Barnes & Noble is printing an exclusive edition of Waste Of Space!

Once again, I am honored to have Barnes & Noble print an exclusive edition of one of my books.  Like the previous special editions, this one will have a special cover with a poster on the inside, along with sixteen extra pages of bonus content that I have written specially for this book.

Even better: The exclusive edition is the exact same price as the regular edition.  Right now, B&N is selling it for $11.52 (though I suppose that can change).  However, only a limited number of these books are printed, so if you want to guarantee you get one, pre-order it now.  Click here to get it!

If that wasn’t a big enough incentive, here’s one more thing: Sometimes, the exclusive editions print and ship slightly earlier than the regular editions, so in the past, people who have pre-ordered these get them up to a week before the official publishing date.  I can’t guarantee that will happen again.  I’m just saying that it has happened in the past.

222 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble is printing an exclusive edition of Waste Of Space!

  1. Stuart Gibbs- Do you ever think you will make movies on the books you have written or let someone else make movies of your books?

  2. Stuart Gibbs- Do you ever think you will make movies on the books you have written or let someone else make movies of your books?

  3. If there is a movie and you write the screenplay, would you make the lines the same as in the book? Or would you change the lines. Personally, I think the movie should be very similar to the books because the books are just fantastic. But if you changed the lines, I think it would still be good because it would still be your style of writing, which I think is superb.

  4. NOOOOOO!!! The last male White African Rhino died recently. Only two females are left in this world. And its all of mankind’s fault. People poached them too much. The only, very slim, hope for this species is the DNA we took from the male. Science is our only hope and its a long shot. Dolly took forever and they needed males that were alive. The white rhinos should be extinct in the next few decades.

  5. Can I still buy the Exclusive Edition of Evil Spy School, or not? If not, can I get it anywhere?


  7. Sophie –

    I am very saddened by this as well. This issue with breeding new northern white rhinos from cels is that you need another rhino to carry the infant and right now, the other species are so endangered, we need every one of them to be giving birth to their own species.

  8. It isn’t, Mr.Gibbs, I think. I have a paperback of SSS, and it doesn’t have a preview, but hey could have made a new batch of SSS paperbacks recently.

  9. Hey Stu-

    Is the animal for FunJungle #6 going to be a type of bird? In the map of Big Game, it shows Panda Palace opening “this summer”, and in Pandamonium, the map shows the Great Flight Cage opening next year. Just curious.

  10. Stu-
    So is it possible to save the White African Rhinos? Because I’m pretty sure the two rhinos left are the male’s wife and daughter. And they’re endangered so I don’t think the ethics people will let these tests happen on an endangered species. This is so awful. THERE IS NO PROOF THAT THESE HORNS ARE MEDICALLY ADVANCED PEOPLE!!! SO STOP KILLING THEM!

  11. Chang and Rocky –

    The preview of WOS will be in the back of Panda-monium’s paperback. Just confirmed it.

  12. Sophie –

    The chances to save these animals are extremely remote. We would have to build back the populations of other rhinos to the point where we could use frozen northern white rhino embryos, then implant them in other rhinos and eventually build back a population. I’m quite sure that will never really happen. So yes, sadly, this species is going to go extinct because of humanity.

  13. Also, are you working on Spy School 7 because the release date is pretty close to Spy School Goes south’s release date? Are you done with Spy School 6? Is there going to be a exclusive edition of Spy School Goes South and Spy School 7?

  14. Stu-
    Wow. That is so sad. I’m a giant animal lover. I am guilty and sad for our behavior. We are acting as gods over these poor animals.

  15. Stu-
    That is extremely sad how the species of rhinos is going extinct. 🙁 People should definitely be ashamed of themselves for their actions and behavior with animals. They do so many negative things to this planet, and the sad part is that many of those people have no idea what’s going on. I personally believe that the best way to prevent more species from going extinct is to educate people about how we actually depend on nature to live.

  16. Stu-

    I meant FunJungle Book 5, not book 6, if that changed your answer.
    Also, it really sucks about the northern white rhino being doomed to extinction. And if the poacher/hunter is already bad enough to go after an endangered species, they might actually feel proud of themselves for making a species go extinct. Which just makes me feel worse about how the species has been hunted down to two left in the entire world, and for such a stupid reason.

  17. Rocky –

    Yes, I am on SS7. I am not 1000% done with SS6. I do not know if there will be exclusive editions of either of those yet.

  18. Rocky –

    I will show the cover when it exists, which is probably not for several months. Since I don’t make the covers, I have no control over this.

  19. read your “MBA IS OVER” blog. I get it. But …. dash has mind powers now! he can go anywhere! Like … THE CIA TRAINING ACADEMY! There is so many opportunities for dash! Also, i find MBA almost as entertaining to read as SS. MORE BOOKS! NOW!

  20. max, Dash is in the future. Ben would be about 36 in 2041 when Dash is only 13.He in theory could go to the CIA academy of espionage, but Ben would not be there. And who knows what SPYDER could do to the academy in future books.

  21. I love the Spy School series i is incredible and I wish I could travel in the future to read the upcoming book releases. Have you ever thought of what would happen when Erica or Ben graduated?

  22. You know, if everyone hated lars so much, then why would Dash even try to save him? And if your going to say “to protect the space tourism industry” then I would say that Dash and everyone else we have heard of hates moonbase alpha. And if you say that he wants to protect the moon base project. Well, we could just send rovers and bacteria, which would be a lot cheaper. Or just lobby to make the government give NASA more money.

    Love all of the series though.
    – Ben, Teddy, or Dash.

  23. Agent Dash, Good point. However, Dash still has mind powers. I don’t see how stopping the series is necessary. Maybe a mystery on MBA requires recon on Earth, and Dash secretly seeks help with Riley Bock in Hawaii.

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