Yes, it’s true. Waste Of Space will be the end of the Moon Base Alpha series… for now.

A lot of readers have written to me lately, having noticed that my publisher is referring to Waste of Space as the ‘third and final book’ in the MBA series on sites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Everyone wants to know if this is really true.

Yes it is.

Here’s why:

When I wrote Space Case, the first book in this series, I really wanted to handle the realities of space travel as realistically as possible.  I think I did a decent job of that, but it created a problem for me: It turns out, the moon is a very limiting place to set a series.

Let me explain:  For my Spy School books, I can really send my characters just about anywhere on earth I want.  And while FunJungle is theoretically tied to FunJungle itself, I can create whatever locations I want inside that park — and I am free to have my characters leave FunJungle as well.  But in the MBA series, the only location fit for human habitation is the moon base itself, which I made quite small — and my characters are not really free to range very far away from it.  Plus, even if they could leave MBA (which they do on occasion) the moon is not a place with much variation.  Yes, there are some hills and craters and lava tubes, but for the most part, the moon is pretty much the same wherever you go.  This — and the fact that humans have to wear space suits — is extremely limiting when I want to develop new action sequences.

Lots of people have made suggestions to me about how to open up the series, but they really won’t work.  To address them:

Why not move the action to Moon Base Beta?

Because I have made it clear that MBB hasn’t even begun construction — and once that happens, it is supposed to take another ten years to build and that plan is probably optimistic, which means MBB won’t be up and running for another 10-15 years, at which point my lead characters will be college graduates.

Why not move the series to Mars or another planet?

Because I have made it clear that even getting to the moon is tremendously difficult (which is the truth).  Getting to other planets is going to be much more difficult, and it would be unlikely that we could have bases on them any time soon, which means that, yes, the terrain might change, but the limitations of having my humans confined to a small location are still there.

Why not move the series to the International Space Station?

Because the ISS is even smaller and more limited than MBA is.  Even by 2041, it won’t be that big — and that’s assuming that we haven’t defunded it and let it fall back to earth (which is a possibility).

So… does this mean that the series is completely dead?

Not necessarily.  I do have some ideas about how I might be able to keep it going, but for now, I would rather focus on my series that do not feel so limited.

Which brings me to my other big news.  Since MBA is ending (for now, at least), I am in the process of creating a new series.  However, my publisher has asked that I not reveal any details about it quite yet.  They will be coming, though.  I promise.  (So please don’t write asking for more details.  I will just tell you to read this post again.)

376 thoughts on “Yes, it’s true. Waste Of Space will be the end of the Moon Base Alpha series… for now.

  1. Dear Mr Gibbs,
    You have inspired me to right my own stories. I really don’t think that they are as detail and adventurous as your series but I hope to one day be like that. I have read all of your stories and I am a huge fan. I am sure whatever you will write will be great!

  2. Can you make a book about Dashiell trying to Find a way to tell everyone about Zan? That is my biggest question after reading Waste Of Space.

  3. Dear Mr Gibbs,
    You have made such great books. And those great books have inspired me to write some of my own. But I’m not very good at writing. So I in courage you to start a writing class. I bet all your other fans like me would want to join. Thank you.

  4. Warren –

    Sadly, I really don’t have time to start a writing class. But I am quite sure there are some good classes on line.

    Although, if I may offer one piece of advice: Proofread. It’s ‘encourage.’ Not ‘in courage.’

  5. Mr.Gibbs I would think you could base the new books about the quarantine or Dash’s life back in Hawaii. I think this would make the series even better because you have anywhere in the world to put dash and kira in their detective work

  6. Aidan –

    Part of what made MBA special was that it took place on the moon. I’m not sure that a story about Dash back home would be quite as interesting.

  7. When will this new series be published by? Also, I love your books! I have already read the FunJungle and MBA series and am currently reading the Spy School series (at the moment I am on the 6th book, or Spy School Goes South).

  8. Unknown –

    The new series has already been published. (This is an old post.)

    Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation is the first book in it.

  9. Dear Mr. Gibbs,
    Why did you make the twins in two of your book series bad?
    Will you ever write in good twins in any of your books?
    Because I am a twin and I really want there to be good twins in a book.
    I have read most of your books and think they are amazing.

  10. Abby –

    To be honest, I am probably done with writing twins for a long time. I have done a lot of twins.

  11. I love the MBA series and i do wish that you will continue it because Dash and everyone at MBA are so exciting, and reading about something that could happen in the future excites me. I always look forward reading your books at night but when i came to the end of the MBA series, i couldn’t find book i was truly interested in like the MBA series. I hope you do choose sometime soon to write more books in this series!

  12. Dear Mr. Gibbs,
    I have read a lot of books but i never liked any of them until i came across the MBA series. These books were the first story i have actually ever liked. I also think it would be interesting to write about his life back on earth. Like him going back to school and everything and you could jump through time instead of just having it be day after day, because that could get boring. But, since i have finished the books, i honestly don’t know what to do anymore. I cried after reading the last book because i knew it was all over. Hope you choose to write a new book or bookS in this series.

  13. Ashlee –

    There are LOTS of other great books out there in the world. If you liked MBA, in theory, you would like other books i have written, but I also have a recent blog post listing authors with lots of great books.

  14. Mr. Gibbs
    Hi, I am a big fan of your books. I thought, That maybe since in the book everyone ships Kira and Dash that they could maybe get together and I don’t know, get lost in space together. Then time laps the book and have MBB set and Kira and Dash get married. Then Rody could be really upset.

  15. I am a BIG BIG fan. I would really like it if you could make a series about MBB and i know you said that the characters would be college graduates. But you could introduce them at the beginning of the books working for nasa or whatever you would like them to work at but dash and kira get married, but then introduce new characters living on Moon Base Beta.

  16. I have read all you books and if you wanted to continue the moon base alpha series you could make it on a different planet when dash is a adult.

  17. Cohen –

    Once the kids are adults, the books are not technically middle grade any more, and thus would be very different.

  18. Mr. Gibbs

    First of all, I loved the space case series and the fun jungle series. i would like to say that i think you should continues the books but the next book should be in zan’s perspective. i mostly think this because Zan is one of the most intresting charachters and its very cool that she lives on an alien planet. the only thing i did not like about the end of waste of space is that you kind of left it at a cliffhanger and i really anted to know what was going to happen on the space ride home? what was the rocket like? and the preview of the Bosco planet was also a cliffhanger at the end. I love your boos and hope you will write more or make a new book for the Bosco planet.


  19. Evelyn –

    I think that Zan is an interesting character from Ben’s perspective but that a book from her perspective wouldn’t work, particularly because her perspective probably wouldn’t even make sense to us, as she isn’t human.

  20. Mr.Gibbs,

    When I finished reading this final book in the MBA series I just sat in my closet staring at the wall for a while, because I had realized a truly amazing series had ended. I just want to say that I really love how MBA has a sci-fi element to it, along with the normal mystery. My favorite parts of your books are that they are just so funny and upbeat, which really helps during the quarantine slump that most of us have been in. I love all of your book series, and I just want to say thank you for creating all of these wonderful stories and worlds for us to live in. Your work has inspired me to try to write stories too.
    Thank you so much.


  21. Emily Grace –

    Thanks so much for your extremely kind words. I am very flattered that my books have inspired you to write as well.

  22. I love all your books and I’m really sad to know that you aren’t making any more MBA books in that series but i do have some ideas. You could either write a story about Dash’s life before he went to the moon or write from a different point of view. I know it isn’t really about Dash’s life but it would still be very cool. Thanks!

  23. Brax –

    Not to be a downer here, but if you think about it, writing about Dash’s life before he goes into space wouldn’t be very exciting — nor would it really have anything to do with what made the books interesting. And as far as writing from a different POV… Either I’m telling the same story I have already told, which isn’t that interesting, or I’m telling a new story, which won’t work for the very reasons I explain in this post. Sorry.

  24. Mr. Gibbs,
    I just wanted to thank you for making books that have both an intellectual side to them and a more fast paced side to them. I’ve noticed in all your novels, I finish the book with more information about animals, space, spies, and the world. I consistently reread your books and they continue to entice me. These books make me want to learn more about astrophysics and science, even though I just finished my AP Bio exam and am sick of science. I love your characters and their unique personalities and I hope you continue writing. After all, we have a lot of free time on our hands now and I’m certainly taking advantage of it by reading as much as I can.

  25. Melat –

    I’m glad to hear that you enjoy the science I put into my books. (I try to find the most fun facts to share.)

    I hope you did well on AP bio!

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