Waste Of Space tour postponed

Sadly, I have had a tragedy in my family and so will not be doing my Waste Of Space tour as originally planned.  In addition, I will not be able to respond to emails, fan letters or messages on my blog for the next few weeks.

If there are any questions, please contact my publicist, Audrey Gibbons, at (212) 698-2852

29 thoughts on “Waste Of Space tour postponed

  1. Stu-
    I am so sorry to hear this and don’t feel bad about not being able to respond. Be with your family and I pray for you, whatever it is.

  2. Stu, I’m so very sorry for you and I hope that you and your family will get through this. I’m giving you all my regards and all my sorrries.

  3. My thought are with you and your family at this time. I was really looking forward to seeing you in Houston. I hope you and your family heal as quickly as you are able.

  4. Stu – so sorry to hear this. I hope you and your family will be okay. Take your time; we’ll always be here when you’re ready to come back.

  5. Stuart-
    Join the family. My parents were both drug addicts and they always screamed at us kids for no reason and my bro took action and called the police eventually and theyre in jail. They both died in jail because of their addiction around a year ago. We have no living family anymore. We’re with a foster family rn. LOVE YOUR BOOKS!

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