And now, the dramatic reveal of the cover — and plot — of FunJungle 5!

Hello readers,

Since a picture generally speaks louder than words, here’s the cover, another masterpiece by Lucy Cummins.

As a few of you had noted on my blog, the title for this book somehow leaked out on Google a few months back, but I — and everyone else at Simon & Schuster — hadn’t really locked it in until recently.  There were a few other possibilities in play (including a suggestion of my own daughter) but once the cover was done, we realized this one worked.

And here’s the answer to what you’re asking next: What’s the book about?

For the first time, a book in this series is going to deal with a wild animal.  A mountain lion is on the loose around FunJungle.

As the park plans for its enormous one year anniversary celebration, operations there seem to be running smoothly for once (except for the occasional herring-related mishap in the penguin exhibit) and Teddy is finally able to give detective work a rest.  But then a local mountain lion is accused of killing a famous dog — and the dog’s owner, an inflammatory radio host — goes on a crusade to have the cat declared a nuisance so it can be hunted.  

However, there’s evidence that the lion might have been framed for murder, and now a renegade animal activist wants Teddy and Summer to help prove it — and catch the real killer.  And if that wasn’t enough, someone has poisoned FunJungle’s beloved giraffes and J.J. McCracken wants Teddy on the case.  Now, Teddy finds himself mixed up in the middle of his most bizarre, hilarious and dangerous adventure yet.

As usual, that’s all I’m going to share with you about the plot for now.  I know I’m going to get dozens of responses asking me which other characters are going to appear in the book, and things like that, but I’m not going to answer them.  Because the more you know about the book before you start reading it, the less fun it is to read it.

Besides, you only have to wait until next February for it.  (And if that seems to long, remember there will be a new Spy School out in October.)

If you’re desperate to pre-order it, you can click here.  But you might want to wait a bit, because there is always a good chance Barnes & Noble will do an exclusive edition of the book.

132 thoughts on “And now, the dramatic reveal of the cover — and plot — of FunJungle 5!

  1. Steve H –

    Oh, I don’t want to start any trouble by printing the rejected names. Then everyone will start arguing that they liked other ones better.

  2. I can’t wait!! The Funjungle books are such a good take on the traditional murder mystery format. And they’re written so excellently. Plus I want to see how far Summer and Teddy’s relationship goes…seeing as they’re in middle school, it’s gone on surprisingly long.

  3. Stu,
    But isn’t Joshua often referred to as looking and acting like someone older then his age? And he is 18 isn’t he, so older then his age would pretty much be a adult, right?

  4. You are my favorite author. The books are written so excellently. I want to see how far Summer and Teddy’s relationship goes seeing as they’re in middle school, it’s gone on surprisingly long.

  5. Rea –

    SSGS is coming out first because I wrote it first. And SS7 is coming out right after Lion Down.

  6. Rea –

    I would like any one of my series to get made. Whichever one anyone wants to make, I’m good with.

  7. Stu- I love your series so much and i buy every single book! I even pre ordered SSGS. you are my favorite author! Just a question- will you be doing any more series?

  8. Anonymous –

    Thanks. I am guessing from your spelling of ‘favorite’ that you are British? Or maybe Australian?

  9. Agent ben –

    You are totally wrong about who killed the dog. Just completely filled with wrongness.

  10. Anonymous –

    Please read my blog post explaining why there are not going to be any more books in this series for now.

  11. It’s been a bit since I’ve been here more fans keep. Coming but have seen j talks books in a bit

  12. Vijay –

    SS sells a bit more than my other series, so I guess that makes it the most popular.

  13. Stu,
    Are Ben and Erica going to encounter Teddy in SSGS? Maybe some crocoidles escaped from FunJungle and Teddy goes after them? Mexico is near Texas!

  14. Ada –

    There will be no crossovers in SSGS. And while some of Mexico is close to Texas, a lot of Mexico isn’t.

  15. I challenge everyone to go on watt pad and make a spy school, funjungle, MBA, or three musketeer fanfiction

  16. I’m just saying, if there’s a wild animal near a large settlement of wild animals, some that resemble what it hunts, it probably should be relocated anyway. it could pose threat to the zoo animals and possibly the humans if the animals defend themselves well enough.

  17. You say there will be no crossovers in SSGS, but that doesn’t exclude Lion Down. Will Ben and crew, or one of dash and violets parents, end up in Funjungle? (I hope yes!)

  18. Hey stu! I love your books and I have already started a countdown for SSGS and am waiting just a little longer to start the one for Lion Down. ( maybe a week? Still not sure on that!) I just finished reading Poached and I am waiting for Barns and Noble to get the other two in stock. I can’t wait for SSGS to come out. I love how Teddy is always solving mysteries (Hippo murders to koala kidnappings as Summer puts it) and it fells like October and February are forever from now!

  19. mg –

    I have an old blog post about why there won’t be more books in that series. I really liked it too, but the publisher didn’t support it very well.

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