Barnes & Noble is printing an exclusive edition of Waste Of Space!

Once again, I am honored to have Barnes & Noble print an exclusive edition of one of my books.  Like the previous special editions, this one will have a special cover with a poster on the inside, along with sixteen extra pages of bonus content that I have written specially for this book.

Even better: The exclusive edition is the exact same price as the regular edition.  Right now, B&N is selling it for $11.52 (though I suppose that can change).  However, only a limited number of these books are printed, so if you want to guarantee you get one, pre-order it now.  Click here to get it!

If that wasn’t a big enough incentive, here’s one more thing: Sometimes, the exclusive editions print and ship slightly earlier than the regular editions, so in the past, people who have pre-ordered these get them up to a week before the official publishing date.  I can’t guarantee that will happen again.  I’m just saying that it has happened in the past.

222 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble is printing an exclusive edition of Waste Of Space!

  1. By the way, you guys might wanna check out the real channel knobbelboy and subscribe while you’re at it. I am so close to 100k subs! Thanks 😀

  2. Agent Hale –

    I believe the preview of SSGS is in panda paperback. And no, Ben is never described, because I want you to imagine him for yourself.

  3. Andre –

    I haven’t thought about Ben & Erica graduating yet because that is very far off. There are many more adventures to have before that.

  4. Random Guy –

    Are you honestly suggesting that Dash should allow a murderer to kill Lars just because no one likes him? Because Dash is a fundamentally good person and he knows that no one deserves to die.

  5. Hello!!! I love your books and I think your a great author!!!!! I was wondering when the preview is going to be shown online?

  6. dear gibbs I’m a big fan of your’s and you write amazing books… No author is better than so i was wondering if you could come to Oklahoma. Also in your 7 SS i was wondering if you could make erica get hypnotized by the evil SPYDER. You write amazing books so please don’t stop!

  7. sorry i meant to say( no author is better than you and i was wondering if you could come to OK).

  8. Nathan –

    The best way to get me to come to OK is to have your school bring me there. OK is one of only two states I haven’t been to!

    SS7 plot is already developed. So no hypnosis.

  9. The pandamonium book already came out and it contains WOS’s preview. Because it was already out at my Barnes and Nobel’s.

  10. Nathan –

    When I am doing visits, I post the schedule on the right hand side of every page of my website. Although I have cancelled my upcoming tour due to a family emergency.

  11. Stu-

    Why did MBA had to stop? I really wish the series continued… can you maybe start up a new series?



    I are you the real knobbelboy? If yes then I’m a big fan…

  12. Max-
    Yeah, I am real. It’s nice to have you as a fan. Thanks. 😀
    P.S. Check out my youtube and twitch account. I try to stream as often as possible, mostly on the weekends.

  13. stu –
    could a funjungle book have walter Oglivy’s daughter and son go agains Teddy and Summer
    P.S. this isnt an idea

  14. Stu-

    Nice job
    on finishing your 3rd MBA i have been waiting so long, and now that it’s out i feel like i’m going to explode!It’s sad that it is the last MBA though. I can’t wait for the new series , it is going to be sawsome/super awsome:D

  15. Wow! I spent most of today reading WOS. Will probably finish it by tomorrow. Amazing so far. Keep up the amazin work Mr. Gibbs!

  16. I finished WOS in two and a half days! : )
    So amazing!!!
    Thanks for writing amazing books!!!!
    Can’t wait for SSGS!!!

  17. Waste of Space could have been better. MBA is a good series but it shouldn’t have ended like that. I’m disappointed. Sorry

  18. No spoilers please for everyone. Are you better stu…? P.S sorry if that question hurts din’t mean to:(

  19. I know that everyone will tell me focus on mba 3 but there is a small synopsis on lion down. I’m not going to say what it is. I’ll wait for stu to post it, just wondering why it’s there if you’ve not even shown us the cover yet

  20. Will-

    True i did post a idea/not idea to so ok. P.S that is a good theme for a FJ book though . Nice thinking 😀

  21. Mr. Nobody –

    I don’t know what happened to Roddy. To be honest, no novel tells you everything that happened to everyone after the story ended. The story has to end somewhere.

  22. In the future, will the book releases occur more frequently? (Like maybe once every 4 months instead of once every 6 months).

  23. knobbelboy –

    Exactly how easy do you think it is to write a book? One ever four months would mean writing 50% faster. Is there anything you’re good at that you could easily do 50% faster?

  24. Stu-

    Just finished the book. SO GOOD:). the ending is so perfect. I”m sad that it ended that way, still SO SURPRISED:D. That was one of your best books ever:) so happy. you are the best author EVER 🙂

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