Waste Of Space tour postponed

Sadly, I have had a tragedy in my family and so will not be doing my Waste Of Space tour as originally planned.  In addition, I will not be able to respond to emails, fan letters or messages on my blog for the next few weeks.

If there are any questions, please contact my publicist, Audrey Gibbons, at (212) 698-2852

129 thoughts on “Waste Of Space tour postponed

  1. Why is J.J. McCracken getting heat for putting theme rides in his parks? Busch Gardens in Florida has both animals and a theme park, which would be a great way to make FunJungle better.

  2. Reader –

    There are concerns that FJ is switching focus from being a zoo to a theme park, which is the case with lots of places. I’m sure there are people out there who are concerned about the quality of the animal care at Busch Gardens. If your primary concern is the animals, then you might have some issues with a place suddenly installing rollercoasters or fireworks displays. Which is not to say that you can’t have a theme park and a zoo and have both be quality. You can. You just have to be careful about it.

  3. max- yes i know i read the book a while ago and it said that oliver was going to build a zoo called zootopia. but he failed.

  4. This is my new favorite series I think I am going to buy it! I already read them from the library and I read them in 2 days. I read too fast!

  5. Are you gonna post in your blog about lion down soon and has the cover been finished?

  6. Why did Dashiell in Waste of Space never get married in the future, or date Kira? His life after MBA sounded pretty lonely.

  7. Also, has Erica ever said she liked Ben? When he asked her if she liked him in SS5 Secret Service, she never said no. I personally think she does, but is conflicted with spying.

  8. Evil Morty –

    I really don’t know how many books will be in the new series. You are asking me to think six to eight years ahead of now.

  9. Reader –

    Not everyone gets married. That doesn’t mean they are lonely. And just because I didn’t say he didn’t get married doesn’t mean he didn’t get married.

  10. HEY STU!!!!
    Violet Gibson was the attempted murderer of Benito Mussolini. Did you know this before you wrote MBA?

  11. Stu-

    First, sorry for your loss. I hope you’re doing well

    Also, I’m hearing talk about a new series? What will it be about?

  12. BTW, I am kind of tired of having SPYDER be the bad guys in every book (besides SSS). Will we see some kind of new group of bad guys in SSGS?

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