Information on my new series is coming soon!

Hi everyone –

This is kind of a weird blog post, because it’s basically a post telling you that there is going to be another, more important post in a few weeks.

However, lots of you have been asking if I can share any information about the new series that I’m working on, which I mentioned in a post back in February.

The answer is:  Not yet.  But soon.

Here’s what is going on: My publisher wants to make a big media announcement about the new series before I spill the beans about it.  It has been a much longer wait for this than I expected.  (When I mentioned the new series back in February, I figured the announcement would be made last spring or summer.)  It looks like that announcement will be made on the first week of October, while I am out on tour for Spy School Goes South.

So, please sit tight and be patient.  And please don’t write to me asking if I can personally give you more details before the announcement, because I can’t.

In the meantime, I can share these few tidbits with you.  But that’s it:

The new series will debut next year, probably in the fall.

I have already written several drafts of the first book.

It is also going to be middle grade, although hopefully, it will also attract older readers as well.

That’s all I have.  In the meantime, don’t forget about Spy School Goes South, which will be out in less than two weeks!

UPDATE: Obviously the announcement was not made in early October.  Or late October.  But I hope it will be made soon.  Please don’t write to ask me when it is coming, because I don’t know.

122 thoughts on “Information on my new series is coming soon!

  1. Mr Gibbs-
    Wait… is SSBE (if its legit) the last Spy School book. According to Google Books “Follows the spies-in-training on a hunt to find the leader of the evil organization SPYDER and take them down once and for all”
    Once and for all… IS SPY SCHOOL OVER??!! AHHH!

    Rush-How does that spoil SSGS?

  2. Hello Stu I have some questions.

    Are you going to write another book in the Spy School series? Or the FunJungle series? Or the Moon Base Alpha series?

    How many books will there be in each series?

    Are you going to turn any of your books into a movie?

    Can you please tell me what your next book is about?

    When is your next book coming out?

    Are you going to do any crossovers between your series?

    I have a great idea for a crossover! If I send it to you, can you use it?

    Oh. Well I also have an idea for another book in one of your series. Can I share that with you?

    Where do you get the ideas for your books?

    Are you going to visit (insert the place where you live) soon?

    Can you come visit my school/hometown/local library?

    Can you write me into one of your books?

    Awwww. Why not?

    So… There’s no way I can appear in one of your books? Because I really, really want to be in one.

    Can you send me one of your books for free?

    Why not?

    Now, here’s the answers to some other questions I get asked a lot:

    Where did you grow up?

    Where do you live now?

    How long have you wanted to be a writer?

    Where did you go to college?

    What was your inspiration for the FunJungle series?

    What was your inspiration for the Spy School series?

    What was your inspiration for the Moon Base Alpha series?

    Do you do the covers for your books?.

    What did you do before you wrote novels?

    What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

    Where do you like to travel?

    What’s the most exciting animal viewing you’ve ever had?

    Do you still write movies?

    Can you come visit my school?

  3. Jaaj –

    If you look at the FAQ page of my website I answer every single one of those questions.

    Oh wait. You did look at the FAQ page and then just copied all the questions I’ve answered there. You really need to find a better way to spend your time.

  4. Just read SSGS. Funny how Zoe was portrayed more romantically with Ben than Erica. Anyways, AWESOME read.

  5. Are you making this new series because ss 7 or fj 5 will be the last book in their series or will their be more books for those series?

  6. Hello Mr. Gibbs-

    I just want to say I’m a big fan of all your books (except The Last Musketeer, I haven’t read that one) and that I just got SSGS. I love it! I have one question, how did you get the idea for SSGS, and when? Also I’m doing a book report on it so I’ll have fun with that. Thanks for reading this and I hope you keep making SWAWESOME books!

    Have a nice day!

  7. Stu- Not really a spoiler, but don’t read below if don’t want to get spoiled

    So Ben said that he and Zoe never touched, but hasn’t Zoe hugged him like a dozen times?

  8. I read your FAQ and noticed that you went to an Ivy League school. That must have been really nice to be there. I was wondering who your favorite author was (besides yourself) because authors probably read more than I do in their free time, right? It would be great if you could respond.

  9. Lucas –

    I usually start developing each book in the SS series while I am writing the previous book. But it’s hard to say exactly how I got an idea. I am just thinking of things all the time.

  10. Zach Attack –

    Among my favorite writers: Michael Crichton, Carl Hiaasen, Gregory McDonald, Ellen Raskin, Douglas Adams.

  11. Stu-

    Ha, stuff like romance in SS doesn’t get by me all too quickly. Plus I was listening to the audiobook which was made sure I heard all the details.

    I do have some very pressing concerns about the Spy School Goes South. I hope you could address them



    It’s a very long read, but I hope you can read it all. I will always love your books Stu and I applaud you for writing this still so well with what happened. Thank you for writing and I hope you can comment on some of my analysis

  12. Stu-
    I’m guessing that Spy School British Invasion will be in Britain.
    So will it include Erica’s mom and the people from Spy Camp?
    Will any other characters be going with Ben?
    I understand if you can’t give any of this information, I’m just really looking forward to it!

  13. Stu,

    Is SSBI (Spy School British Invasion) an actual book, or is it probably just some person on Google with a lot of free time on their hands? On Google, it said it would be the last one, and you already confirmed it wouldn’t be. So is the rest true, or false? Yes or No.

  14. Omega –

    You are welcome to your opinion about my books. However, I would appreciate if you wrote to me directly at the email address I have on my FAQ page rather than posting a litany of spoilers.

    As far as characters and development are concerned, some people want me to develop the characters more, other people want them to stay exactly the same. You seem to be upset by the development of some characters and the non-development of others. Just be aware that, when people become attached to book series, you can’t please everyone.

  15. Nowlan –

    Oh man, SS6 just came out and you’re already asking for details on SS7? Everything about SS7 is classified!

  16. Hey Stuart!!
    I listened to spy school goes south in two days!! It’s fantastic!!!!! I can’t wait for the new series!!!!!
    Thank you for your amazing books!!!!!!

  17. Congrats on a new book! I got, read, and finished SSGS on Tuesday and it’s so good! I can’t wait for more books.

  18. Why do we have to put in our email to post and is there/ will there be an account system?

    I am thinking of being an author when I grow up like when I am in writing class I have to write (Obviously lol) it is hard for me to write things that she tells us to write but when it is free write I am the best in the class and my paper gets very long very fast

    Have a good day

  19. Stu, after four years of being a huge fan (you probably remember my username from a couple years back, too) I finally get to meet you in real life soon! I’ll let you know when it’s me.

  20. Im sorry Mr.Gibbs for saying this but I just finished your newest book Spy School goes south and I am super disappointed in the massive cliff hanger and also about the entire story. I usally really love your books, but this one just didn’t feel right to me. I do have some ideas for your next book that I will list down below. Please hear me out and take these ideas into consideration for the next spy school novel.

    Idea: In Spy School book 7 while the whole team rushes to stop SPYDER spy school is taken over while the team is away and everyone there is held hostage, also SPYDER launches all moles in every government agency causing a mass panik. That is one idea.

  21. -Mr.Gibbs

    I was quite confused about how Zoe and Ben were romantically portrayed in the book I love the plot twist, but now I’m super confused 🙁 Please make the next book more easy to decide who Ben likes. Thanks either way.


  22. Reader1 –

    Love is complicated. Ben is torn between who he likes more. Sorry if that’s a problem for you.

  23. If SS7 is in the UK thanks because it’s where I live
    Some people, myself included haven’t read SS6 yet so you people talk about something else like FJ5 thanks
    Seeing people’s questions on Erica,Ben and Zoe I’m confused because Ben sees Zoe as purely a best friend in other books and for this to change dramatically is a bit wierd after just a single book (Not saying that the books bad Stu as I haven’t read it yet)
    Also saw something about people having personal accounts, I think that that’s a good idea
    Sorry if I’m going on
    Congrats now that Spy school is officially a Disney franchise (Disney bought fox)
    I know that you live in America and so I guess it’s easier but will you ever have a book where the main character is not American or where the series in not set in USA (MBA doesn’t count)
    Thanks for reading
    Loyal Fan since 2012 out

  24. Hey, Stu! I saw you in real life today!
    My name’s Jace and we talked about Stan Lee and how I got a free copy of Belly Up at a movie theater which first got me reading your books. I honestly never thought I would actually see you in real life nor that my parents would say yes to driving a gazillion miles to Boston where I saw you AND Jeff Kinney. Today has been the best day ever since my birthday. Thank you!

  25. Agent Ben

    I probably won’t have a series where the main character is not American. But my books are going to start moving around the world a lot more.

  26. Hello, Mr.Gibbs! I am an 11-year-old at the Atlanta international school, which you are to visit next week. I now know about spy school British invasion, I am very happy about, and look forward to getting it when it comes out. I’ve read spy school goes south, between the matter of two days, and I loved it and even miss it, and am waiting for the next book. meanwhile, I will be reading ‘the last musketeer’, ‘lion down’, and ‘waste of space’. I really did not like the fact that I hadn’t read when it came out. I’m hoping they have it in my school library, or in the public library. I really look forward to seeing you and maybe even talking to you, that would be a dream come true. Thank you, BEST AUTHOR EVER!!!!!

  27. Hey Stu, I just finished reading ss6 and as much as it pains me to say, I have to admit that this was your weakest book in the whole series. The whole Ben, Erica, and Zoe love triangle never made any sense to me. In ss4 when Zoe was asking Erica if she liked Ben, erica admitted to liking him. Yet Zoe didn’t seem jealous at all. So why is Zoe all of sudden feeling jealous for something that she started in the first place? Another thing is character development. The thing that makes most books great or even good is the character development. Everyone wants to feel like they’re learning and growing with the protagonist. But if you have all these obtuse characters and don’t add anything to them. Then it’ll be the same story. That brings me to my next point. You have written the same story over and over again. The gang finds themselves on a mission trying to thwart SPYDER. They get some clues and then Ben solves everything. If you do keep writing like this then it’s only a matter of time before your audience gets bored with the formula. Ben has also got to be the most anti climatic character. Everything is good and jolly when he finds out about SPYDER’s plans but when things goes south he isn’t able to do anything until the very end where he does something big. I feel like if you aged Ben faster in every book we could see his mental skills grow and polished. We could also see his hand to hand combat grow as well. Because at this point I’m sick of him sitting around letting Erica do the heavy lifting. I feel like you should try to put a face next to Ben if you get what I mean. This community could be so much bigger if you gave Ben an a apearence. Fans could make fan art which could draw others into your stories. I read somewhere where you said that you wanted the readers to imagine him the way they wanted but I feel like that was a lazy excuse. The continuity is something that is confusing me as well. It’s not as bad as the first few books but it’ll definitely drive readers away. I have a few more things I would like to get out of my head but some of those are spoilers and it isn’t right to write them on this thread. But one last thing is that you need to put a cap on this series. If you don’t then it’ll just be like the 39 clues series where they try to drain out every single penny from readers. Instead why not start a new series where the gang is a few years older? It’ll be like the Percy Jackson and the olympians books, but then the second series would be like the Hero’s of Olympus. Where all the characters from the previous series are aged a little.

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