And now, the dramatic reveal of the cover — and plot — of FunJungle 5!

Hello readers,

Since a picture generally speaks louder than words, here’s the cover, another masterpiece by Lucy Cummins.

As a few of you had noted on my blog, the title for this book somehow leaked out on Google a few months back, but I — and everyone else at Simon & Schuster — hadn’t really locked it in until recently.  There were a few other possibilities in play (including a suggestion of my own daughter) but once the cover was done, we realized this one worked.

And here’s the answer to what you’re asking next: What’s the book about?

For the first time, a book in this series is going to deal with a wild animal.  A mountain lion is on the loose around FunJungle.

As the park plans for its enormous one year anniversary celebration, operations there seem to be running smoothly for once (except for the occasional herring-related mishap in the penguin exhibit) and Teddy is finally able to give detective work a rest.  But then a local mountain lion is accused of killing a famous dog — and the dog’s owner, an inflammatory radio host — goes on a crusade to have the cat declared a nuisance so it can be hunted.  

However, there’s evidence that the lion might have been framed for murder, and now a renegade animal activist wants Teddy and Summer to help prove it — and catch the real killer.  And if that wasn’t enough, someone has poisoned FunJungle’s beloved giraffes and J.J. McCracken wants Teddy on the case.  Now, Teddy finds himself mixed up in the middle of his most bizarre, hilarious and dangerous adventure yet.

As usual, that’s all I’m going to share with you about the plot for now.  I know I’m going to get dozens of responses asking me which other characters are going to appear in the book, and things like that, but I’m not going to answer them.  Because the more you know about the book before you start reading it, the less fun it is to read it.

Besides, you only have to wait until next February for it.  (And if that seems to long, remember there will be a new Spy School out in October.)

If you’re desperate to pre-order it, you can click here.  But you might want to wait a bit, because there is always a good chance Barnes & Noble will do an exclusive edition of the book.

115 thoughts on “And now, the dramatic reveal of the cover — and plot — of FunJungle 5!

  1. Also, I just checked out the Barnes and Noble website and it said that the exclusive edition of SSGS is available.

  2. knobbelboy –

    It did? Wow. I’m still working on the bonus material. But I’ll set up a link.

  3. Mr.Gibbs, will the bonus material of Spy School 6 reveal more information about what is going to happen next in Spy School 7?

  4. Yayy! Thank you so much!! I am so happy!
    Also, I have a question about the first Spy School book, that I have been meaning to ask for a while!
    When the assaian comes to Ben’s room, is Joshua the assain?
    Thank you even if you can’t rspond!

  5. Ada-

    I don’t think that Joshua was the assassin because Ben said the voice sounded like a grown man and Joshua was – and still is – a teenager.

  6. I can’t wait for Lion Down and SSGS to come out! I’ll probably read them both the day they come out.

  7. YAY I can’t wait until February for 2 reasons my brother’s birthday and when this book comes out! I am probably going to pre-order Spy School 7 when it is ready for pre-order and will get it for my birthday on May 16th.

  8. Stu-

    2 things

    Are there any books that you have written that have not been released and if so what were they about?

  9. Lol I wrote 2 things then took out the second thing and forgot to take out the part where it says 2 things.

  10. Rocky-

    In Spy Camp Ben explains the reasons he knew that Joshua was behind him. Ben would have recognized Joshua voice

  11. Rocky-
    It would be pretty unrealistic though, that second-year fights off one of the best agents the CIA academy of espionage has ever produced.

  12. Also, as I think about it, it would be pretty cool if there was a Stuart Gibbs discord server. I don’t know, just suggesting. It would be cool though. 🙂

  13. Gavin –

    Oh sure, just about every author has a book or two they wrote that didn’t get published. And I wrote plenty of screenplays that didn’t get made too. But I’m keeping those ideas secret, because I might get the chance to reuse them some day.

  14. knobbelboy –

    What do I think about the discord server? Sure, that’d be cool. If anyone wants to set one up, feel free.

  15. Also, it was really dark in Ben’s room, so Joshua didn’t know that Ben had a tennis racket, also Joshua underestimated Ben.

  16. Also, maybe back then, Mr.Gibbs didn’t plan for Joshua to be the assassin, so that could explain why Ben didn’t recognize Joshua’s voice.

  17. Hey Stu, will this be your last FunJungle book? Also, what was your first series you wrote?

  18. Also, I like it that after each FunJungle book, you put a letter about how to help the animals in the book. That’s a great way to help spread awareness for the animals.

  19. Stu, do you know what you’re gonna call your new and upcoming series? I love your books so much, and when you said you were going to create a new series, it felt like the best moment of my life. And in one comment you said the new series would be out in 2019, so I thought, hopefully, the title of the series will be out soon!

  20. Anonymous –

    I am planning on writing at least one more FJ book. FJ was the first series I had published.

  21. Finally!! Thanks Stu, I was asking about this earlier, cool to have some answers. So excited!!!! Also, will this book feature an updated map of Funjungle on the inside cover? And will there be something on the inside cover of SSGS? I always love looking at those.

    -Agent Eclipse

  22. Is the name official for FunJungle #5 or not because on the calendar it still says Funjungle #5?

  23. Agent Eclipse –

    The inside covers of the FunJungle series will most likely have maps. SSGS will have a surprise on the inside cover as well.

  24. I am actually knobbelboy I just changed my name to my discord name. Sure I will set up a discord server. I will post the link once I am done setting one up.

  25. knobbleboy, rocky and agent 836

    Didn’t Stu say that IT’S POSSIBLE?!
    I’m guessing that either means he Doesn’t want the answer revealed, or he doesn’t know the answer himself.
    Honestly though, who knows? It could be Joshua, it could be some rando SPYDER guy, It could be Dane Brammage. Maybe it’s Buck Grassley, idk. It’s not really relevent anymore. It only comes up in books when they’re explaining how ben got the nickname SmokeScreen. As they’re starting they’re 3rd year at Spy School, Ben has come a long way since that point. there’s no reason to over-anilize this.

  26. max-
    I do agree. I don’t really think it’s relevant who the assassin is at this point.

  27. I strongly urge everyone to join our discord server. It’s very fun, and 100% family friendly.
    We already have like 7 members. 🙂

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