Yes, it’s true. Waste Of Space will be the end of the Moon Base Alpha series… for now.

A lot of readers have written to me lately, having noticed that my publisher is referring to Waste of Space as the ‘third and final book’ in the MBA series on sites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Everyone wants to know if this is really true.

Yes it is.

Here’s why:

When I wrote Space Case, the first book in this series, I really wanted to handle the realities of space travel as realistically as possible.  I think I did a decent job of that, but it created a problem for me: It turns out, the moon is a very limiting place to set a series.

Let me explain:  For my Spy School books, I can really send my characters just about anywhere on earth I want.  And while FunJungle is theoretically tied to FunJungle itself, I can create whatever locations I want inside that park — and I am free to have my characters leave FunJungle as well.  But in the MBA series, the only location fit for human habitation is the moon base itself, which I made quite small — and my characters are not really free to range very far away from it.  Plus, even if they could leave MBA (which they do on occasion) the moon is not a place with much variation.  Yes, there are some hills and craters and lava tubes, but for the most part, the moon is pretty much the same wherever you go.  This — and the fact that humans have to wear space suits — is extremely limiting when I want to develop new action sequences.

Lots of people have made suggestions to me about how to open up the series, but they really won’t work.  To address them:

Why not move the action to Moon Base Beta?

Because I have made it clear that MBB hasn’t even begun construction — and once that happens, it is supposed to take another ten years to build and that plan is probably optimistic, which means MBB won’t be up and running for another 10-15 years, at which point my lead characters will be college graduates.

Why not move the series to Mars or another planet?

Because I have made it clear that even getting to the moon is tremendously difficult (which is the truth).  Getting to other planets is going to be much more difficult, and it would be unlikely that we could have bases on them any time soon, which means that, yes, the terrain might change, but the limitations of having my humans confined to a small location are still there.

Why not move the series to the International Space Station?

Because the ISS is even smaller and more limited than MBA is.  Even by 2041, it won’t be that big — and that’s assuming that we haven’t defunded it and let it fall back to earth (which is a possibility).

So… does this mean that the series is completely dead?

Not necessarily.  I do have some ideas about how I might be able to keep it going, but for now, I would rather focus on my series that do not feel so limited.

Which brings me to my other big news.  Since MBA is ending (for now, at least), I am in the process of creating a new series.  However, my publisher has asked that I not reveal any details about it quite yet.  They will be coming, though.  I promise.  (So please don’t write asking for more details.  I will just tell you to read this post again.)

231 thoughts on “Yes, it’s true. Waste Of Space will be the end of the Moon Base Alpha series… for now.

  1. NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely loved that series. I really hope that there will be a way to continue it without it dying out. Also, will you be starting a new series if the MBA one does die out?

  2. Dear Mr. Gibbs, I am SO excited for this book. I think you do a very good job writing these books and hope you get a lot of awards. (they deserve them.) Also, I thought of a really cool future SS book! Spy School: SWAT Team!

  3. Hey Stuart I love your books I just finished Spy School Secret Service I have been reading Spy School 2-5 all weekend I read them all in less than 48 hours!

    Thanks for making me happy and how do you come up with the names that you put in your books?

  4. DAOnlyMoose

    I come up with names the same way your parents come up with names for their children. I find a lovely name like ‘DAOnlyMoose’ that I like a lot and name my character that.

  5. I have never read the MBA series to be honest; I right FJ had more potential for mystery and animals and yeah.
    Really intrigued about the new series though. So far you’ve covered espionage, mystery, zoos and space. Good luck writing!

  6. will the new series be based in America (like spyschool and funjungle, plus MBA as Hawaii is a state of usa) or another counrty

  7. Another new series! Come on! My moms going to get even more made at me for reading past my bedtime. WHEN your writing the first book for your new series can you hint us? And when are you planning to release the title for the next FJ?

    I am super stoked for the new series! I love every single book, especially the fight scene in Spy School Secret Service. PLEASE KEEP ON WRITING AMAZING BOOKS!!!!

  8. Artemis-
    He’s obviously not going to reveal them. But Violet and Dash are the names of Stu’s kids, and they are mentioned often (if not being main characters) throughout the series.

  9. Not the idiot –

    That’s a possibility. But as you might recall, he wouldn’t really be in those places, only communicating with beings there, which is a limitation to the story I can tell.

  10. Stu, Artemis, AM and Will

    Well, Dash and Violet are his kids so they’re in each book. And Xavier is in each book (although I don’t know who he is) and I’m pretty sure the name Kira is in each book (again I don’t know who she is)

    But I’m wondering if there are easter eggs in the stuff they have or the locations.

  11. In the funjungle series, on the map, it says that the “great flight cage will open next year” is this going to happen in fj5 or fj6?

  12. Agent Ben –

    The great flight cage’s opening has been delayed due to the construction of other projects, like the new roller coaster in The Wilds.

  13. Stuart Gibbs-

    I am a huge fan of you and look up to you when writing my own little crazy stories.In the back of my head saying would Stuart Gibbs put that in.If you recall last summer in 2017 you went to Barns and Noble in Texas and I met you. You might remember me with having a little brother. Anyways, I had a Idea for a new book series which takes place in the past and involves a few characters going to historic events and meeting kids that lives in that time period. The kids from present day tell them the bad thing that’s going to happen and try to help the kids and their families reach safety or stop a bad event from happening. I know it may be hard to write a lot about many events such as WW1 and 2 but you can take maybe major event that happened in long events such as Dunkirk. The kids can help some people who are stuck on the island. This way the reader can learn a lot of facts about the event but also have a good time reading it. Maybe the book can be called the Time Travelers. So this could be a idea you might like and want to put on your list. Thank you for reading this and keep up the phenomenal work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hey Stu,

    I am such a huge fan of your books. I hope you keep writing and keep doing what you love (and what I love) forever!
    It would be so cool if you could respond back to me.

  15. Hi stu I am very young and I love your books I would like to request you do a signing in Massachusetts keep up the great work!

  16. Samarth –

    I have already done time travel with The Last Musketeer so probably won’t again. But I encourage you to write that idea.

  17. Ravi –

    I would love to come to MA. I have no idea why I haven’t been there yet. Please pressure your school or local bookstore to invite me!

  18. Hello sir, I’m will fladvid and I am your biggest fan. I have almost all of you YA novels and whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Last night I read this article and I woke up at midnight crying knowing it’s coming to an end and I want to give you this poem that I read. “Nature’s first green is gold,
    Her hardest hue to hold.
    Her early leaf’s a flower;
    But only so an hour.
    Then leaf subsides to leaf.
    So Eden sank to grief,
    So dawn goes down to day.
    Nothing gold can stay. I thought, nothing can stay perfect you lose stuff along the way like my favorite tv show gravity falls, and I guess that’s going to happen with this series but thank you for making it. Also I have ideas for it unlike the other ones so could I share them with you, Just email me thank you and if you can’t see my email when I submit just write a comment that you can’t

  19. Will Fladvid –

    Look at the right hand side of every page of my website. Check the upcoming events. I will be in TX a lot in the next few months.

  20. Will flavvid-
    I know you say your his biggest fan but if you ask everyone else here then each and every one of them will say the same thing

  21. Hi I’m jack and I thought that you could shift the MBA series to Riley and make dash visit her like zan does and then she saves the world from trash and the government is like the bad guys please take this into consideration.

  22. Cammi –

    I might do something that is more action/adventure, but everything will still always have problems (and maybe a few mysteries) to solve. That’s just the type of story I like to write. Don’t expect any dystopian romances from me.

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