Barnes & Noble is printing an exclusive edition of Spy School Goes South

Sorry if these posts are getting redundant but… Barnes & Noble is doing yet another special edition of one of my books.  (For those of you keeping score at home, I believe this is special edition #8.)

As usual, there will be 16 pages of fun bonus material that I have written, and a bonus poster on the inside cover of the book jacket.  (Plus, the special edition cover is always extra-sparkly.)

And guess how much extra you have to pay for all this good stuff: Nothing!  It’s exactly the same price!  (Extra bonus: Sometimes the special editions ship earlier than the regular editions, so people occasionally get their copies early.  Not always.  But occasionally.)

If you want to pre-order your copy, click here.

232 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble is printing an exclusive edition of Spy School Goes South

  1. Stu-
    Hello! I am a great fan of your books.
    Anyway, I wanted to ask if you have a favorite quote from Spy School and FunJungle
    Also, I got one of my friends to read your books!
    So, that’s great…


  2. Agent Romanova –

    Oh man, a favorite quote from my own books? I honestly don’t know if i have one. I’ve never thought about it and I can’t even remember most of the lines i have written.

    But I do appreciate you getting someone to read something of mine!

  3. Nice update to your webpage! I am really excited for SSGS. Also, we are hosting a short story contest in our discord server, so join and apply. It’s really easy. Just make a short story with 500 to 1,000 words, and send it to me. The rest of the rules are on our discord server. If you enjoy writing, I recommend you to apply. Good luck! Here is the link to the server: Also, we have over 50 members there, so it should be pretty active, for those of you who enjoy socializing with your fellow Gibbs fans. 🙂

  4. Hey Mr.Gibbs, I look up to you a lot, and I admire your books as well. I have only read the Spy School series and CANT WAIT for the next one. I love how Ben and Erica’s “friendship” grew, and I was so happy when Mike joined the school, but I grew a little jealous as he started thinking outside of the box and did what Erica did. I really want to read a sample of SSGS, but I cannot find one anywhere!!! Maybe it’s not up yet…but I can’t waiiitttt!!! I wonder what’s going to happen now that Zoe’s secret is exposed, as well as Warren’s. I still can’t believe Erica got pushed by Ashley, I was so shocked because no one has ever taken advantage of her, especially not Ashley. Hope someone lets me know if there is a sample or not!

  5. Rush –

    I am making up a resort. Because it’s funnier and there is less chance that a real resort will sue me.

  6. BiggestFan –

    No sneak previews yet as far as I know. They often don’t show up until the day the book comes out.

  7. This question has probably been asked thousands of times before, but is there any possibility at all that the FunJungle series and Spy School series will have any sort of crossover?

  8. Mr. Gibbs,
    Jeff Kinneys bookstore is an Unlikely Story. It has always been a place I’ve wanted to visit.
    Also, are your ARC out for SSGS? If so, I know what I’m doing this weekend! ?
    I just love your books and sense of humor. Thank you for your gift!

  9. Elite Z,

    Great job on the fan fiction. I loved it.
    But just for some constructive criticism, there was a few things like for example saying Erica untied them and then saying a few paragraphs later she re-untied them. Or even this chapter 7, just forgetting quotation marks. Just some small proofreading errors.

    I mean no offense to you because it’s obviously amazing but it takes away from the story (you know when you find errors in your books) and I believe part of the writing process is editing and feedback. Amazing though!

  10. Mr. Stuart GIbbs

    How long does it usually take to write a book? Sherlock say’s a man’s alibi depends on it, but he’s “Busy thinking” and “Your closer to the laptop” so here I am. Anyways, get back to us as soon as you can.

    Best regards, John H. Watson

  11. Watson –

    The answer to ‘How long does it usually take to write a book?’ depends on what you consider writing. I think about ideas for months — or maybe even years — before they gel into a story. The physical writing part takes anywhere from 3-6 months for the first draft, and then there are subsequent drafts than take several more months after that.

  12. Stu-

    Keep up the good work on this series! Honestly, I love reading, and this is the best book series I have ever read by far! I am so amazed by how well you’ve done!!! I can’t wait for the next few books. Also, how many books do you plan on making in this book series??? I feel like it should never end! It is amazing to say the least! Can’t wait for the next few books to come out!

  13. Caleb –

    I don’t know how many books there will be in the series. I am going to write until I run out of ideas — which hopefully won’t happen for a while.

  14. stu-
    hey i am a big fan of your books in fact i’m reading one right now so i was thinking what if you made one book that all your seires would meet all in one book anyway love your books

  15. Gilan –

    I have pre-signed 4,400 books, so there ought to be some pre-signed books available at just about every Barnes & Noble.

  16. Kevin –

    It’s a lot of work to pick out a name for a character. And yes, Erica is definitely because of America. You’re the first person to ever get that!

  17. so far we’ve met a lot of hales:daughter(erica),father(alexander),mother(catherine), and grandpa(cyrus). will we meet grandma hale in SSGS?

    Also, does Erica have a sibling?

  18. Is Alexander named after Alexander the great? Or is that just taking things into the stratosphere?

    (By the way, please could you tell us how you name your characters.)

  19. mg –

    First JB movie was Moonraker, which may be the worst ever made — but at the time, I had nothing else to compare it to and was blown away.

  20. Is Spy School goes south really the last book of the series? If so I’m going to miss all the new spy school books and all the suspense and mystery involved in the series. I have read every single book about 10 times. Yup, I love them that much.

  21. Jayden –

    No one ever said SSGS was going to be the last book in the series. It’s not. SS7 will be out next May.

  22. Dear Stu-

    I just got your new book and read the dedication…
    I’m really sorry, I know there’s probably nothing I can do but I just wanted to let you know.

    -Ava M.

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