Information on my new series is coming soon!

Hi everyone –

This is kind of a weird blog post, because it’s basically a post telling you that there is going to be another, more important post in a few weeks.

However, lots of you have been asking if I can share any information about the new series that I’m working on, which I mentioned in a post back in February.

The answer is:  Not yet.  But soon.

Here’s what is going on: My publisher wants to make a big media announcement about the new series before I spill the beans about it.  It has been a much longer wait for this than I expected.  (When I mentioned the new series back in February, I figured the announcement would be made last spring or summer.)  It looks like that announcement will be made on the first week of October, while I am out on tour for Spy School Goes South.

So, please sit tight and be patient.  And please don’t write to me asking if I can personally give you more details before the announcement, because I can’t.

In the meantime, I can share these few tidbits with you.  But that’s it:

The new series will debut next year, probably in the fall.

I have already written several drafts of the first book.

It is also going to be middle grade, although hopefully, it will also attract older readers as well.

That’s all I have.  In the meantime, don’t forget about Spy School Goes South, which will be out in less than two weeks!

UPDATE: Obviously the announcement was not made in early October.  Or late October.  But I hope it will be made soon.  Please don’t write to ask me when it is coming, because I don’t know.

122 thoughts on “Information on my new series is coming soon!

  1. Rush – Teddys parents are both American

    HugeFunjungleFan – Nope it’s my real name just a coincidence with Big Ben, Ben Ripley and that I’m also called Ben

    Stu – Thanks, so will there be books on all continents then or not because you could have a spy school world tour themed book

  2. stu-

    how do you go to areas for reading and signing? do you go in one big tour or once every say two weeks?

  3. Yourmajesty (wow, humble name there)

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don’t have the time to argue with you about everything though. Sorry you didn’t like this book as much.

  4. Iron Beagle –

    I usually go out on tour when my books come out. My publisher arranges everything, including picking the bookstores and cities.

    How did mike explain to his parents about his relationship with Jemma?

  6. Mr.Gibbs
    i was just wondering if Erica and Ben ever did end up together wouldn’t that signial the end of the series. i guess my question is when writing do you lead the readers on and not give them what they want until the very end? like in movies the happily ever after is always known but people still watch, because of what? the anticipation?

  7. Jade –

    I never said that getting ben & Erica together would signal the end of the series. But on the topic of giving people what they want… While lots of people say they want Ben & Erica together, no one ever says what they expect that to mean. So I’ll ask you: What does it mean for you to have them be in a relationship?

  8. stuart-

    answering your question to jade, I think (and a lot of people probably agree on this) it means that they move out of the friend zone aka boyfriend and girlfriend

  9. adeline –

    I get that people want them to move out of the friend zone — but again, what does that mean to you? Because if it means the two of them doing a lot of kissing, that’s not really middle grade material.

  10. Mikeforlife –

    I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Did I say that I was doing a signing at a B&N in March?

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