Barnes & Noble is printing an exclusive edition of Waste Of Space!

Once again, I am honored to have Barnes & Noble print an exclusive edition of one of my books.  Like the previous special editions, this one will have a special cover with a poster on the inside, along with sixteen extra pages of bonus content that I have written specially for this book.

Even better: The exclusive edition is the exact same price as the regular edition.  Right now, B&N is selling it for $11.52 (though I suppose that can change).  However, only a limited number of these books are printed, so if you want to guarantee you get one, pre-order it now.  Click here to get it!

If that wasn’t a big enough incentive, here’s one more thing: Sometimes, the exclusive editions print and ship slightly earlier than the regular editions, so in the past, people who have pre-ordered these get them up to a week before the official publishing date.  I can’t guarantee that will happen again.  I’m just saying that it has happened in the past.

166 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble is printing an exclusive edition of Waste Of Space!

  1. Stu-
    Sorry about that. I was just wondering because when I looked at the event calendar, it seemed like the time between book releases was starting to get smaller. Didn’t mean to be mean or anything. 🙁

  2. Hey Stu!

    After reading the end of Waste of Space, I was wondering what happened to some of the other kids on the moon-base when they were older. Could you either reply here or email me?

  3. Ryan –

    If I didn’t address what happened to every single person on MBA, that’s because I don’t know what happened to them. You can’t answer every single question about every single person. The books would end up being too long.

  4. I can’t wait 4 funjungle and spy school New release.Also I hope that u and it family are better and just know u r a great author and I love it books. Keep writing.

    Bugs Bunny out

  5. De Bugs Bunny III-

    Fun Jungle 4 is called panda-monium also the next spy school is called spy school goes south

  6. also is lion down ( or its true name) going to be the last FJ. i hope its not that would be sad

  7. Nathan Hale –

    The reason you can’t find a synopsis for Lion Down is that one hasn’t been posted yet. I do not intend for it to be the last FJ.

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