Yes, it’s true. Waste Of Space will be the end of the Moon Base Alpha series… for now.

A lot of readers have written to me lately, having noticed that my publisher is referring to Waste of Space as the ‘third and final book’ in the MBA series on sites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Everyone wants to know if this is really true.

Yes it is.

Here’s why:

When I wrote Space Case, the first book in this series, I really wanted to handle the realities of space travel as realistically as possible.  I think I did a decent job of that, but it created a problem for me: It turns out, the moon is a very limiting place to set a series.

Let me explain:  For my Spy School books, I can really send my characters just about anywhere on earth I want.  And while FunJungle is theoretically tied to FunJungle itself, I can create whatever locations I want inside that park — and I am free to have my characters leave FunJungle as well.  But in the MBA series, the only location fit for human habitation is the moon base itself, which I made quite small — and my characters are not really free to range very far away from it.  Plus, even if they could leave MBA (which they do on occasion) the moon is not a place with much variation.  Yes, there are some hills and craters and lava tubes, but for the most part, the moon is pretty much the same wherever you go.  This — and the fact that humans have to wear space suits — is extremely limiting when I want to develop new action sequences.

Lots of people have made suggestions to me about how to open up the series, but they really won’t work.  To address them:

Why not move the action to Moon Base Beta?

Because I have made it clear that MBB hasn’t even begun construction — and once that happens, it is supposed to take another ten years to build and that plan is probably optimistic, which means MBB won’t be up and running for another 10-15 years, at which point my lead characters will be college graduates.

Why not move the series to Mars or another planet?

Because I have made it clear that even getting to the moon is tremendously difficult (which is the truth).  Getting to other planets is going to be much more difficult, and it would be unlikely that we could have bases on them any time soon, which means that, yes, the terrain might change, but the limitations of having my humans confined to a small location are still there.

Why not move the series to the International Space Station?

Because the ISS is even smaller and more limited than MBA is.  Even by 2041, it won’t be that big — and that’s assuming that we haven’t defunded it and let it fall back to earth (which is a possibility).

So… does this mean that the series is completely dead?

Not necessarily.  I do have some ideas about how I might be able to keep it going, but for now, I would rather focus on my series that do not feel so limited.

Which brings me to my other big news.  Since MBA is ending (for now, at least), I am in the process of creating a new series.  However, my publisher has asked that I not reveal any details about it quite yet.  They will be coming, though.  I promise.  (So please don’t write asking for more details.  I will just tell you to read this post again.)

212 thoughts on “Yes, it’s true. Waste Of Space will be the end of the Moon Base Alpha series… for now.

  1. Dear Stuart Gibbs,
    I absolutely loooovvveee your books. I have read every Spy School novel and can’t wait for 6 and so on. Please continue the Spy School series for I will read every one. Please come to the Barnes & Nobles in Bakersfield, California. Thank you for all you have done to the reading community.

  2. Phil- I don’t remember MBA names being used in the spy school books (I don’t read fun jungle). SS has their own names and MBA has their own names. Stu- Are you done with MBA 3 and SS 6?

  3. Agent Dashiell –

    You don’t read FunJungle? What’s wrong with you?

    Seeing as MBA3 is out in two months, I had better be done with it. SS6 is coming along nicely.

  4. Will fladvid-

    That poem you shared is a beautiful poem written by Robert Frost. Its so deep and if you think about it closely, you notice its not all about good things going away.
    If you like this poem, read The Outsiders by SE Hinton (Its a classic!) . This poem is very important to the characters in that book. Just a suggestion.

  5. Stu-
    Did you notice that in spy school book 1 one of the listed names when Ben talked about some more people introducing themselves to him is Dashiell that seems weird to me is this a possible teen up ? Will Ben be going to space ?

  6. Stu-
    Have you considered making Erica go evil?
    Also, have you considered having a female main character?

  7. tl;dr: i don’t blame you, funjungle and ss crossover when

    I’m glad the series ended on the third book. I don’t want 10 MBA books that become as bland as a modern spongebob episode. But, considering how Spy School and the FunJungle series take place in nearly the same time, perhaps Ben Ripley and Teddy team up to solve a giant mystery? It would be a good business descision, as it would technically be both a Spy School and FunJungle book.

  8. Mr. Gibbs
    Not like evil for good. Like a blackmail into doing something for the bad guys and Ben has to help/stop her. (This is not an idea… 😉

  9. Stu – thanks for reading my comment. You’re one of the only writers that will constantly talk to fans outside of overpriced events – and that’s why you’re one of (if not my most) favorite book writer. Keep up the good work. :B

    John E.

  10. About how the names Dashiell and violet appear all the time,
    this is because there the names of Stuarts kids, and seeing as everyone doesn’t seem to know this I just had to say

  11. Dear Stuart Gibbs,
    I love your books they are so good I started reading them Jan. 1 and am I just done with the mba series and the spy school one. It’s march 7th. Thanks for the books

  12. Cooper –

    I have visited VA quite a bit lately, mostly the area around DC, but also Raleigh. I don’t have any plans to return at the moment (though I would like to). You can visit the school visits page on my website about having your school bring me in.

  13. Hey Stu, i just wanted to say that you can use the ending in Spaced Out as a way
    to have your characters go in any places that they (or you) wish.

  14. Dear Mr. Gibbs,
    I am reading Panda-monium right now. I just learned that the next fun jungle book is coming out in 10 months. I’m kind of freaking out because i can’t wait for the next funjungle! It’s such a good series. When can you release the cover and title of the next book? Also, when will you release the new series and what will it be called? What is the cover and is the protagonist male or female?

  15. Amelia –

    The new cover and title will be released in a few months, as will info about the new series.

  16. Mr.Gibbs I’m sad that MBA is ending but I also really enjoy your Fun-Jungle series. I dont know if you are allowed to but can you tell me what your Funjungle book #5 is going to be?

    Thank You

  17. Mr. Gibbs,
    I love ALLLL! of your books my favorite are the FunJungle books because I just adore animals. I have written a few comments before but this is my favorite:

    Dash and everyone else would be college grads by the time MBB is working, but what if NASA figured out how to make a faster rocket type thing, and they put the MBA crew on it and time dilated them for 5-8 years. So physically Dash would be 12 still but mentally they would be college grads (college grads that never graduated or even got out of 7th or 8th grade) then they could be at MBB with more tourists (hopefully nice ones this time) and more kids Dash, Violet, ex.’s age.

    I know it’s a bit of a stretch but still possible in 2041-2049.

    Your books are GREAT! please don’t stop writing them -Nowlan

  18. I have mensioned that FunJungle is my favorite book series but the MBA series gets close second but now I’m sad it’s ending after I just started reading it 🙁 PLEASE MAKE MORE! 🙂

    (This is Nowlan with a different name)

  19. Nowlan –

    Time dilation only works if you’re going a really long way. It wouldn’t work for a trip to the moon, which would only be a few days anyhow.

  20. I am so sad that the series ended it was so awesome I just finished reading waste of space great story and amazing ideas!! I was wonder how many spy school books do you think you will make before the series ends!!

    Btw u are my favorite author I love ur work keep up the gr8 work

  21. James –

    Did you actually read this post? Because I tried to explain the answer to this very question in it.

  22. READ THE POST JAMES it will answer your questions. the answer is right there if you read it.

  23. This book is probably the best one in the series. I read it in two days! It was really good and I cannot put it down.
    I have to go now. I’m currently invading an enemy base with Ben.

    -Erica Hale

  24. Stu,

    I know that you are ending the MBA series for now, but I think you could make another book by using the ending of epilogue 2.

    Also, I want to say that I love your books and have read every single one of them.
    Keep up the good work!

  25. Nathan H.-

    Thanks. BTW, does h. stand for Hale? If it does, then thats a nice joke.

    -Nathan h. (Or maybe Hale?)

  26. Erica Hale-

    No, i did not even notice that good one. P.S it is my code name now tho:)

  27. Stu-

    witch series do you like writing and reading the most? i believe it’s FJ am i correct?

  28. Weston-

    Stu (sigh) can’t give away hints. The reason he cant is be if he did we would already know the story. P.S i want to know about FJ5 to tho 🙂

  29. Nathan –

    I like writing all my series equally. If I didn’t like writing one of them, I would stop writing it.

  30. Stu-

    can’t believe that WOS is the last MBA book . wish it had like 40 books in the series. I did read the post stu and i agree it’s just sad.Once again stu you have wrote the best story of the year and you always will:)

  31. Stu-

    will you ever decide to write a new series. If so that would be great!

    -Erica Hale

  32. Ok did anyone realize that in mba1 Nina says”I’m the commander, it’s me job to know things”, as a reference to Erica’s line in spy school of “I’m training to be a spy, it’s my job to know things”

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