Barnes & Noble is printing an exclusive edition of Waste Of Space!

Once again, I am honored to have Barnes & Noble print an exclusive edition of one of my books.  Like the previous special editions, this one will have a special cover with a poster on the inside, along with sixteen extra pages of bonus content that I have written specially for this book.

Even better: The exclusive edition is the exact same price as the regular edition.  Right now, B&N is selling it for $11.52 (though I suppose that can change).  However, only a limited number of these books are printed, so if you want to guarantee you get one, pre-order it now.  Click here to get it!

If that wasn’t a big enough incentive, here’s one more thing: Sometimes, the exclusive editions print and ship slightly earlier than the regular editions, so in the past, people who have pre-ordered these get them up to a week before the official publishing date.  I can’t guarantee that will happen again.  I’m just saying that it has happened in the past.

222 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble is printing an exclusive edition of Waste Of Space!

  1. MSA –

    Yes, ??? did have some good points about MBB, but that doesn’t mean it will make the moon any more interesting a place to continue setting stories. No matter how cool MBB is, the moon outside it will still be a static environment.

  2. ???-
    Well, Mr. Gibbs could continue the moon base alpha series but just from the point of view of a different character. Or he could make like a bonus book that shows things about Zan’s home planet or something like that. (IDK, just suggesting options).

  3. I love all your books. Do you plan to sell posters of your books separate from the exclusive editions available at B&N? I would love to see more merchandise like this for sale on your website…

  4. Oliver –

    Um… I hadn’t thought of posters. That’s a possibility. Although I would have to find a site that makes them.

  5. stu-

    one question, in spy camp cyrus has a tooth filled with cyanide to kill him but would it? because in waste of space a syringe of cyanide can’t kill some one?

    i know it could just be a mistake, just wondering.

  6. sorry stu, i did some research and the cyanide in cryus’s tooth could be more concentrated than the cyanide in the syringe. although the concentration should give the victim hallucinations, and it does but, the first symptoms should be wanting to go to sleep.

    by the way yes i do know that i have i have gone over bored, but i was really quit curies so there you go.

  7. Yo also Cyrus is an old man so less is needed plus even with less cyanide you’d die eventually with no help

  8. Also I know we know Zan is SPOILER REMOVED and stuff but will there be more like spin off or sowmthinh I really love the series

  9. Johnathen Robison –

    I think you are asking if there are going to be more books in the series. (It’s hard to tell from your grammar.). Please track down my relatively recent blog post about why the series is ending for now.

  10. jr-

    you are true. Although Cyrus is still very active and healthy, so who knows what would happen.

  11. I challenge everyone to go on watt pad and make a spy school, funjungle, MBA, or three musketeer fanfiction

  12. i reread the series a couple weeks ago and saw that at the beginning of the books where its states the people inside the residencies, there was a family that included another girl Dash’s age that could’ve contributed more to the story (her name was holly patucket). I’m wondering why you didn’t introduce her.

    P.s, what do you mean when you say the series has ended “for now”? after the great ending in waste of space, how can you come back from that?

  13. Danah –

    When I was starting the series, I was thinking that it would be nice to introduce another girl at some point, so Holly has been listed among the potential residents since Space Case. But after two books, I realized that bringing Holly in wouldn’t add anything to the story.

    And yes, I’m pleased with how I ended things. But I suppose that, some day in the future, I could have a really great idea of how to continue the story. I doubt it, but I didn’t want to say the series is over forever and then have to backtrack some day.

  14. Based on the spy school series, i was always wondering how come you knew so much about espionage, techniques, and forensics ?

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