Yes, it’s true. Waste Of Space will be the end of the Moon Base Alpha series… for now.

A lot of readers have written to me lately, having noticed that my publisher is referring to Waste of Space as the ‘third and final book’ in the MBA series on sites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Everyone wants to know if this is really true.

Yes it is.

Here’s why:

When I wrote Space Case, the first book in this series, I really wanted to handle the realities of space travel as realistically as possible.  I think I did a decent job of that, but it created a problem for me: It turns out, the moon is a very limiting place to set a series.

Let me explain:  For my Spy School books, I can really send my characters just about anywhere on earth I want.  And while FunJungle is theoretically tied to FunJungle itself, I can create whatever locations I want inside that park — and I am free to have my characters leave FunJungle as well.  But in the MBA series, the only location fit for human habitation is the moon base itself, which I made quite small — and my characters are not really free to range very far away from it.  Plus, even if they could leave MBA (which they do on occasion) the moon is not a place with much variation.  Yes, there are some hills and craters and lava tubes, but for the most part, the moon is pretty much the same wherever you go.  This — and the fact that humans have to wear space suits — is extremely limiting when I want to develop new action sequences.

Lots of people have made suggestions to me about how to open up the series, but they really won’t work.  To address them:

Why not move the action to Moon Base Beta?

Because I have made it clear that MBB hasn’t even begun construction — and once that happens, it is supposed to take another ten years to build and that plan is probably optimistic, which means MBB won’t be up and running for another 10-15 years, at which point my lead characters will be college graduates.

Why not move the series to Mars or another planet?

Because I have made it clear that even getting to the moon is tremendously difficult (which is the truth).  Getting to other planets is going to be much more difficult, and it would be unlikely that we could have bases on them any time soon, which means that, yes, the terrain might change, but the limitations of having my humans confined to a small location are still there.

Why not move the series to the International Space Station?

Because the ISS is even smaller and more limited than MBA is.  Even by 2041, it won’t be that big — and that’s assuming that we haven’t defunded it and let it fall back to earth (which is a possibility).

So… does this mean that the series is completely dead?

Not necessarily.  I do have some ideas about how I might be able to keep it going, but for now, I would rather focus on my series that do not feel so limited.

Which brings me to my other big news.  Since MBA is ending (for now, at least), I am in the process of creating a new series.  However, my publisher has asked that I not reveal any details about it quite yet.  They will be coming, though.  I promise.  (So please don’t write asking for more details.  I will just tell you to read this post again.)

221 thoughts on “Yes, it’s true. Waste Of Space will be the end of the Moon Base Alpha series… for now.

  1. on National Geographic there is a show called mars and they are building a base on mars in year 2033

  2. This is depressing, it was by far my favorite series next to Wendy Mass’s birthday series, and I believe it’s because they are both about how the universe works, physics, things in that field. The thing that made your series remarkably better, was the fact that it was based on-well – facts! It’s a shame the series is coming to a close, but, I am looking forward to reading your next spy school book!

  3. I would like to apologize for my first post about how fun jungle is bad. Turns out I started at panda monium and it just didn’t make sense. I loved belly up and love poached even more. Can’t wait to read big game!

  4. In WOS, it is said that Holly Patucket will arrive at mission 13. Will you ever use her, as it seems like a waste to have a perfectly good 13 year old girl with parents who are experts on MBB never even show up in a book. Maybe at least a cameo?

  5. Stuart Gibbs books ranked (not including funjungle 3,4,5)(not including last musketeer and spy school goes south)


  6. How do you do design for your books, all of them are astounding. My favorite ones have been lion down, ssgs, and the last musketeer. Even though I haven’t read them. I am tempted though, just have to finish funjungle (my favorite series yet because this time we have a relatable protagonist, good parents, and a good partner in crime (summer). Love funjungle love design see ya

  7. Rea the Elfant –

    I originally thought that I might use Holly in a book in the MBA series, but then decided to end the series. So there really isn’t any way to use her now.

  8. Rea –

    Do you mean how do I design them physically? I don’t. That is done by Lucy Cummins and the design team at Simon & Schuster.

  9. im so excited for all the up coming books but i just feel like this series was a bit meh. like they made it very obvious that SPOILER REMOVED. On the other hand i loooovvvveeee all your other series they are to die for !!!

  10. Mariana –

    You can’t fool everyone every time. Most people told me they were surprised by who did it, but there’s always going to be some people who are going to guess correctly.

  11. you should make a book of everyone on earth meeting up to salve a case because they all evacuated mba and put zan in it.

  12. me –

    A book where everyone on earth teams up to solve a case? That’s over 8 billion detectives.

  13. It’s a shame that this series ended. This is the only series by Stuart Gibbs that I liked(no offense). I almost cried when I realized that it had ended, so I wish that Stuart Gibbs would add a 4th book soon.

  14. DiamondMiner

    I’m very flattered that you liked MBA so much. Kind of sucks that you felt obligated to say you don’t like my other series on my website. The (no offense) doesn’t really soften the blow.

  15. I really loved MBA… I hope it really isn’t the end. (But then, I also don’t see how there could be a different ending to the series :C ) I’m going to miss Dashiell.

  16. Michael –

    Because that still doesn’t deal with the issue that the moon will remain a static, unchanging landscape to set a story in.

  17. Why did you have to write the end with a cliffhanger, Stuart? WHYYYY??? i would have been fine with it if you hadn’t ended it with “Hello, Zan. I said.” Also, I did everything you suggested at my local bookstore, and I saw someone buying your first spyschool book, so SCORE I just need Zan’s conversation with Dash when He drops intother mind. How could you do this to me??

  18. Abdul –

    From my point of view, that wasn’t really a cliffhanger. Isn’t it nice to know that Dash and Zan are together? Thanks for helping sell my books!

  19. What are your reasons to end Moon base alpha? Because you could combine moon base alpha and spy school in witch you could make a book where you could send Ben (and or Erica) to moon base alpha and have them do a mission there.

    JUST PLEEEEeEEEEEeEEEEEEEEEEEEEAaaaaaaaaaaas don’t just end the series

  20. Edac –

    I thought that this post did a pretty good job listing the reasons that I’m ending the series. Not sure what else you need to hear.

  21. This book series was great. I always thought it would end but never like this. I think though you did leave the book very open ended like how he meets Zan. I haven’t read your other series but plan too. I always thought you might be able to make a book from Kira’s point of view but I don’t think that’ll happen. Anyway love your books and please please please try to bring back MBA or MBB in some way shape or form

  22. if you make the next book you shiuld follow up on what happens after dash finds zan and make a thrilling adventure.

  23. I will miss this series. I love this series more than any other and I am sad to see it go. Especially that cliff hanger. You can continue it on Bosco. Any hope you make Bosco Series 1! Haha.

  24. Dear Mr.gibbs

    So theres a pobbilty of it comeing back right?

    If so can u make it like something happens and like they have to go back like idk explosion and they need to fix it?

    -A pretty big fan

  25. The lunar model –

    I’m not saying the series is over for good. But I certainly won’t be going back to it for a while.

  26. Even if u cant send ben to mba it makes sence he goes to space at least cause hes gone evrywhere

  27. The lunar model –

    Actually, it doesn’t make sense to send Ben to MBA, because MBA won’t be built until 2041.

  28. Why can’t you just continue the series on earth as the characters come back, go through with rehab and go back to their lives. Especially with Dash being able to think himself more places now. The next book could be partly on Bosch with a twist in there somewhere.

  29. Joey G –

    A series set on earth about people who used to live on the moon just doesn’t seem that exciting to me. And setting a story on Bosco goes into a realm of science fiction I don’t necessarily want to explore.

  30. Stuart gibbs-

    I have read every single one of your books except the three musketeers. I was very sad when you said that you were ending the MBA series. But I have an idea for a new book in that series. My idea is that NASA secretly sends up a rocket pretending that it is a satellite launch. But the rocket is full of people to try and start up MBA again. However strange things keep happening and people are getting sick and stuff like that. But Dash gets word of this and he tries to communicate with the new members of MBA. But like it was for Zan it will be hard to communicate with them because they have no idea how he is there. Can you please think about it and respond to me with what you think. I literally read waste of space right before sending you this for a third time. Plus I can’t wait for your new books to come out. I have not had anything to read since I finished your last book.?Fyi I am nine. Also I do not care when it comes out as long as I don’t die of old age waiting for it. I got that from Spy School Goes South. Really really good joke.?

  31. Good series dude. Good series.

    You could also indirectly continue the series by making a mystery in the prison Garth is in after his trials. He could have a plan to get out, and has partners that are planning to bust out. Then they start to dissappear. One. By. One.

  32. Good job on that writing about climate changes at the end of spy school goes south can you write in the end of all the moon base alpha series 2that the moon landing wasnt fake lol

    -The lunar module

  33. I have read all your books except for the musketeer. I am quite sad to see this series go. Maybe you could make a twist epilogue at the end of spy school that includes Dash or Kira.

  34. Drew –

    I’m not sure how to have an epilogue at the end of a spy school book that includes characters who haven’t been born yet (seeing as MBA happens in 2041).

  35. I can’t belive that last sentence it made me cry how you left off. I really am hoping that you can write another book. I am really exited for your 7th spy’s school book coming in May tho. I really hope you decide to write another one of those books.

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