizable series. And also, ESS works on the sharp contrast against regular SS, thus the “evil” color scheme change.

  2. bookworm8-

    no i don’t agree with u it hasent really happened with mike Erica just complemented him on something that doesn’t mean that she likes him

  3. jack Aguilera-

    ummmmmmm i wasnet talking to you and i know i am not stu and what do u mean i can’t stand for him WHO IS HIM!?!?!

  4. Bookworm8 –

    Because I have always loved writing. And if you can get paid to do what you love, that’s a wonderful thing.

  5. Jack Aguilera –

    It is not cool to tell other people to shut up on my site. I would have deleted your comment if Mary hadn’t already seen it. You owe her an apology.

  6. Yaaaay I am so happy this is not the last book in the series. this book looks soooo good thank you Stuart Gibbs you roooock!!!!!

  7. I love the books. They’re kinda short for me the book is thick and the covers are cool but one page is short. I wish there was a more teenage version of it. Ben’s emotions get in the way to much. I feel as though he should be a better spy from observing Erica and being at spy school for awhile. I think they got too much info from the Gorsky scene. SPOILER There were 3 cargo ships of nukes and now their sitting all across anartica how do they find them. Also what happened with gorsky and Paul lee. I like Murray and the Zoe/Ben stuff. You’re like a modern day jk Rowling to me

  8. Hi Mr. Gibbs, I have been scrolling through the comments and i have noticed many people have suggested titles and plots for upcoming books. However, you say that other people are not allowed to suggest things like that.

    I am just curious, but why do you say that? I find the people’s plots and titles quite interesting.

    Sincerely, Abhiraam

    PS. I like your books a lot and i cant wait to read SS7. Time goes slowly when you wait. Bye!

  9. Stu-

    I am back and I have a question regarding Dane Brammage. How did he survive everything he’s been through? I mean, he was in a helicopter crash, an avalanche, was sunk in a frozen lake, and thrown into a shark tank. How did he survive all that?


  10. Koda-

    i know i am not stu but i think he survived because he is a big bodyguard and he is very strong
    (i don’t know if i am right though)


  11. hugefunjunglefan-

    I wasn’t aware that someone had already come up with that quote, but thnx for letting me know 🙂

  12. stu-

    so in spy school secret service when Ben,Zoe, Erica (well at least ) ,Mike,Chip,Jawa
    and Cyrus so when they go in the room where he is accusing them are they blind folded?


  13. Mary

    I think you can stand for Stu. But Stu has a big problem with this site. He can’t even comment the comments other people are having but let you take care of it. Stu needs to be more responsible.

  14. Haha. You guys have the same idea as me. I, too, think Jack is right about Ben and Erica getting together

  15. British Invasion should have Ben and Erica getting together. So I think Jack Aguilera is soooooo right

  16. Mary –

    Find something you’re passionate about and write about that. And don’t be afraid of rejection, because every writer has their first work get rejected. Just about.

  17. Abhiraam –

    I never said that people couldn’t suggest things. I just said that I most likely couldn’t use their suggestions.

  18. Koda –

    He survives because it’s fiction. The same way that Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise’s character) survives motorcycle crashes and helicopter crashes and everything else in Mission: Impossible.

  19. Bookworm8 –

    The life of a writer isn’t that chaotic. You spend a lot of time alone, writing. It’s much easier than coal mining. And probably far less stressful than brain surgery.

  20. Infinity –

    Your comment doesn’t make sense; I can’t understand what you’re trying to say about the comments. And secondly, as for my responsibility, I am an author, not a blogger. I run this site to the best of my ability and do my best to respond to people as quickly as I can, in addition to doing all my writing and trying to raise a family. It’d be far easier for me to just not let people comment at all and then no one could give me crap about responsibility, period. But I allow there to be comments so that people can ask me questions. If people are going to start getting rude with one another and arguing in the comments, I don’t really have time to police that.

  21. Bloopy –

    British Invasion is already written. So it’s a little late to be voicing comments about what should happen in it.

  22. mr. gibbs-

    Are the SSBI ARC’s out yet? I love to try to hunt for them!

    (I have found Panda-Monuim and SSSS and Insurgent and peopled loved me forever 😉
    People love it when they can read it early. Plus, they’re free 🙂

  23. Paul Orchard –

    Because printing a book takes time. Once the writing is finished, there is still a lot of work to do. The books have to be designed, formatted, printed and shipped.

  24. just curious who is #TeamBenandErica? also, who is #TeamMikeandZoe? I am for both all the way! 🙂 also what does ARC stand for? and infinity you are making no sense dude

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